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  1. 9 seconds is coming out of hibernation and is not a full boot. That's how I get all of my XP's to "boot" in 6-14 seconds. But while the GUI is fully responsive, the wi-fi doesn't connect until right around 20 to 40 seconds.
  2. Regarding data collection -- I urge users of v13.5 to monitor their <root folder> \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \ Local Storage \ leveldb folder and the files contained within it. The .log file in particular logs timestamps and was always able to be deleted on exit in v11 and v12 -- but if you delete on exit in v13.5 then some extensions will lose their settings and revert to default settings. edit - in v13.5, this log file keylogged my entire post as I was typing it! it's also keylogged in v11 but in v11 I can delete-on-exit without any of my extensions losing their settings. So in v11, every browsing session is started wtih an EMPTY .log file and therefore the .ldb files don't keep growing. But I can only delete the .log file on every exit AFTER my profile is created and I've set all of my extensions' settings.
  3. No on every single one of them. Do you have an OLD folder structure that maybe you overwrote when you updated and the presence of these folders are from a version that you USED TO use?
  4. Good deal! Yeah, popup blockers were vital twenty years ago but there is no real use for them nowadays when script-blocking is so much more effective - and protects agains so much more than just popups.
  5. Did you try the "usual suspects"? ie, the popup blockers that you so love that tend to always cause heartache? Not sure what other extensions you've added but in the past, several of your issues have always been traced back to your extensions.
  6. ClearType doesn't stack up well with some people's eyesight. ClearType actually gives me migraines! My eyesight can SEE the red and green "sub-pixels" and they "dance and flash" to MY eysight (and tens of thousands of other users, but it is "rare" as far as 100's of millions of computer users). It's been one of the reasons I can NOT use Vista or Win 7 - and no!, "tuning" does NOT help, I simply can NOT use ClearType on these OSes, PERIOD! But I have no problems with ClearType on Win 10.
  7. Perhaps "harm" is not the best word here. What I mean by "harm" is that instead of having ONE file (that we deleted-on-exit), we now have an UNKNOWN number of folders with an UNPREDICTABLE set of names. So the "data collection" is STILL being done, it just got moved to a site-specific folder instead of one file that we knew where it was and could delete it by name. We can't PREVENT the new site-specific folders from being created because there is not way to PREDICT which web sites will create these folders. Update - the folders are created even without the "global data-write preventions" -- BUT they were automatically deleted when exiting 360Chrome and now they are not, they remain FOREVER (or until manually deleted). From what I have so far, it is best to allow "QuotaManager" and "QuotaManager-journal" but then let the loader .ini delete them when 360Chrome is closed. This prevents the IndexedDB folder from collecting site-specific folders. (I cannot prevent the IndexedDB folder because some extensions rely on it.)
  8. Still testing but I think that some of our data-write preventions has caused more harm than good. For those testing this data-write prevention, I urge you to monitor your 360Chrome's User Data \ Default \ IndexedDB folder because it will now collect site-specific data that I've not seen it collect until we started testing these data-write preventions. edit - one example is YouTube. For now, I'm just adding a line in the loader .ini to delete-on-exit http_* and https_* folders that are now being collected in this folder.
  9. The best solution I can think of is to create an "export profile" and "import profile" tool since 360Chrome does not have one built-in. There is an import/export bookmarks, but none for extensions and settings.
  10. Thanks! Adding it to the prevent-list. edit - assuming <root folder> \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \ data \ temp
  11. I've not tried them but have used them in the past, they may work for you. One is called "Actual Window Manager" and the other is called "UltraMon". Neither one is free though but both have trials where you could at least test to see if they fit your needs.
  12. I was originally going to delay all new builds until I had a "dark theme" ready. But to be honest, "dark theme" has never really held my interest as far as staying focused on it for the length of time truly required to critique my own work and deem it "ready". I'll upload new versions that prevent "data collection" in the next day or two.
  13. This is my browser and I've opted to publicly share it. There are HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of web browsers out there. Keep hunting, you MIGHT find one that fits "all" of your needs.
  14. I'll add a note (when I do the next update, not worth the time to add it now) in Post #1 regarding "Preferences" and "Web Data" file when updating. But since there is only ONE complaint regarding them, I see no need to change from how they are packaged. I can't please "everybody" and I kinda don't really see the point in trying to. I'll aim to please the "majority" and that should be sufficient.
  15. It's because my releases are "portable". If they don't work for you, no skin off my back if you don't use them. I can only do so much. I can provide without the "Preferences" and "Web Data" files but then somebody else would complain. If they don't work for you, no skin off my back if you don't use them.
  16. I can't manage your files for you. As far as keeping bookmarks and extensions -- extract new updates to a TEMPORARY location, copy all files EXCEPT "Preference" and "Web Data" to your existing browser location that contains the profile you wish to keep. It should be that easy. Then delete the temporary files that you extracted. I can't manage your files for you.
  17. Does not concern me. We are not forced to use MSFN. If we don't like MSFN, we have options elsewhere. I like MSFN and see nothing nefarious going on. I have no desire to live in a shack in the hills with no running water and no electrcity because of excessive paranoias. We all draw our own line in the sand and it isn't for any of us to tell other people where to draw their line. My two cents... Mileage may vary... To each their own... No animals were harmed in the writing of this post...
  18. No side effects thus far. Will run this way for a couple days but looks like everything is good-to-go.
  19. @msfntor - No, the updates will always be named according to their build and revision. Roytam does it this way for NM27 NM28 Basilisk BNav Kmeleon etc, official 360EE does it this way, official 360SE does it this way, official DcBrowser does it this way, official Pale Moon does it this way, SeaMonkey does it this way, Firefox does it this way, et cetera. All of these can be updated without losing your profile. Simply download the new update to a different location, extract the files, and only copy changed files over to your existing location. Users do not abandon browsers based on update and profile preservation - they learn how to update and preserve their profile, they learn how to migrate their profile. Otherwise Roytam's builds would have died in 2017. @D.Draker - I'm not sure if we should prevent ALL files that the browser creates. I'll experiment with the list and if there are no ill side effects, I certainly have no issue with preventing all of them. I will have to make sure that the folks (not me!) that prefer to close their browser with several tabs open and even with web sites still logged in, that "those types" can still launch and "continue where they left off" (again, not me!, I clear EVERYTHING with EVERY exit).
  20. Thanks! None of those exist in v11 so these may be v13.0 and v13.5 only, I'll include them in all loader .ini's as a better-safe-then-sorry route.
  21. Several of those do not exist and are never created in my setup. So I need to know which ones are created as FOLDERS and which ones are created as FILES in order for me to be able to prevent them. Thanks in advance. edit -- and does that WidevineCdm file/folder exist in the same directory as the above or does it exist in the plugin directory?
  22. That's why! Way too slow of a download speed for that web site. That site is GIGANTIC as far as how many megabytes it is sending you. Very bad coding! They don't even offer you the ability to select a lower video resolution.
  23. What's your download speed? https://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ I only get roughly 34 Mbps but that's kind of intentionally slowed down. I get closer to 240 Mbps on LAN but I feel that wireless is much more "secure" so I never connect via LAN.

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