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  1. First, I am making a custom windows xp professional unattended cd, with tweaks, drivers, and patches. I will/do use this for the 100+ computers I support. Right now I'm setting up a proccess/documentation so that when a new machines comes in we can install the OS, our apps, and then make an image of it in case we need to reload it or we get another one of that model. This requires that I use sysprep. When I use Nlite (great tool) it get the error message. The whole point of using it and syprep and imaging is so that I can have it done once right, then later all anyone has to do is apply it and walk away and come back when its done. Thanks for any help any one can give.
  2. Ok, So i'm using Nlite to slim down the Windows XP installation source, tweak it, and add some hotfixes and SP2. Then I add the DriverPacks. Once I get the OS installed and sysprep it, I get the c_20127.nls error upon reboot. I am using Nlite 1.0, but I was using a previous version before. Do I need to uninstall, delete the directory then install Nlite 1.0? How do I fix it so that I do not get this error message? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

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