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  1. remove unwanted drivers,services (like n/w card, ipv6, drivers etc) from WinPE for DVD boot.(for other scenarios the might need like PXE)
  2. with sp1 der is no mui for bootsect.exe so en-us can be removed. so boot dir will end up with bcd and boot.sdi btw why m$ ships boot.wim with WinPE (boot.wim #1)and WinRE( with setup.exe)(boot.wim #2) ? deleting winpe will not reduce the boot.wim size by much but still why so ??
  3. cant test vista sp1. guest additions nolonger works (in 1.5.4) running on vgasave driver
  4. adoptation reduces prices. if der are more need the price will go down (NORMALLY) as more quantitymay be produced with much less cost (general economics) dont mis understand me , i just know the basic eco., not a pro but with commonsense we can say the same. however the x86 to x86-64 will transition make it happen.
  5. ya i agree with Arneh Actually 2k8 comes as a lite OS ( with s2k8 core) and allow user to add components. if u wanna more remove from s 2k8 core use vlite. not to add still u wanna s2k8 do the sysprep stuff. install 2k8 add components u needed, sysprep it, capture wim, replace with install wim of dvd, vlite it (i hope this works ,not tested, dunno what will happen)
  6. may be out of sync ?? cable problem. i had same issue just bcoz the vga cable was faulty(i had to shake the cable or connector or to press it hardly to the female port on m/b to get it work for some time )
  7. BAD i hope to have it fixd as early as possible wising all da best for the mon. btw, how did it blew ,short-circuit ?
  8. crosscheck u r winnt.sif ,to verify this caused nlite, or by mistake Timezone = 190 for IST
  9. To make it simple: the end user of vlited install/disk should be only you. For Personal Use Only it has been modified from the way m$ wants to do (Service &support) of their OS. Legally u r not qualified for Support from m$ for vlited install. and u shouldn't call m$ for that. when u distribute a vlited disc the end user maynot know abt that and call m$ for support(which the dont have to according to EULA). Long story short, you r done.
  10. Feb-19: new version released : 1.5.6 x86|x86-64 btw Sun Microsystems Acquires innotek what will be its future ???
  11. better to take a backup of all using NPCS b4 updating
  12. [*]GPU-Z [under 1MB] [single EXE] - CPU-Z like app for getting details of u r GPU [*]ATITool - tweak ATI GPUs [*]CoolPlayer [under 1MB] [single EXE] - Standalone audio player (supports mp3,ogg,wav) has playlist and allows IDTag editing
  13. isnt that erro due to improper version (VLK,OEM,RTL)/key combination check ur setupp.ini for Pid=XXXXX270 did u activate it by "oobe/msoobe /a" EDIT: checked with v3300 and found working even without swaping pidgen.dll
  14. itis not install.wam but install.wim after the sp1 install is completer run vsp1cln.exe to clean up the install customize the install as u like then open cmd (with admin privilage) and run ""sysprp /oobe /generalize and shutdown the machine boot with winpe cd and capture the install
  15. it doent matter just replace the new pidgen.dll with old one from sp2 now it will accept u r keys
  16. just replace pidgen.dll of SP3 cd with that of SP2. it simply works
  17. do cleaning the sp1 install by vistasp1cln.exe. did u "sysprep /oob /generalize" ed the VM b4 capturing the sp1 install ??
  18. Lang: for communication most probably English for coding depends on the need, C# for front end app, ASM or CPP for direct h/w interfacing etc.etc....
  19. I think it is hard coded in setupldr.bin, u can install from I386 only from Optical media for HD media i must run frm ~LS, ~BT.
  20. i was working 4 2006 ver. but some times it workd for me on tune up 2007 try adding the .reg file b4 the install of tuneup
  21. first of all i remind u that THIS IS NOT A MNC SUPPORT DESK waiting 4 u call and provide nacessary instructions. It takes sme time to read those posts and answer it (by who knows the answer), so be patient. (No one is compelling u to join) to answer the Qn. try diggin on SMSS.EXE on I386\SYSTEM32\ dir of the CD with reshacker
  22. try adding pointer configuration of HKCU\Control Panel\Cursors to HIVEDEF.INF of the CD
  23. i dont think so. the driver .inf file installs RTHDCPL.exe(16 MB), RTLCPL.exe(9MB) etc files even eithout the installer. these files r in SourceDiskFiles section of the inf, removing it from inf makes the catalog invalid (unsigned) is it possible to strip resources from these files like Nero??

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