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Innocent Devil

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  1. Innocent Devil

    The upcoming new tool for Win 7/8/+ : My suggested name: nLiteX

    what about 'uLite' ? or iLite (oops Apple might sue you) nLite uLite hLite iLite
  2. Innocent Devil

    Super Cryptography! :D

    that is called Steganography
  3. Innocent Devil

    Windows 7 on P4 2.8GHz?

    that will not be big issue,u can easily work with that. Am running win 7ultimate on a p4 2ghz over intel d102ggc m/b 1GB ram and ati raderon 200 xpress card onboard, works smoothly, except some DWM issues - sloweing of UI and unresponsiveness, but it will not be there once u turnoff Aero and works on classic or basic.
  4. Innocent Devil

    Windows 7 SP1 revealed

    Grrrrrr.. :realmad: Not Again...
  5. Innocent Devil

    UDF breaks NTLDR

    i had no problem with doin XP vista multiboot. http://www.msfn.org/board/bootmgr-based-mu...sta-t99823.html only thing u need a UDF bridge filesystem for Vista/7 and joliet extesions for XP This command works nicely (i didnt tried mkisofs) cdimage -lXP_Vista -j1 -u1 -e -m -h -bD:\vista-l\boot\etfsboot.com D:\vista-l d:\xp-vista.iso note -j1 -u1
  6. Innocent Devil

    [Updated] Foxit Reader ENU

    Thanks, i tried with copying all the settings from registry for file association Than for the switch Foxit Reader.exe -Register
  7. Innocent Devil

    [Updated] Foxit Reader ENU

    can you please share the nsis nsi script ??
  8. Innocent Devil

    Restore the Fxx startup hotkey!

    The new bootmgr [Vista/ 7 bootloader] allows mapping custom keycodes for recovery sequences in BCD. i didn't tried but saw it in BCD Walkthrough or in its OEM deployment guide i dont think it is that much complex or messy . Using it we can restore the Fxx key for recovery.
  9. I recently upgraded one of the SP2 running PC to SP3 in the Domain But nw the admin shares are not accessible via \\<comp-name>\C$ I tried from XP SP2 systems running within the subnet and W2k3 Ent Server also. but the share can be mounted on remote computer using net use * \\<comp-name>\c$ /user:<comp-name>\administrator * /persistent:no
  10. Innocent Devil

    I want to see in the next windows

    We already had such post for Win 7 Long Zheng even startd a website to improve the windows 7 experience (also for vista and Snow Leopard ) based on user feed backs but m$ will sticking on their policy , idont think they are listening to any of these sites.... so i think such a thread is of no use.... compnies r mostly driven by market values (how fast dey can market mad make profit) and less of user feedback (only frm beta tsesters)
  11. Innocent Devil

    Patch Half Open TCP Limited of Windows 7 7000

    no need of patching for Vista SP2 and Win 7. it can be change with a simple registry entry How to change the half-open TCP connections limit
  12. Innocent Devil

    Uxtheme patch for SP2?

    Universal Theme Pather
  13. Innocent Devil

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    I386 patching might be easy 1. keep list of files to be patched 2. look for the files in I386 as such or compressed (eg. shell32.dl_) 3. if compressed extract using extract 4. patch it 5. recompress using makecab Important: SFC must be disabled in order to do i386 patching (nLite recommends it.)
  14. Innocent Devil

    new optical recording method

    but we can drop a a DVD or BD to floor NOT a hdd
  15. Innocent Devil

    NEW Vista Project

    YES absolutely. bcoz , to slipstream, u need to run x86-64 EXE's , which cant be done on a x86 machine. (da same cases as XP Pro x64 slipstreaming need and working X86-64 machine)