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  1. i got this error only once wen i removed almost everything from XP sp2 with some old (pre 1.4) builds after that i never met him
  2. Ya, really , i agree that. btw in XP this is not supported diskpart automount enable
  3. usually the wim technology needs a system directory in th root of drive in order to consider it as a system image (AFAIK) like C:\windows etc. or u need another switch /BOOT ?? dunno or try following IcemanND's XP WIM deployment guide only syspreped images are used for deploying through wim technology. doing from the install DVD/CD require winPE to copy the files and start install wia WDS in RIS i dunno the procedure how to do that. by converting a install source dir to wim might not going to help or work with wim
  4. u might need to provide /NOPREFIX switch to imagex
  5. wmp11 is frm m$, it should have bloat, wat else can m$ help MPAA with ? for simplicty use foobar2000 (thouth it is not simple to understand) and it just works (plays almost anything ) Note: am not discouraging u r idea of bloat-free wmp11, if possible plz share u r xperince and how to make it
  6. not only the new one but REST of all except the system partition (aka C:)
  7. for GNOME fans, thers alredy Tiize the Tango patcher (STTP using Vize code) by vertigosity
  8. May be anyone bothered about this *feature* as it is present from begning of windows. But for me untill i used to with linux feels me this as a security problem Those who use windows doesnt care about automatically mounting the harddisk paritions(unless securty paranoid, like me) becoz it is so in windows In linux it doesnt mount the partitions automatically either on demand or via cofiguration files (new versions of linux' seems to be following windows' way of automountinf partitions, though) is it possible to do the same in windows too ?? i know , after install u can remap the drive letters or remove them, but the point is that to disable it completely?? i mean when i plug a hdd and start the comp it automatically mounts the partitions present i new hdd (if fat ot ntfs) i want that under my control,ie i want to manually select the partitions to mount during boot or on access request for credentials. i hope evryby understood the problem thanx
  9. or u can simply delete sp2.cab and sp2.cat bcoz dey r not refernced in dosnet or txtsetup
  10. new build of vista sp1 with vlite 1.2b it is missing the Favorites link in left Panel.This is not due to non exisiting links, but even after draging new links to favorites panel it doesnt show up. the links are present in the C:\Users\<user>\Links Directory Last session attached update integrated: KB942288-v2 -Windows installer 4.5 KB952709-x86 - Performance update Last_Session.ini
  11. use merge cabs option in Options page just manually remove those files from root folder or dont copy them 2 hdd for nLite-ing
  12. why u pepole not reading forum or searchin 4 similar threads ?? (at leat i pointed out ) this issue is not due to nlite , its clearly specified in sysprep's ref.chm u need localsource @ T-39 mark to to re-install (for minisetup) the language entries
  13. Better to split the tasks to accomplish 1. finding Classic Resources in XP/Vista 2.Making hi-Q resources to replace them 3.build the nacessary tools to replace it I personally prefer the new .NET code of XPize/Vize (though I dunno C#, any way) it is simple for the *User* to do th *THING* we need to brush up the code to make it a more general patcher . with the resources and correspondin scripts it can XPize/Vize any supported win version AFAIK the Vize is almost stable, XPize it little problematic though (.NET versions) sombody knows C# should take care of the coding department same follws for photoshop/GIMP to make resources finding classic resources is not a problem with board like MSFN with huge userbase --- thanx
  14. why not use psShutdown frm SysinernalsSuite ? psshutdown.exe -f -r -t <time> -v 0
  15. use sysprep to reseal the system create sysprep.inf with windows welcome as the option and reseal the system
  16. if the files required during boot/load process stored in the iso (or DVD) beyond 4GB the system cannot access it (dunno why ) i always ge t boot mgr erro not being able to load files beyond 4gb (might be BIOS limitation, guess)
  17. create new image with UltraISO select ntldr right click for File Properties put max priority( value: 9) for the file create the iso
  18. try disabling PAE too bcdedit /set {current} pae ForceDisable
  19. try ultraiso and allocate files in the order to be on the drive , keep ntldr at starting of the image
  20. use auit mode to customize the system/user settings and copy the profile to c:\users\Default
  21. small prob: the xml lite update (KB915865) in IE 7 package is not fully integrated, it installs from svcpack.inf only the new windows installer 4.5 (KB942288-v3) too not fully integrted, it adds lots of junk *.mui files to I386 and installs from svcpack.inf only
  22. One point to note: every 10.1 update is equivalent to windows' 6.0 -->> 7.0 update remember m$ did the same 0.1 update in 2k (5.0) to XP (5.1) and 2k3 (5.2) the 0.1 is a major update bcoz the 10 (in roman digit X) is constant for Mac OS X (it to be pronounced as Mac OS ten), since the kernel is not having much radical change as it from OS 9 to OS X (ten) then onwards. in 9 -> X the base of Mac OS changed to darwin, and still using darwin code. (dont mis-understand me am not a BLIND mac fan, just sharing the info) its a good platform bcoz the s/w OS is optimized for the h/w.
  23. Are we starting another THE SAME OLD OSX vs Windows thread ?? then i too have something to share Snow Leopard is 64bit and support intel platform only ( Apple delivered all promises till last release) w7 is supposed to be 64bit only (somewhere b4 relese of vista m$ hinted this) m$ is planning to make w7 as software as service (install just a basic os ,download required apps from m$ servers for $$)(may be fed up with lawsuits with EU and in Korea ) might showcase winfs (it was promised for Longorn aka vista, not delivered till longhorn server s2k8) still they hav 98% userbase, why ? *backward compatibilit for MOST apps *long term support(5yrs for workstation os and 10yrs for server os) *better flaw patching speed (on that point apple is really a set back)
  24. @ Acheron +1 by me i too dont fully like the idea of addons for common apps. using NSIS for apps less comples install saves lots of space than INNO btw i had few errors in my nsi script which prevented unlocker poping up . fixed .nsi file attached build using NSIS and install with /S switch unlocker.7z

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