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  1. Have you tried any games that use "MonoBleedingEdge" ? There are plenty of them now , even though the main executable doesn't have anything against Vista , that dreaded "mono" won't load . The error "can't load mono" , that's it . Adding files isn't helping.
  2. Honestly , I think Chrome is not needed when we have 360 , Chrome has sooo much telemetry alone, even without added Chinese prying eyes , I see no reason to use it without removing it first . I mean , let's say I found some time to sit and edit it , then I'll better add some more time to remove it from 360 and be with a much faster and convenient browser. It's not that I like it, it's just I'm choosing between these evils. I don't like anything modern at all. Besides , Chinese working for Google , aren't they ?
  3. And in my , worked . But with DXVA files , not related to this project. By the way , check your inbox.
  4. I've searched this error , some say it is related to VCRedist 2008 absence , strange , I have them both - x86 and x 64. I wasn't going to use that old chrome , anyway.
  5. Installed , didn't help, all the same . Also added VCRedist from 2005 to 2015 x86 and x 64. Perhaps redirection is a no go ?
  6. Hello , I've finished testing this one from your link , well ... no luck . First off , I had your old files from the video , with them nothing happens , just silence. Then a kind soul provided me with the newest ones and this chromium 72 started to show only one error "This application failed to initialize properly (0xc000007b).Click OK to terminate." I have bare SP2 , but I installed some updates , just in case . Platform update , DX11 , Framework 4.5.2 , the same error happens.
  7. No , those are good , esp. when running certain games, besides they are pretty popular among people who work with graphics , DDS and the such, take a look at first gen. Titan prices , still over 250 Euros for a card which is almost 8 y.o.
  8. Oh , thanks for the info , yet another reason to not purchase new cards from Nvidia . I decided to boycott them when they removed 16x and 32x CSAA for no apparent reason and without warnings.
  9. Hi . Do you have any issues with D3D ? What driver ?
  10. What do I have to do to reach such long boot times ? I've tried Vista on many systems , and it is usually like 5 - 16 seconds. And that is on mechanical HDDs. WD Raptor , WD Black , etc . My friend runs Vista on Haswell and the boot time is 5 seconds. Those 30+ seconds seems fair only for 2007 year laptops with slow HDDs. Also , I noticed Vista prefer WD and HGST over Seagate , just my to cents, from my experience.
  11. I think quite alot of people here do , including me. I use SP2 for internet PC and SP1 for gaming . Never installed any updates and still alive. Though, there are some I couldn't avoid , like framework 4.0 and DX11.
  12. Sounds interesting , thanks , I'll try later . Have you ever come around VRAM limitation ? I tried to install Vista x86 (for gaming , without SP) and many games had troubles with videocards if their VRAM was more than 4GB , games were somehow limited to the amount reported by DXDIAG and had stutters . It's like with Vista SP1 a game can use , say 3GB , without SP it only reaches 1.2GB max and then starts to use system RAM DDR3 (terrible freezes). Edit : Tested with Nvidia's Titan , things got even worse , awful stutters with games when reaching 450-500mb only !
  13. No , Vista can use all 4GB. But some motheboards reserve space for internal graphics, even though you have a discrette card. Hence you get something like 3.5 or maybe more . Though I came across some MOBOs where one can switch off the internal graphics completely and enjoy all 4GB , they are very rare and most them are DRR2 era.
  14. What do you mean ? 32bit Vista can use all 4GB . I had 3.86 available for the system (some was reserved by the MOBO)
  15. It's because you don't use Nvidia . Their drivers will add some time to the boot , at least on my second PC with GTX980. Without Nvidia it's like 5-6 seconds , with , 6-7 sec.
  16. I had started using Vista in 2007, right at the very beginning, when it became available at stores. I bought a new PC, made by Siemens in Germany , with preinstalled Vista x86. Processor Core Quad q6600 , 4GB DDR2 RAM and it ran Vista so blazingly fast , of course I had supefetch disabled. Vista seemed nice overall, but the white background drove me nuts , my eyebals coudn't stand it and I went back to Windows 2000 for some time , then I returned (when dark themes became available). I never upgraded to any newer Windows and not going to. I tried Windows 7 , Windows 8 , they were slow and ugly (I'm sorry if someone don't like this, but that's my opinion) , besides all later Windows have terrible sound quality ! They look and sound cheap (again, to my own tastes as a customer).
  17. There's something wrong , it shouldn't be that long . On my system it's like 11-16 seconds. I have Xeon X5440 and DDR3 16GB , HDD WD Raptor 500GB SuperFetch and indexing disabled , of course . Wanted to ask , in my event viewer I'm being bombarded with Terminal service messages because I removed remoting from ISO. How to stop it ? "Registering with ... The specified service does not exist as an installed service , retry in ten minute" Yes "minute" , not "minutes" . Seems like non native speakers working at MS... Edit: Perhaps your uptime is too long because of the updates ? Updates are evil , I have an absolutely clean SP2 , told ya. Oh , and SP1 loads even faster , like 6-7 seconds on my second PC. Windows 7 (without updates) loads much longer , don't remember the exact number, but much , much slower than Vista .
  18. Well , I would've try , but it's not making any sense now . 72 is old already. Besides ,what are the features of plain chrome , Opera has hide IP (at least). Besides , I'm still fighting for DTS HD , kinda busy . Perhaps I will try later and inform you.
  19. Send me your e-mail in private messages .
  20. Went down to Opera 42 , nothing works , now without any errors , just won't start at all . Someone here using Opera ? Oh. and Chromium ungoogled 84 , 85 , 86 won't launch at all too , those files din't help ... Someone here using Chromium ungoogled ? I can't stand Firefox (just my preference, sorry). It's not that I'm a fan of chrome , just chose between the two evils. Thanks
  21. Hi , 1 - the “manual update” I did from these official links supplied by MS. http://ctldl.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/authrootstl.cab http://ctldl.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/disallowedcertstl.cab It added some , but too few. And, yes , I also did the update from the post you linked a long time ago. It helped a bit , yet “the browser” still asks for more certificates . 2 - “the browser” is 36O Explorer with manually removed telemetry from the original (yes, I do not trust patches and russian repacks). It is based on Chromium 86 with TLS 1.3 and works fine with Vista , much faster than Chromium 86 on Win7. Also, I manually blocked almost all tracking features like "safebrowsing" and a ton of various IPs.
  22. Thank you very much , really appreciate.
  23. Hi , I've tried x64 Chromium ungoogled 84 , 85 , 86 and nothing happens , yep that's right , no errors shown. Also , I've tried some games with this method with zero luck . For example, games with "mono" engine simply tell : cannot load mono. Others just quit in silence, like their process shown for a sec., then quits. By the way , could you please tell me where to read about certificates updating . Much appreciated ! Edit , I had a manual update from MS links done, still the browser tells I don't have the needed certs.
  24. Thanks for the quick reply , both versions (32 and 64bit) won't launch . They are just giving different errors , x64 bit shows : SHAssocEnumHandlersForProtocolByApplication not found in shell32.dll And no , I'm not trying the latest versions . It's Opera 60 and earlier. Edit : maybe the patched files are old , but I don't know where to find their newer versions...
  25. Hello , sadly it didn't work with Opera , I did all aforementioned steps , rebooted , yet it still wants TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive. I even tried older versions , like 60 . I'm using extended files dated July 2020, from the known youtube video.

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