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  1. also handles made a big jump just explorer make 2000 handles
  2. I had t hat problem with server 2019 when i install the newest NVIDIA driver
  3. I think ms should move to modular features method adding features to stable windows and testing them and then make it with next version of windows users will choose what to install, and then ms will be able to know what to focus more avoiding bloat features and wasting time on making them and removing them
  4. Im just wondering what if wine for linux was working also on windows xp will be able to run any new app then ?
  5. maybe its permission problem try https://www.sordum.org/9416/powerrun-v1-3-run-with-highest-privileges/
  6. the recovery image probably have the windows 8 os
  7. if the boot partition is on that hdd u gonna restore to, it will change the boot to what it restored if not then what the boot priority in the bios is set will make the boot the second case is more common
  8. did u manage to have all the settings in cp even with rs5 while removing settings ?
  9. So if u have PC with metro problems like settings wont open and such, it fixable and wont be broken again ?
  10. its seems to me that its was simpler and easier to be in IT today with windows 10 its kinda take too much time and always breaks what u think?
  11. i think it connect to ms servers and asking for guidelines funny funny but might be the truth
  12. it related to metro infrastructure, i don't think there a good /effective tool to fix those especially in last builds im recommending to install Enterprise LTSB version much more settle version of metro
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