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  1. I've finally tracked down my printing issues in 360EE v11, v12, and v13. While I can't speak for WHY this was happening, I found a fix for it nonetheless (only tested in v12 and v13). Whenever I would attempt to print to my wireless printer via 360EE, the browser would LOCK UP requiring a process-kill via Task Manager and a reboot of my wireless router to get the printer back! 360EE would "scan" for printers and find one of my Roku Express HD Streaming Media Players instead! The then-idle Roku would then steal the IP Address for the then-idle wireless printer and 360EE woul
  2. lol, yeah, I'm aware of the irony. I "cripple" my Google Voice and do track DNS queries. My only excuse is that I *KNOW* when Google Voice is loaded and what traffic to Google occurs. And I *KNOW* when Google Voice is NOT loaded and what traffic to Google is blocked. I can use this very forum as why I have a "curiosity" in 360Chrome - I know others have posted and there's probably a "fix", but I have not gotten that far yet. But I do know the ONLY way I can now POST on this forum is by using CHROME/CHROMIUM. Again, there may be a "fix", it's not that high u
  3. I synchronize my profile to a USB file once a month or so and I've *WITNESSED* a file with "telemetry" in the name exist! I'll screen-cap the next time I witness this behavior.
  4. Thanks for the screen-cap. I block ALL of these via HOSTS file so I've not seen any suspicious DNS activity. browser.360.cn cloud.browser.360.cn dd.browser.360.cn qurl.f.360.cn chrome.360.cn ext.chrome.360.cn u.qurl.f.360.cn puv.tt.browser.360.cn p.ssl.qhimg.com p0.ssl.qhimg.com p1.ssl.qhimg.com p2.ssl.qhimg.com p3.ssl.qhimg.com p4.ssl.qhimg.com p5.ssl.qhimg.com p.ssl.qhmsg.com p0.ssl.qhmsg.com p1.ssl.qhmsg.c
  5. I'm not seeing anything at these offsets and nor have I seen any suspicious DNS activity (v13 patched with a few of my own hex-fixes). Sometimes "code" can remain in the exe/dll but it not be "called". For example, Roytam builds WILL create a "telemetry" file on occasion but I've not seen it "sent" anywhere (and the userbase tends to "blindly" trust that it isn't being "sent" anywhere). I think this "telemetry" file is also created by upstream Pale Moon but again, the userbase "blindly" trusts that it's not being "sent" anywhere.
  6. This is very much indeed the case for 360EEv13. I can hide and unhide all six of my extensions precisely this way. I suspect it to be extension-specific if this is encountered to not be the case with any extension.
  7. Ah, noted. I only use six extensions and all of them have the unhide option when right-clicking. On another note, if anyone is interested, I stumbled into a very easy way to translate some of the UI settings that the Russian Repack has not yet translated. There is an "options.zip" file in the Application -> version.0.build.0 folder. My IZArc and 7-Zip versions failed (will research/update later), but if you download an evaluation copy of WinRAR and extract that file, you can then make modifications to the "options.html" file then use WinRAR to recompress back as a .zi
  8. I was able to unhide the extension button by use of the "chrome" skin - I can find the URL if that option interests you. Maybe you could reverse-engineer the skin?
  9. Many thanks again! That DNSQuerySniffer has become quite the godsend! Has helped in tracking down a few phone-homes I was previously unaware of. For example, a few bookmarked websites (such as Roytam's very own o.rthost.win) does not have a "favicon" and I was unware that the browser was pinging o.rthost.win EVERY TIME I LOAD THE BROWSER.
  10. Status Update -- So far, I can claim that I "trust" v13 (repack with newtab disabled). But I can't say the same for v12 - screencap below.
  11. I wouldn't word it that way. #1675 is only a month old. Mypal 27.9.4 (my default-for-all browser-of-choice) is from July 2018.
  12. Anyone else having problems trying to print .pdf files from 360EE? I couldn't print whether default internal viewer (chrome://plugins -> Chromium PDF Viewer) was disabled or not Also tried with chrome://plugins -> Chromium PDF Plugin also disabled (though this didn't seem to make any changes, .pdf still opened as a tab but as an embedded Adobe Reader [my preference so that I have the Adobe toolbar]). @VistaLover - do you have any reason for staying at v12? Reason I ask is that I only recently started trying 360EE and I started at v13 build 2182 and am impr
  13. Awesome! That's exactly what I was looking for! Many Thanks! In 360EEv13, build 2182, patched, the LINK for netlog-viewer.appspot.com is right there on the page for you when you stop network logging. Will monitor off-and-on for several days and report back any suspicious shenanigans. Kinda optimistic, looking forward to an XP browser as modern as Chrome 86.0.4240.198 -- ie, November 11, 2020! Thanks! DNSQuerySniffer looks VERY promising. Will trial-run over the next few days or so. Apologies for doing three posts in a row, never tried the "multiq
  14. Can anyone recommend/suggest any network traffic programs. ie, to monitor/verify any-and-all connections/requests being made by 360Chrome. From the best I can tell, the Russian Repack isn't doing anything sneaky (once you get rid of the default 'new tab'). But I'd like to test further as I am close to satisfied in that this could become my "default-for-all" browser (including banking sites, which is why I really want to Run The Gauntlet in testing). I'd prefer something that is NOT part of any "firewall" software, if possible. "Portable" would be a plus but not a requi
  15. Because of the "unwise" comment. But no worries :) <quote> your decision was, in this particular case, an unwise one... </quote>
  16. @VistaLover It's shennanigans like this that are one of about two hundred reasons why NOTHING on my computer "auto-updates". Although on the other hand, I also don't recall seeing any Flash Content from my browsing habits for YEARS. I do have a few Soduku sites and crossword sites on the computer at work, but I don't think they are Flash but can't say for sure from home.
  17. Not really here to debate IT-view Philosophies. So I'll only conclude with this -- there are 10 types of people in the world, those that know why only two images follow and those that don't.
  18. To each their own, but I disagree with your paradigm. NOTHING on my computer "auto-updates" - I hate software on my computer doing things on its own behind my back! But I also acknowledge that it's only the "Type A's" such as myself that will understand that hatred.
  19. Awesome! Works like a charm! Much appreciated! Seems the en-US isn't really required and CWS defaults to English for the .com domain so I opted for https://bit.ly/38xbzbe instead. Yeah, I guess I'll have to get into the habit of right-clicking for my local extensions (left-clicking is the habit because of an "Add-ons Button" extension to perform that task in Mypal / NM). edit: nah, on second thought I opted for left AND right click to BOTH just take me to 'chrome://myextensions'. I only ever use the CWS for setting up my initial profile and only use
  20. Been monitoring this thread loosely and finally jumped in for a trial run. Been using the Russian Repack version 13.0.2182.0 for a couple of days and do have just one tweak I'd like to find a fix for. Depending on your skin, there is an "extension center" icon where if you left-click it opens the Russian Chrome Web Store (hl=ru). I have not found where to change this to hl=en -- is this possible ??? If you right-click it opens 'chrome://myextensions/' - I'd kinda prefer the right-click / left-click be REVERSED. Left-click open my extensions, right-click
  21. Bingo, that was it, thanks. It was unchecked but I now have that option checked.
  22. @roytam1 Fingers crossed that YOU can fix this as opposed to an "upstream finger-point". In BNavigator (32-bit), the browser's right-click context menu gets in the way of the website's right-click context menu. Three examples are -- 1) Google Sheets (any spreadsheet) 2) Google Docs (any document) 3) https://www.jqueryscript.net/demo/Simple-jQuery-Right-Click-Context-Menu-Plugin/demo/
  23. Sweet! I like it, didn't know it was there! Has proven rather interesting. NM27 still clobbers Serpent. Need to be careful though, some websites serve different content to different browsers so this table ensures that each browser was served the same "total requests" and "transferred size". I included "Site H" for an intriguing reference (I found over a dozen sites that basically did the same thing). The two web browsers on the same exact site had 203 requests in Serpent but only 109 requests in NM27. You place one on one monitor and the other on the other mon
  24. I don't know about for SWITCHING tabs. My issue has more been about CLOSING tabs - especially for very long browsing sessions like you mention versus opening-and-closing the browser for new sessions. Others have posted it also over the years - I really dislike clicking the X on a tab then sitting there and waiting 2 to 4 seconds for the tab to close! This was my biggest issue with NM28 and it is one of several reasons why I prefer NM27. I have not ran Serpent in any very long browsing session to test if this is an issue with Serpent. I am also unaware if it is "still"
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