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  1. I think the bigger point is whether they should be within "spoiler" tags or not. Would reduce a TON of scrolling and make the thread more "efficient". But on the other hand, I have seen the "spoiler" tag not really work correctly over the years (but the forum software has been updated at least twice since then, that I'm aware of).
  2. It's that one. And sure enough, v11 will now try to log in but that wasn't the case a few months ago - the blue login button would turn gray but nothing would happen after that. It used to require v13 or higher just to turn the blue login button to gray while it tried to log in even with a fake username/password. But what I'm seeing today is that ANY browser can turn the blue login button to gray and get a "Invalid User ID or Password" but only something higher than v13 will actually log in.
  3. Not really! You can put in FAKE username/password and still witness the non-working aspect of the web site in anything less than 360Chrome v13. But only folks that HAVE an account (just under 50% of the entire USA has their water supplied by American Water or its subsidiaries) have the vested interest to track it down. But 99% of those only use the latest-and-greatest OS with the latest-and-greatest web browser.
  4. I know. I don't read them. 99% of them make ZERO sense to me. I wish they were in a "hide/show" toggle-box because I kinda see them as a pain to scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll
  5. Whenever I hear people claim how "safe and secure" Firefox is, I just turn and walk away.
  6. Not really "mad", lol. I guess I was hoping to return to NM28 because I only abandoned it roughly two years ago and it was because my water bill web site stopped funtioning using NM28. I kind of assumed that it is optional chaining / nullish coalescing, but I don't know for sure. I'm "happy" with 360Chrome - but I still keep an eye out on NM28 (not a fan of St52 or St55).
  7. Bummer. American Water billpay website still requires 360Chrome v13 or higher.
  8. Great answer. (I was aware of upstream workings, but unaware that they made it into St52 and NM28 - will be testing, woot woot.) But I would prefer the forum software to replace "M$" with "**". Since it is meant as "derogatory", then it should be "censored" with asterisks. I just "hate" reading "M$" when what you really mean is MICROSOFT.
  9. I certainly am. Since I had to do a lookup -- https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ootl
  10. Regarding Win7 - is there some trick for the USB to be POWERED OFF when you eject a flash drive? XP and 10 both power the flash drive OFF when it says safe to remove.
  11. That's what this does -- https://www.plop.at/en/pbm6/bios.html You boot from CD/DVD. But then select USB. My BIOS doesn't have a USB option so I have to skip BIOS, boot from CD, then boot from USB.
  12. You could always download ALL of the drivers and slipstream ALL of them - https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/3-series/ideapad-3-14iml05/81wa/downloads/driver-list/ Then when you install, it only uses the drivers that are needed. Once up and running, I prefer to use "DriverGrabber" ( https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/drivergrabber.html ) and slipstream what it collects.
  13. I'm kind of liking Win11. It's not for me as far as my Daily Driver (an XPS 8700 i7-4770 at 3.4 GHz with 16 GB RAM, roughly 10 years old, it remains on XP x64). But to be truly open-minded and give Win11 a true shot, I would have to compare it directly to Win10 on this XPS 8700 - which will never happen so long as I have bank account access from XP.
  14. Win7 x86 VM .vdi == 1.28 GB Win Vista x86 VM .vdi == 1.74 GB Win10 x86 VM .vdi == 1.84 GB
  15. I'm working on a Win11 VM as we speak. I wanted to test Win11 on my Win7 laptop first and wanted to make sure that my Win7 product key activates Win11 -- it does I'm days/weeks away from having my Win11 VM NLited/WinReducer'd. In progress. My VM sizes kind of indicate how big OS's have become. Win3.1 VM .vdi == 20 MB Win3.11 VM .vdi == 78 MB Win 98SE VM .vdi == 218 MB Win NT4 VM .vdi == 236 MB Win 2k VM .vdi == 578 MB Win 2k3 VM .vdi == 1.07 GB WinXP x86 VM .vdi == 635 MB WinXP x64 VM .vdi == 1.12 GB WinXP x86 VM .vdi == 1.48 GB (this one contains IE8, WMP11, and .NET 1 and 2)
  16. I had to learn two new "tricks" just to install Win 11. It's only an i3 with 4 GB RAM and the BIOS doesn't even have an option to boot from USB. Trick #1 -- use a CD Loader and the loader then boots from USB (I'm guessing quite common, this was just my first need for it) -- https://www.plop.at/en/pbm6/bios.html Trick #2 -- the Windows registry is actually available DURING a Windows install and you can use it to bypass "requirement checks" and install Win11 when it tries to not let you -- https://www.alitajran.com/this-pc-cant-run-windows-11/
  17. Have you tried disabling "Plug and Play" service? That seems to work on a few of our assembly line robots where factory employees think any USB port they can find was put there for them to charge their PHONE. Although in our case it was primarily COM Port numbers that certain types of mobile phones would effect and others would not.
  18. But I guess this explains why I have been given two i3 laptops and one i5 laptop all since January. Because people keep "upgrading" to Win11 because they don't feel "safe and secure" unless they're running the "latest and greatest". ps - took quite a while to figure out how to "cut", "copy", or "paste" via context menu in Win11. I guess the target audience is illiterate kids that are conditioned to know what an emoji represents but can't read "cut", "copy", or "paste".
  19. Yikes! Win11 bootup time ranges between 76 seconds to 83 seconds! Granted, my test-case laptop is only an i3.
  20. Without PROOF that the "event log" is being SENT somewhere, then I view this as nothing but a "conspiracy" unworthy of additional time on my part.
  21. I've spent way more than an hour, lol.
  22. I welcome, encourage, and appreciate any and all assistance. I do not welcome the "patting yourself on the back". Advice is not really advice when it is delivered in a "look at me" undertone. Good night, my friend. Long day of yard work and I'm exhausted.
  23. Can you demonstrate if this truly happens? An OS "event log" is a "log" by definition, but they are not sent to MS. When I worked in UNIX decades ago, an "even log" was called a "syslog". I don't recall if UNIX could be set up in such a way to PREVENT the "syslog". But they too were not "sent" anywhere. They were simply LOCAL files for the inquisitive geek to peruse in their free time or to use to assist in debugging a frequent crash.

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