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  1. The post-it notes would be dated on when I added the company to my "watch list". The IT Manager was convinced that it was a hidden code for basically only three passwords required for various network applications. He thought that if I put all of the pink post-it notes in chronological order, that was one password. Put all of the yellow post-it notes in chronological order, using only those with one text string, that was another password. For the next couple of weeks, all 20 or so of us that were in that meeting put random post-it notes anywhere and everywhere. The receptionist always brown-bagged her lunch and always used a post-it note whenever she left something in the refigerator. She wasn't in the meeting but it got to the point where she would no longer put her NAME and DATE on her refrigerator items (a prerequisite by the cleaning crew), but was putting things like "The password is 'pAsswOrd' ".
  2. My office desk several years ago and two jobs ago almost always had a stack of 10 to 20 post-it notes with anywhere from only one to ten or so seemingly random text strings of three to five characters. One day the IT Manager calls me out specifically in a meeting with about 20 of us and reminds us all that passwords are not supposed to be written down where prying eyes could find them. Accusing me of violating company policy, then he asks "Why do you have so many passwords?" My first reply was, "They're not passwords, they are all text only and no numbers, all of our passwords are not only alphanumeric but also have to be a minumum of 12 characters long." STILL accusing me of violating company policy, he INSISTS that I reveal the "hidden meaning" behind all of my post-it notes. "They're stock market ticket symbols that I'm monitoring as investment opportunities." edit: meant to say ticker, not ticket
  3. I don't doubt that there "might" be a global setting somewhere - but I've never been able to find it
  4. No easy answer. There are literally thousands of line items that effect what you are asking. And those thousands exist in TRIPLICATE if not QUADRUPLICATE. If you'd like to start hunting for that needle in a haystack, navigate through your 360Chrome's folders and find the folder named skin. You will find several .srx files - they are just .zip files with the extension renamed. 7zip will extract them without having to rename them. Inside the .srx files are several .xml files - read through a few of them and you'll see how gigantic your question is.
  5. Not sure how far this will get you... In order to exceed x1080, you will need VP9 codecs which require hardware acceleration (to the best of my knowledge). I have never had any luck with hardware acceleration on XP so I'm not really sure where that leaves you.
  6. I currently use my v12 build 1247 rebuild #3 as my default web browser - a rebuild #4 is due out within the next day or two due to two missing no-harm-done closing-parentheses found while working on a v11 rebuild. I am in-process of releasing a v11 build 2031 rebuild #1 but it is still "beta" at this stage but will also be uploaded within the next day or two. Unsure which of the two will become my overall preference (https://www.diffchecker.com/ does not seem to work in v11 but I have not debugged as of yet).
  7. Videos work for me on that site.
  8. When you Google for fixes, this has been a Chrome/Chromium issue since 2018. Will work for some logins, will not work for others. Looks like I will not be able to fix this for you. Unsure if there is a Web Store Extension that might do the job for you.
  9. Here is a screencap of Humming Owl's most recent v13 rebuild with DNS over HTTPS "enabled". I respect and admire Humming Owl, please do not misread my intent here. I cite this only to highlight that this feature does not work in any of the 360Chrome versions and this is why I remove it from the GUI ("out of sight, out of mind", so as not to falsely mislead any user into thinking it "is" working). I have only tested in XP (and this is an XP thread here at MSFN), if this feature works in something other than XP (though I suspect that it does not) then I submit that the non-XP threads should have their own thread dedicated to 360Chrome.
  10. Here is how you can "test" DNS over HTTPS -- But as I mentioned, this feature is broken and does not work in any of the 360Chrome versions, so it is misleading for the setting to be there because it makes people falsely think that it is working.
  11. That feature is broken and does not work in the original Chinese, is broken and does not work in the Russian Repack, is broken and does not work in my rebuilds, is broken and does not work in Humming Owl's rebuilds. I therefore remove the portion from the GUI because it does not work and is misleading for it to be there.
  12. Try this version of v12 -- https://www.dropbox.com/s/fkzivlb3qqwhu3i/360ChromePortable_12.0.1247_rebuild_3.zip
  13. As far as benchmarking goes, it seems that v12 is the fastest for browser metrics out of v11, v12, and v13. Startup time for the first run after returning from hibernate or a full reboot is won by v11 - quite literally HALF the startup time! For browser metrics, v12 wins. For loading the GUI the fastest, v11 wins. I find the browser metrics all close enough to each other that I'm opting for v11 as my default based on that startup speed. Integrating "support" for XP x86 SP2 seems to have really HURT the browser's startup speed!
  14. I don't think that there is anything that I (nor Humming Owl) can do about that. If the original Chinese version does not support XP x86 SP2, there is nothing that either one of us does in our rebuilds that will change that.
  15. I guess when I think about it, it does make sense that all three versions consume identical RAM when all three versions have the same exact 20 YouTube tabs open. I guess I kind of was assuming that v13's RAM would be higher than v12's RAM which in turn would be higher than v11's RAM -- but this is not the case, all three versions consume the same EXACT amount of RAM.
  16. My rebuild v11 does keep logins (once we make the changes we have already discussed, I generally have the options set to clear everything). Here is a BETA version of my rebuild v11 -- https://www.dropbox.com/s/xqyftttpx20rsnv/360ChromePortable-v11%20-%20in-process-14%20-%20BETA.zip This is 90% complete - all of the telemetry has been removed and this is fully-functional. I still have some GUI and English translation strings to go through. The BETA version already has the save-logins settings and keep-cookie settings set and should be ready for you to use as-is for your needs.
  17. Does anyone have any suggestions for monitoring browser RAM? Not the OS RAM, but RAM used only by the browser. This one looks promising -- https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cpu-and-memory-performanc/nmpbhigddhbbhopeeagpnnmnihgagbfk But I find it very strange that I can load TWENTY YouTube tabs into 360Chrome v11, 360Chrome v12, and 360Chrome v13 and the amount of RAM being used at IDLE and with TWENTY YouTube tabs is IDENTICAL across all THREE versions!
  18. Open this link -- chrome://settings/content Make sure that under the Cookies section that the "Allow local data to be set" option is selected. My v11 GUI may be worded differently that Humming Owl's v11 GUI -- you should have three "circle options" and then two "square options" in the Cookies section, you need for the FIRST/TOP "circle option" to be selected. Not sure if you will need the two "square options" unchecked or not.
  19. Open this link -- chrome://settings/advanced Click the "Clear browsing data" button then uncheck "Delete cookies and website data" option. If you like keeping data between browsing sessions, you may also want to uncheck "Clear selections every exit".
  20. No prob. I have been in-process of rebuilding a v11 and plan to use it as my default-for-all for the sake of less RAM consumption. I think I showed v12 testing "slightly" higher in most benchmarks but v11 is "lighter" and loads the GUI faster so it's a slight tradeoff. Both are rock-solid and neither one has yet to ever crash on andy of my systems.
  21. Device Manager -> Display adapters -> Nvidia GeForce FT 635 -> Properties -> Driver lists my driver version as and is dated 3/13/2015.

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