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  1. hey yes also windows adding back so i use secure rules option in wfc it can del them or disable them also sometimes i set firefox only for normal user to accessing the internet and running it with bat file no need to enter password using runas and savecerd option running in normal user put another layer of security if ms could apply the root idea from linux here it will save us time and lots of effort
  2. i use windows firewall control i remove all the rules before the installation set the filter level to green / medium disable the rules that i dont need and wfc made leave dns / dhcp v4 firefox and sometimes time service connecting back the internet cable
  3. need ssd and new cpu to handle the os without spoil the user xp not just because the bloat also the optimizations overall: i would give it the same rank of windows 7 beta it can be buggy in same cases and it can work ok it never feel complete product because the QA is not perfect as windows 7 had extreme changes to OS like metro apps that relate mostly to tablet which is exist but leeching on windows branding too much and the Facebook approach is quite painful to desktop user which looking to have good experience in games, the approach of needing to renew everytime cause to reinstall new os new drivers or fixing bugs all the time feels like standing on unstable rock but each coin have the good side u get the newer features u can also try install ltsb / ltsc edition and might have stabler experience or less bloat-y for old / pre-4gen cpu
  4. yes in local principles tab in wf.msc from rule proprieties
  5. any way to make it work on win10 ?
  6. mb but against server 2008 beta was snappier from my experience at least
  7. Windows Server 2008 beta i did enjoy this os cos vista was heavy on my pc and that was like light in the tunnel and vista was a bad os no matter what would i do to make it faster its wouldnt help
  8. wine for old windows will solve this problem one time for all
  9. any hacks to make 10th Gen Intel iGPU Iris plus G4 to work with windows 10 2016 ? ty
  10. mostly because the setting menus are not intuitive every single action take few clicks and wasting time finding it i think that 1607 is pretty stable but i will know better soon
  11. the laptop come with 1909 im gonna change it to RS1 1607 hopefully wont be any problem
  12. also handles made a big jump just explorer make 2000 handles
  13. I had t hat problem with server 2019 when i install the newest NVIDIA driver
  14. I think ms should move to modular features method adding features to stable windows and testing them and then make it with next version of windows users will choose what to install, and then ms will be able to know what to focus more avoiding bloat features and wasting time on making them and removing them
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