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  1. HWiNFO64 can tell life remaining mb there new firmware
  2. added rules to allow them to go outside to network \ internet as u can see everything is block if there no explicit rule that allow them
  3. i use windows firewall control removed all the rules that came default by Microsoft changing filtering level to medium added only dns dhcp and firefox i cant see in the logs something that is going outside like telemetry and such
  4. "that thing allows SYSTEM processes and KERNEL to access net without giving you option to block" u sure about that ? any link for more info about thx
  5. clicking the speaker icon in the trays or network and date is working quite fast then normal for me also the run window is in the left not middle
  6. looks very responsive, u made same tweaks ? startmenu isn't align with the start button [open few apps to see it ,with never combine]
  7. maybe u could add a feature to cleanup the explorer's bloat, making it more snappy each new windows explorer is getting slower and slower due to all the new handles threads files connecting to it sib is doing great job denying process from starting and tweaking the OS and overall much snappier then any other start menu
  8. And if u allow to any app to the internet but only if it runs as normal user it wont solve the problem because data breach but then maybe securing the data with encryption and backing it up to administrator directory[avoid ransomware attack] might help ? im using windows firewall control to secure the rules so if app got installed and add rule it will remove it automatically
  9. Maybe u could run those apps in normal user form ur admin account and also allow inbound and outbound to them for that local account like this and solve that problem u have with securing win10 ?
  10. it works only for clean install or also for upgrade win10 to win11?
  11. Windows 11 is marketing tactics to help selling more hardware Microsoft using it to help their affiliates cos they cant make money of it using the old methods that's business no hate overall i like this os reboot and shutdown works better animations apps, any gpu related tasks works better no stutters even when loaded
  12. installed on hardware so far its nice better restart and booting time animation and overall apps open and close faster then win10
  13. i use portable apps so the registry doesn't have many changes or new regs added so it keep the OS fit i install new os when something is broken ,once or twice a year depend when im feeling testing new stuff that might break the os or make it slow
  14. I got new pc and drivers wasnt compatible with old windows 10 (build 1607) so i changed the ini and remove the signature file and install it in test mode / disable driver signature and everything is working well

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