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  1. I need something outside of Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or TikTok - these four are blocked on my system "without prejudice".
  2. If somebody can provide a web site where this "Service Worker" is created, it would be helpful for improvements toward any future updates.
  3. I've never seen a "Service Worker". Unsure what else on my system setup is preventing it or if it only shows up on rare sites that I never visit. Or maybe it's v13.5? I use the folder/file trick on other files/folders, but "Service Worker" is one that's not needed on my setup. "Mileage may vary."
  4. Your "nocookie.com" links never work for me. I always have to remove the "-nocookie" and "?feature=oembed" and then replace "embed/" with "watch?v="
  5. Could also be a content-type issue. If memory serves, your config is a "start-from-scratch" config because the Swiss Army Knife has too many knives. Can you filter ANY .js files with your config?
  6. Just to track my own progress -- Resolved - 1) desktop icon size from default medium to small 2) set desktop background to solid color (XP Blue!) instead of the "light through a Window" image 3) set border padding and width to 0 4) set single-click versus double-click, underline consistent with browser 5) do not underline desktop icons as if they are "links" 7) disable Windows Firewall service 8) disable Smart Card service 9) disable Shell Hardware Detection service 10) disable Base Filtering Engine service 11) disable DNS Client service 12) disable Security Accounts Manager service 13) disable Windows Update service 14) disable ESIF Upper Framework Service 15) disable Intel Content Protection HDCP Service 16) disable Intel Content Protection HECI Service 17) disable Dell Free Fall Data Protection WMI Service 18) disable DellRctlService 20) disable AlpsAlpine HID Monitor Service 21) disable WebClient service 23) add REAL (not "shortcut") IE desktop icon 24) enable "verbose status" 26) disable all "visual effects" except Smooth edges of screen fonts, Show window contents while dragging, and Show translucent selection rectangle 31) set mouse vertical and horizontal scrolling to 1 38) disable Certificate Propagation service 39) disable Portable Device Enumerator Service 40) disable show frequently used folders in Quick access To do - 6) font-substitute default Segoe UI with Tahoma 19) disable Cryptographic Services 22) disable State Repository service (by disabling this, the Tile Data model server and AppX Deployment Service are also disabled) disregard - too aggressive (affects left-click Start Menu) 25) disable Data Execution Prevention 27) use large taskbar buttons 28) do not show badges on taskbar buttons 29) combine taskbar buttons only when taskbar is full 30) always show all icons in the notification area 32) do not show recently added apps in start menu 33) select all options for folders that appear on start 34) do not make start, taskbar, and action center "transparent" 35) show color on start, taskbar, and action center 36) show color on title bar 37) play Windows startup sound
  7. Just caught this message. I'm curious so I'll take a stab later today or so. My initial hunch is that you have to 'escape' the "=" characters.
  8. I personally never store passwords in browsers of even ENGLISH origin! I view "browser-stored" passwords as an invitation for hackers and cybercriminals and what we used to call "script kiddies".
  9. I have hundreds of spreadsheets lying around and cannot find the needle in the haystack at the moment, but I run several hundreds of benchmarks on each and every build and then use the best performing build as my base. I do not use the "latest and greatest" by version number because all the Chinese folks did was add telemetry methods to newer builds - who cares when our end result is to remove that telemetry? I will not be updating my v11 build 2031 to build 2251. There is no "advantage" to the higher build number when we are focused on a lightweight browser with no telemetry. Build 2031 performed faster and more efficiently than builds 2000, 2052, 2140, and 2251. The core engine was newer than builds 1027, 1077, 1100, 1216, 1262, 1311, 1393, and 1414. As for Humming Owl's differences - you really have to run it yourself and decide for yourself. I personally *hate* running it because it keeps entries in my Windows Registry and because they throw "nag screens" that you have to hit ESC to unlock the browser. Some folks prefer Humming Owl's versions, some folks prefer mine. No skin off either one of our backs if you opt for the opposite.
  10. Firefox and Chrome do not define "third-party" the same way. Fonts in Firefox versus Chrome is COMPLEX. I've used this in the past, maybe this will serve your needs - https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/419363-全局微软雅黑 or https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/419362-全局思源黑体 But the bottom line is that fonts in Firefox versus Chrome is COMPLEX - you will not solve these font differences without leaning on something like Tampermonkey or Stylus.
  11. You will need to teach yourself how to block third-party fonts. You will find thousands of web sites like that and they all have one thing in common - third-party fonts.
  12. Here, this is where you stated 16 MB in 1997. I then cited my Commodore 64 which only had 64 KB.
  13. I did not originally state MB - reread the thread, that was your computer in 1997. Where 16 MB still sounds low for 1997, nobody had GB of RAM in 1997. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-capacity-of-RAM-in-1995-2015
  14. Not sure what you are saying. If the font is normal in 360Chrome but not displaying correct in other programs, then it's not a 360Chrome question and should probably be asked in a general XP thread instead of a 360Chrome thread.
  15. 16 megabytes!? That's 250 times more than my first computer. My first computer was a Commodore 64 in 1983 and as its name suggests, it only had 64 kilobytes of RAM!
  16. I did. Saves a lot of RAM running in single-process mode. I haven't done enough with Mypal 68 to know if I really like it or not. I'll wait until it gets to a "stable" release before I run it through the gauntlet.
  17. Same here. I have nine computers and only two of them have LESS than 4 MB RAM. But I still use v11 even on computers with 8 and 16 MB RAM. v11 is by far the "lightest" and the startup time after a reboot or coming out of hibernate is right around 3 seconds whereas v12 and higher is around 6 seconds. My time is too important "to me" to wait that extra 3 seconds, lol. I get it that folks need "newer" for SOME web sites - I do also (my water bill). But I can do 99% of everything I need on v11.
  18. I tried this one and was unable to witness any "automatic discarding". I could discard MANUALLY from the chrome://discards page, but could not force any "automatic discard". I kept loading new YouTube tabs and watching my memory monitor in my systray. As soon as the memory monitor hit 90%, XP threw up its yellow systray icon indicating low memory but 360Chrome did not discard anything but nor would it load more tabs.
  19. I use these three systray programs and only need to glimpse over to the clock area to know RAM, CPU%, disk activity, and network activity -
  20. That's NOT what I see here. Yes, a "new" tab consumes ~100 MB. BUT an "old" tab releases RAM or a "background" tab releases RAM at the same exact time the new tab was created. Just because ONE tab = 100 MB, that does NOT mean that EIGHT tabs = 800 MB. All software "manages" RAM allocation differently, some will "release" RAM only when it sees "90% of RAM in use", some will "release" RAM every 20 seconds, et cetera. During some research sessions, it's not uncommon to have THIRTY PLUS tabs open. 100 MB times 30 = 3 GB, my browser has never used 3 GB RAM.

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