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  1. I'm not referring to Secure DNS (I do not use it and see it as "hype and propaganda"). I'm referring to Cloudflare "fingerprint" tests that some web sites will not let you visit until you demonstrate you are human by clicking on mountains, boats, traffic lights, bikes, et cetera. If you can visit the below website WITHOUT being asked to prove that you are human, then you are PASSING the Cloudflare browser checks. https://raybuck.com/firebird-vs-trans-am-history-trivia/
  2. Sweet! I only wish there was a way to get Proxomitron Reborn to pass that Cloudflare check
  3. I haven't stumbled into any cases where ProxHTTPSProxy or HTTPSProxy is "needed". I do not use Windows Updates and it seems that's really the only thing where there is a "need".
  4. Not me! ONE is my limit! Too much of the web has migrated to polyfill shenanigans that I've opted to revert from 360Chrome v11 to v13 build 2206. Just too much of a d#mn hassle to maintain browser profiles to have to do it for more than ONE. The only way I'd ever use "multiple" browser is if I did not use uMatrix + Tampermonkey + Proxomitron (replaces NoScript for my needs) + Stylus. If it were only about maintaining bookmarks, that would be one thing, but some times I feel like it's a full time job (8hr/day) just to maintain ONE browser profile. 8hr day times 3 browsers -- that's 24hrs per day. Nope, not gonna happen!
  5. It's buried pretty deep, but there is an option to return the start menu from the center and place it back at the left where it is suppposed to be. I cannot claim to have tried it, but most of the settings like that are simple registry keys that still work regardless of the settings GUI being blocked due to not being activated yet.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. Why keep extension log files that may have telemetry data embedded in them? All that "upstream" did with anything newer than v13 build 2206 is shuffle around where telemetry data is stored. I personally do not trust anything higher. Most users of v13.5 jump through added hoops of deleting all of these embedded data using special tricks with folder/file naming and with the loader .ini file. These users do not save sessions, passwords, and cookies. If the end user is wanting their profile to save sessions, passwords, and cookies, then I would encourage those users to UPGRADE to v13 build 2206 - version numbers being MATHEMATICALLY higher is NOT always an "upgrade". v13.5 is not an "upgrade" over v13.
  7. No clue, to be honest, kind of totally at the discretion of the end user. I use an AutoIt script to completely recreate my profile within any version of 360Chrome. I do not keep sessions, passwords, and cookies. I don't generally advocate "migrating" an existing profile between browser versions, be it 360Chrome, PM, NM, St, Mypal, et cetera.
  8. I personally wouldn't be surprised if even more "surfaces". There really is no beneficial gain in v13.5 over v13. All that was technically changed "upstream" is WHERE the telemetry is stored. v13.5 mangles telemetry data in with extension data and makes it much more difficult to prevent (especially for those that prefer to keep cookies or passwords from one session to the next). I personally would not suggest v13.5 for daily use for anyone that keeps cookies or passwords.
  9. I know, I saw that. I remain optimistic towards Mypal 68. I am at the point where I acknowledge that my own optimism was perhaps overly optimistic and I am no longer seeing Mypay 68 as the fix-all that I originally perceived it to be. Still early in development so too early to know for sure.
  10. Not true! My water bill pay site is always my test and it requires 360Chrome v13 or higher. It does not work in Mypal 68!
  11. Agreed! I am in the same camp! You're not crazy! Vista and Win7 literally give me migraines. For me, it's not blue light and it's not screen brightness. It's red and green "pixels" dancing and gyrating and flashing in the "corners" of font edges. It's six to nine color shades being used to create text and my eyes can SEE all six to nine color shades and the eyes constantly try to perform a presise focus on where one color shade turns into a close-but-not-identical color shade! It's called "sub-pixel anti-aliased" font rendering, sometimes just called "font smoothing" and I have to jump through hoops to elliminate all presence of it - both OS-level and browser-level. I can "tolerate" Win7 and Win10 only if Segoe UI font is "substituted" via the registry and anti-aliased fonts are completely disabled and prevented from being used at the browser level. I think there were class-action lawsuits against Microsoft at the time, but I didn't follow them as I quickly reverted to XP and still use it as my daily driver. I only use Win7 and Win10 on a 55" 4K TV for various 3D CAD (not a gamer!) and sit 10' away from the screen, so no issues under that scenario.
  12. Agreed! That really and truly is the only end possible with an ecosystem that revolves around "nightly" and "weekly" updates. You cannot properly and adequately "test" software with that release schedule. Your user-base does the "testing" for you. Oten resulting in bugs from six months ago being buried very deep because it took six months for the user-base to find it.
  13. What does this mean? A build "without" SSE? A build "for" SSE?
  14. Agreed! I even boycott "POS" updates - I've witnessed them BREAK too many things (but I didn't document the breaks, I just uninstalled the "POS" and everything returned to functional). My daily driver remains XP x64 - but since I have ZERO use for "Windows Updates", there really isn't much "here" for me. But I still call it home
  15. I've actually always preferred Feodor2's SLOWER RELEASE PACE. NOT a fan of "weekly" updates. Feodor2's slower release has always (in my view) been MUCH better TESTED by Feodor2 before shipping to the public. I've always felt that Feodor2 tests his own releases. And Roytam just compiles them and does not test them.
  16. Kayako Saeki comes to mind. But can't remember what movie it was where she was walking up/down stairs with basically what looked like broken legs.
  17. Has to do with the number of eye muscles required to focus on visual details in light versus dark. Google it, there's a TON of documented studies. Like when you sit in the dark and somebody turns the lights on - there is a delay before your eyes can focus. That delay is NOT because you "just woke up" and are "groggy". Our eyes are wired for daylight. Our brains are literally not wired to live in the dark. We can adapt, but not all of us - ask anyone that works or has tried to work 3rd shift. And like 3rd shift, those that can adapt, they'll never work anything but 3rd shift. So there ARE people on "both sides".
  18. Because we all know they exist and none of us really need your help in combatting them. Those "spying connections" are PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. As is the methods to combat them.
  19. According to my eye doctor, avoid using them! People "think" they are easier on the eyes in dark environments, they're actually damaging to your vision. Something about rods and cones. Eye doctor tried to explain it but I kinda phased him out because I don't use them anyway. And they way I see it, if they were "better" for your eyes, then you could buy health magazines and books where the text was white but the paper was dark.
  20. I personally feel that Win11 is for the "gamer". I have never (and will never!) be a fan of "dark themes". It has been my experience that only "gamers" and "html/js coders" really 'like' "dark themes". They give me MIGRAINES - so yeah, I'm a bit "biased" against "dark themes".
  21. What the heck is a "UOC patch" ? Disregard - found it -- https://msfn.org/board/topic/178306-the-uoc-patch-optimize-firefox-and-derivatives-for-old-hardware/ Did you alter any of the home PC fonts? ie, experiment with "emoji's" ?
  22. But you don't need an "updated" XP to perform these tasks.

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