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  1. I see zero reason to do it that way. No other browser that I am aware of does it that way, why should we make 360Chrome do it that way?
  2. You have to remember that people here and other tech-savvy forums are a teeny tiny miniscule percentage of the computer-owner population. How many active members does MSFN have? I'd put it in the HUNDREDS and nowhere near "thousands". But let's call it a THOUSAND and then let's assume one HUNDRED web sites such as this where "birds of a feather, flock together". So that puts us at 100,000. Depending on source, between 297 and 302 million computers (desktops and laptops, excludes servers) shipped in 2020 - safe to assume they are all alive and well, but let's go ahead and kill off a gigantic 40% of them. Depending on source, between 340 and 349 million computers shipped in 2021 - safe to assume they are all alive and well, but let's go ahead and kill off a massive 20% of them. Call it 300 million for 2020 but kill off 40% of them, that leaves 180 million of them in use. Call it 345 million for 2021 but kill off 20% of them, that leaves 276 million of them in use. So that's 456 million computers just purchased in the last two years alone and we even killed off a gigantic number of them, we're not counting computers like mine that are well over 15 years old! I personally feel it safe to assume that only members of forums such as this even CARE about "bloat", that if a computer-user isn't a visitor of something like MSFN, then they just run their OS "out of the box, with all defaults". Estimating the population that DOES know what "bloat" is and visits forum such as this at 100,000 then those 100,000 is a teeny tiny petty 0.0219% of 456 million. That percentage only shrinks shrinks shrinks when you use more realistic numbers (ie, don't only count two years of computers sold, don't kill off 20% sold per year, et cetera). We really are an extremely TINY segment and I think we sometimes think we are larger then we really are. Granted, I've made assumptions left and right in this "analysis", but you get the drift. We are a teeny tiny miniscule segment of society and nobody in their right might would conduct a business model taylored around "us" (ie, Moonchild should not bring back XP support, no matter how much "we" think he should). Okay, that was fun... LOL
  3. It's in the "Modified Notes" .txt file. If you want changes from one release to the next, you will have to compare to a previously downloaded "Modified Notes" .txt file.
  4. I'm thinking more like 3.5 years. Windows 10 was released in July 2015. It was December 2018 that Windows 10 finally had a higher market share than Windows 7. https://tech.hindustantimes.com/tech/news/microsoft-s-windows-10-has-finally-overtaken-decade-old-windows-7-os-story-859cf4eZ2TTOYrWDv9W5mL.html My hunch is that Windows 11 will overtake Windows 10 faster than Windows 10 overtook Windows 7. Demographics. Population density of age groups.
  5. Upon review, I will not be releasing any modifications to the "se" (Secure Browser) or "gt" (Game Browser) branches and will only stick with the "ee" (Extreme Explorer) branches. The 13.6 branch is only available as a "Game Browser" version. The 13.5 branch seems to be available in both "Secure Browser" and "Extreme Explorer" versions. The 13.1 branch was never pursued here at MSFN and partly because it is the "Secure Browser" version as opposed to the "Extreme Explorer" version that basically all English mods (that I'm aware of) all stem from.
  6. I'm only finding the CSE branch and not the EE branch. https://down.360safe.com/cse/360cse_13.5.2001.0.exe
  7. Download links for future reference -- https://down.360safe.com/gt/360gt13.6.1000.0.exe https://down.360safe.com/gt/360gt13.6.1047.0.exe
  8. True. I wouldn't call it a "real" title bar. It doesn't use "system settings" - but neither does "real" Chrome I can only speak for XP. I've never used a "real" Chrome on Win7 or Win10. I think Chrome calls it "headless" (tabs where title bar is supposed to be) - but whatever you call it, I don't like it I've actually "downgraded" one of my computers from XP to 7 and another from XP to 10 - but I haven't decided if I'll even use 360Chrome on these two computers or not.
  9. Not to speak for him, but he knows. He has "modern" web sites like his gym and where he buys food that do not work with v11 so he needs v13 or higher. We are all going to have different needs and different priorities on those needs. I myself need v13 or higher to pay my water bill or for a Wordle word-finder, but v11 works for everything else so I run v11 as my "default", run v13 for my water bill, and run NM28 for Wordle word-finder.
  10. I'm aware, no worries here. But I don't really want a sub-forum for v11, another for v12, another for v13, another for v13.5. So we get Anbima's v11 and your v13.5 all merged into one. I totally get why Anbima uses v11. I totally get why you use v13.5.
  11. <sarcasm> Why the "hate". </sarcasm> You two were both claiming which one was faster and one of you asked for proof. But you both keep comparing different versions. I was not involved at the time so all I did is run Speedometer 2.0 in both and I can get both of them to "win" depending on which computer I run them on. So you are BOTH correct, as far as I can determine. Anbima is using v11 (so am I). Anbima has his REASONS to run v11 (so do I). Anbima's computer does not have the resources to run v13 or Kafan. So that's really the bottom line - we aren't technically comparing browsers from different eras but what Anbima can or cannot run.
  12. Kafan is a no-go for me. We all have our own "must-have" list when it comes to software and for me, one of them is a real TITLE BAR (all of my computers have multiple monitors and I have an app that places icons in the title bar, click an icon and the window moves to a different monitor). It's actually one of the reasons that I used Pale Moon / New Moon for as long as I did - because "hate" is not a strong enough word for Chromium browsers not having a real TITLE BAR. It was only 360Chrome and it having a real TITLE BAR that brought me to Chromium-based browsers. "Trivial" to most people, but GIGANTIC to me As far as Speedometer 2.0 goes, 360Chrome v11 scores higher for me in very low-end systems but Kafan scores higher on anything with multiple cores and more then 2 GB RAM. But the scores are so close to each other than neither one can really be called "faster", the scores are basically within margin of error and would require flash photography in a neck-and-neck horse race. "Mileage may vary."
  13. Hit "Shift-Esc" and the Task Manager will display the memory footprint for the larger extensions. It will not show the memory footprint for smaller extensions though.
  14. The way official Ungoogled Chromium does it (and what I do for my own "ungoogled" releases) -->> break the URL for the Google Web Store .json, you have to keep the .json but break the URL (to anything that lands on a 404). An "ungoogled" 360Chrome v11 -- An "ungoogled" official Ungoogled Chromium ungoogled-chromium_100.0.4896.60-1.1_windows-x86.zip -- A regular MiniBrowser_1.0.0.127_Modified Chrome Web Store that has not been "ungoogled" --
  15. Ah, guess I assumed you were kinda building a new "swiss army knife", but I'd call 14 basically just site-dependent and not "global".
  16. This one will depend on your extensions. Some extensions will not save their own settings if they cannot use the Local Storage folder. The way around that is to prevent all session-to-session storage AFTER all extensions are installed and all of their settings have been set - basically preventing the .ldb database file to be updated. I do this by using one loader .ini file for creating my profile (ie, installing extensions and their settings [done with no internet access]), then a second loader .ini after my profile is created and only then is internet access enabled. During setting up profile == FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Storage\leveldb\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old Day-to-day browsing after profile is created == FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Storage\leveldb\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old;*.log
  17. Ah, finally found it! Should have been the first thing I checked but hindsight is always 20/20. My Proxomitron blocks the Service Worker.
  18. Also, what OS are you using. Me and Dave-H may not be seeing this Service Worker because we are both on XP. Disregard - I looked at your screencap again and I see XP and v13.5. I'll keep trying to replicate - but so far I cannot replicate this Service Worker, unsure "why". Could you share your v13.5 "settings" - particularly the Advanced and Lab tabs, perhaps also the Advanced -> Web Content -> Content settings page also.
  19. Unable to replicate the Service Worker here at MSFN. Can you please tell me what "conditions" need met? Do you have to be logged in? Is it only when you are posting a reply? Does it show up then disappear with every page refresh? Will it show up in Incognito, normal, or both? I know D.Draker uses v13.5 but I cannot replicate a Service Worker in v13.5 here. Is Skorpios also using v13.5? Dave-H uses v13.5 but I think he also said he's not seeing a Service Worker.
  20. Ah, cool! Will see if I can replicate. So when that shows up then disappears, does it ALSO create a folder or file in your profile? Because I have never witnessed a Service Worker folder or file in my profile.

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