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  1. Depends on your line in the sand. I tinker and optimize and do my thing. And when one of the brothers is over and I boot up a machine, I kinda enjoy that they think we need to walk away from the computer and "wait" for it to boot up because they think computers need three minutes to boot up but mine boots in twenty seconds. And I just laugh and laugh and laugh when they throw out, "No way! That thing is like 15 years old and mine is brand new, why is mine so SLOW?" Because you installed using "defaults". "It's not rocket science." But I draw the line at chasing my tail like a dog on some things I see folks around here do that I don't see any benefit to - but to each their own.
  2. No prob, lol. The version you sent me just now WORKS even with SPACES in the path names
  3. Please revisit the PM. You gave me the same EXACT link for both versions - so it appears that I never got the updated version.
  4. Changing it to C:\Prox HTTPS Proxy\ProxHTTPSProxy_noUPX\PopMenu does not work either. The ONLY way for me to get it to work is to NOT have any spaces in the ROOT folder .
  5. And it is NOT path link size. Even C:\Prox HTTPS Proxy does not work! Where the PopMenu folder is then at C:\Prox HTTPS Proxy\ProxHTTPSProxy_REV3e_PopMenu_3V1_noUPX\PopMenu
  6. At least three 404's (out of only six attempted downloads). Didn't track which files were 404's.
  7. I haven't gotten that far yet - but here is the vision I have for this project -- spoof specific browser engines! Not sure if that is even possible, but I see that as being what the future really needs. Doesn't matter if you are running NM27, NM28, St52, St55, 360Chrome v11, v12, v13, v13.5, Pale Moon, Official Chrome, Official Firefox - be able to trick Cloudfare servers into thinking we are on anything we want to spoof. Because the end user USED TO be able to do that just by changing their User Agent - this no longer works with the "modern web".
  8. Yep, it is working with and without spaces using the second set of files. My tests have been somewhat limited so far. Correction - see PM.
  9. I have most of my VM's set up to access a "shared" .vdi "hard drive". So my VM x86 was seeing everything at "E:\ProxHTTPSProxy_REV3e_PopMenu_3V1" whereas my host machine (x64) was seeing everything at "C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\ProxHTTPSProxy_REV3e_PopMenu_3V1". I think we can all be on one PM. That way none of us report something we find that somebody else already found.
  10. Dave-H beat me to the punch. I knew it wasn't working in my x64 and that it was working in my x86 VM - didn't narrow it down to path names though. Good catch.
  11. I'm personally of the view that some sort of local proxy is the ONLY way to solve the Cloudfare issue. A local proxy that can "appear" to be anything we want it to "appear" to be. Which FAR exceeds some third-grader knowing how to spoof a User Agent. It's above my skill level though
  12. Credits to "BackStop" extension that was later revised by a different user to "Backstay" extension. This prevents the "Backspace" key on the keyboard from being used as a shortcut for the "Back" browser button (a hard-coded default shortcut that cannot be edited via normal browser settings or shortcut extensions). // ==UserScript== // @name Disable Backspace // @version 3.0.1 // @include http://* // @include https://* // @require http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.4/jquery.js // @run-at document-start // ==/UserScript== var backstayCurrentLocation; $(document).keydown(function(e) { // If backspace is pressed if (e.which === 8) { var active = $(document.activeElement); notEditable = function(element) { var edit = element.attr('contenteditable'); // Ensure backspace still works on any element with contenteditable="true" if (typeof edit !== 'undefined' && edit !== false) { return true; } else if (element.is('input, textarea')) { return true; } else if (active.attr('type') == 'application/x-shockwave-flash' || active.attr('type') == 'application/x-silverlight-2') { return true; } return false; } return notEditable(active); window.onbeforeunload = function() { return "Backstay: Are you sure you want to navigate away?"; } } });
  13. H#ll yeah it is. Software modifications are always achievable! If it weren't, we wouldn't even "have" these "ArcticFoxie versions" or these "Humming Owl versions". But that doesn't mean that everybody's vision of what to customize and what not to customize "is worth the time" to undertake.
  14. "amy" (the creator of Proxomitron Reborn) was going to look into "spoofing" the 'fingerprint' that Cloudfare uses but that was several months ago and I've never heard any status so I can only assume the project died before it even left the ground.
  15. Yep, sure have. I used it to resolve SSL issues with Proxomitron. My browser has changed since then. And Proxomitron is now "Proxomitron Reborn".
  16. Cool. File received. Would you prefer feedback in this thread or via PM?
  17. Edit -- Disregard. The original post was over seven years ago.
  18. This has been the norm as far as the "modern web". Spoofing UA is basically a waste of time nowadays.
  19. Possibly. But I cannot spend the hours to find that needle in a haystack. All I can suggest is that the .srx files in the skin folder are just .zip files with an .srx extension. Unzip the .srx skin files and then hunt for things like "ltr" (left-to-right) strings or things like "layout_gravity=left" strings in the hundreds of .xml files.

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