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  1. well, went for Vista but funnily enough.... "They say it couldn't be done. yet someone has!" this is the AMD Radeon RX580 8GB running natively on Windows Vista. of course I have the Extended Kernel installed but it has nothing to do with the driver as far as I'm aware. sadly the only driver for NT 6.x is Windows 7 but naturally I went to dig deeper and found a driver. I don't give up easily. and I feel satisfied that i got aero to work and games work too, of course Windows Experience Index doesn't work but eh thats not what the system is being used for is it?
  2. unsurprisingly vista still has some XP code due to leftover scraps of XP items as well as Win9x code as well due to scraps of old programs left in the System32 folder, one known as Dialer, so while you are correct to an extent, you are still lacking the correct factual evidence to back your argument.
  3. so you would recommend just use my main monitor and leave it at that? seems fair. all thats left is the driver then can't find one but I've decided to give up for now as I have no way of creating, modding, or backporting the driver with whats available....... Yet....... I'll just have to wait for now I've opted to install Win7, Win8.1, Win11, Manjaro Linux as that seems to work well for me.
  4. however what could be possible would be the fact that the driver is probably not being properly installed by device manager. if there is a way to do it better or fix whatever it's doing wrong would be better
  5. Wouldn’t be viable I can’t drive nor do I have the money for an Uber even if I did drive I wouldn’t have the money for the gas required to around looking
  6. yeah true but it's not usually games that I'm running anymore as I have actually found a solution but I do have an update. so I tried it.......... Needless to say it "worked" somewhat...... but it didn't provide what I needed I don't have dual monitor support I still have abit of screen lag which is what I didn't want I didn't care about D3D or DX9 at all I just wanted it to have Dual Monitor Support and no Screen Lag. needless to say it didn't work
  7. but theres the problem I dont have an NVIDIA card I have an AMD Radeon RX580 8GB Card so that solution wont work cause while driver layout may be similar AMD and NVIDIA have 2 different ways of signing it. if I modded the driver and tried to install it XP would not recognise the new info in the driver file and assume that this driver is not meant for XP resulting in no driver being installed so thats the issue where it stands.
  8. these are like games before openGL2.0 before D3D8or9 before we had vulkan, Real Mode DOS type stuff but usually I just use it to test some old legacy stuff I become interested in doesn't need to be very fancy Minecraft would probably be the only game other than Sonic Adventure DX that I can get running on there if there was a native driver for XP for the RX580. but since there's not I will install XP use the one driver that was posted here and see if that works. cause if it gives me dual monitor support and no screen lag perfect. if not oh well
  9. does it have dual monitor support? and will it allow me to run what i need to? I don't care for 3D I just need it to remove the lag
  10. sadly I only have 1 GPU slot and 2 1x PCIe slots that are both in use so sadly I don't have any options atm.
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