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  1. I too have noticed this. I had to create the shortcuts myself. The program works as expected otherwise, though.
  2. I tried to sort of see through their eyes and have an open mind about their.. erm, pettiness. But good lord, did seeing this message upon opening PM put a mile wide s*** grin my face hahahaha
  3. Well it's either that or no drivers at all. Intel is a little hit or miss, but just fine if they support you. I think Intel devices on x79 boards are generally just fine.
  4. General rule of thumb. As little broadcom/Intel as possible, and as many Realtek devices on-board as possible
  5. I regret to deviate off topic, but reading this made me laugh the hardest I've laughed all week
  6. Would you consider porting those functions back to NT6.1 when the time comes as well? With the popularity of Win7 and similarities to 10 apart from UWP, I'd be rather surprised if some third party Chromium fork just for 7 doesn't spring up within the next 2 years. I asked the developer behind Advanced Chrome about it. He said he would at least try to buy NT6.1 an additional year, but that's rather grim.
  7. Yikes. Of this I was completely unaware. Personally, I believe MBAM took a massive hit in quality after 1.75.x when they turned gears toward a subscription model. I personally still use the 1.65 client. I continue to receive definitions.
  8. Not specific to Server 2008, but on all my setups I like to run MBAM real time along with COMODO Cleaning Essentials (scanner and process kill switch/monitor). The latter is is an on-demand scanner, it doesn't run real time. I use VirusTotal quite a bit as well. GlassWire is also handy, but the version I use is quite a few years old.
  9. Well rule of thumb with NPAPI style plugins (or similar) is leave them disabled by default in-browser, which most seem to default to nowdays anyway. I've never permuted Flash to autorun in my browser, long before I was even aware of its deprication. Fortunately these days, or rather the last 5 years I've seen very little use for Flash. But I like retaining the functionality just to be there. Why lose access to potential content, no matter how scarce? I still have some old .swf games saved from childhood too.
  10. I owe you a drink. It honestly hadn't crossed my mind to try Wayback Machine, for some reason I recalled there being an anti crawl script on Adobe's websites. Saving the entire archive of now Many thanks
  11. Yeah I didn't act quickly enough, I only discovered the thread about 2 days ago. As such my best archive is a version 27 build, and even that was a b***h and a half to track down. I've always loathed Adobe since CC and the discontinuation of Fw, but I never expected this level of aggression toward the user. This is on a another level
  12. I made the mistake of updating Flash and then arching the offline installer, thinking it would simply work in the future. I had no idea they stooped so low as to actually timebomb it, and simultaneously nuke the archive. After some brutal digging, I found offline copies of older versions. There's an NPAPI compliant installer of version 27 that works with Firefox and Pale Moon on Internet Archive. It's at version It isn't very clearly labelled, but it shouldn't be hard to locate searching Internet Archive. I'd link it but rules expressly prohibit distributing software outside official vendor source. I used Adobe's uninstaller tool before installing that version. The Cent Browser website also hosts a PPAPI offline installer for Chromium browsers too. and Thanks @VistaLover for the instructions and advisory
  13. Out of curiosity. How come the versioning for NM 28.x is different than Pale Moon? It seems to have the same changelog, but it's internally branded as 28.10.x rather than .13. Is this because of the new add-ons warnings? What about when 29.x rolls out? Do you intend to restore the dual extensions GUID? Thanks
  14. Actually, I think I need to rollback to an even older version. Like before July 2019 if mem serves me correct.
  15. Not to my knowledge, no. Maybe some HTML5 canvas feature not found in 52.9? These are the plugins I have running: And here's the multimedia section from HTML5test:
  16. I actually just started using Purity. I haven't had an account in years, I only just reopened one for my gf. I was using Social Fixer for Facebook, but then found FB Purity. Hiding the 'People You May Know' from my timeline was enough to sell me Would be rather embarrassing to hit add by mistake. Zuckerbook doesn't make it too obvious when you have active friend requests out too sooo Edit: Actually I take it back, timeline autoplay does actually work for me using this useragent. I'm using Pale Moon 28.13. Tested Waterfox Classic 2020.08.1 too. Perhaps its a restriction of some sort with Ff 52.9?
  17. That's promising. So userscripts could probably be injected to fix the regressions with the new layout. Yeah that's intended behavior for this useragent. I'll try and hold out with this layout til my favorite script Facebook Purity is updated, and hopefully UXP fixes that regression with the reactions.
  18. I'm ambivalent about the new design. I don't think any FB design has been particularly bad, but the new version puts unnecessary strain on non-Chromium browsers (gee who would've guessed?). I'm guessing its WebComponents or some other related shenanigan. In any event I'm guessing that useragent will buy us a few months at least
  19. I can't be certain of this, but I think the old FB version will be accessible a bit longer using a Safari useragent. When using one particular string I don't receive warnings or prompts to switch to the new version. https://www.fbpurity.com/faq.htm Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_5) AppleWebKit/603.3.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.1.2 Safari/603.3.8 New layout seems to play nicely with UXP browsers btw, video playback included. Some ridiculousness with reactions though.
  20. Simpler, lighter client. Can run real-time, but 1.75 and lower predate the service subscription model. The key I purchased years ago is still very much so valid for this client version, and actively receives definitions. I might buy a later copy (renewed yearly) at a later time though if I feel I'm missing features, it's fairly cheap.
  21. For ref, I run 1.65 on Vista and 7. I'm getting definitions updates still, the last just downloaded today.
  22. Ah yes, nearly dismissed his rigid licensing of the theme. It's for this reason his work practically died with ESR52 and no future forks exist on UXP. Waterfox Classic has a dedicated version of the theme. It's rather pretty, but it's somewhat crippled for Aero. The Thunderbird 68 version is also.... well tbf Thunderbird Photon/Quantum is a mess of its own, so I shall not go further My favorite browser theme was the default Strata from Firefox 3. Fortunately Aeromoon is around for my use case. But old DeepDark releases looked amazing too. I shall hunt for a copy. Wayback Machine for AMO is rather hit or miss, but I've had limited success there.
  23. Sorry to deviate from topic, but would you mind sharing where you got that older 52-compliant version of DeepDark? Classic Add-ons Archive doesn't archive themes and I've been at a loss to dig up some old themes prior to the Extensions Pearl Harbor of 2018
  24. Interesting. I always assumed they adopted Blink-based QtWebEngine to supersede QtWebKit, like Falkon did. Is WebKit even maintained outside Linux and macOS anymore? I think the GNOME Browser uses some variant of WebKit.
  25. They very well might, but using later than vmtools 10 is ill-advised. 12 tools do in fact work from my testing, but tread carefully going higher. Just because they're not hardlocked from installing doesn't mean bugs won't be introduced. VMware 15 worked rather awful for me, even running a Vista guest in 10 compatibility mode. Just a heads up in case it's sluggish for you too.

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