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  1. plz giv XP x64 CD boot sector? mine is non bootable or 32bit xp's boot image can be used ?
  2. Dows any one know how to create m$ SFXCAB archive (like the hotfixes and SPs m$ release) that support /integrate switch ? is there any program available ?
  3. Does anyone know what file need tobe registered and registry entries to created for manual install of nero components ie just copy the folders extracted fron the installer to right places for nero and Vision Express Packages ie Wava editor Cover Designer Nero Recode etc
  4. When i install wmp10 through RunOnceEx or using the WMP10slipstreamer the startup soud will not playing & also the shutdown, even after setting correct entries in "Sound &Audio Devices " for startup & Shutdown Sounds Why does it occur ? if i install it manually the sound is okay
  5. I need the reverse. When i share a folder from one ,from any system ,not server accessing the shared folder need a login .all clients are xp pro sp2 & server is 2kpro sp3 & clients cannot login as admin, only user ,it is required only once after that no login required. Anothr prblm.We connect all systems directly to router for internet access. so is the LAN file copy,etc also through the router? if yes how can it be avoided and system 2 system direct copy or access is possible?
  6. me too want to edit boot.ini to add more switches from my uA CD . bootcfg doesn't give me an option to add /bootlogo switch .It can add /noguiboot etc....
  7. firefox any doubt i were used IE previously. sometimes it caused to install some malware automatically & crashing .. Also it doesnt have tabbed browsing & can't add extensions or themes like firefox. firefox is simple &cute IE became much better with XP SP2 even then it will not reach upto firefox's comfort of browsing
  8. Use nLite to shrink xp or use some higher capacity disc like of 90 or 99 mins. cd. A 90min cd can contain abt 791mb & 99min can have 825 mb around

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