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  1. Feel free to add your own contributions to this thread, and I don’t mind anyone else having edit permissions on this post (maybe doable by mods)? Anyway, got Vista x64 SP1 (and therefore SP2) running perfectly on UEFI and GPT today, on an Dell OptiPlex 390 so feel free to say if any others work Known Working (Official Vista Support) * Dell OptiPlex 390 SFF (reporter: digzu) Known Working (Vendor Unsupported Vista) Known Working (With Workarounds)
  2. So there’s a POSready 2009 update that seems to break Windows Installer entirely on EN XP SP3 Pro x86, more than likely a patch released after January 2019 I’m not sure which one but this may be worth mentioning
  3. Don’t know about support but there’s non-SSE2 LAV stuff linked in its OP over at the KM forums so maybe http://o.rths.cf/kmeleon/
  4. For some reason the Vista 64 cabinet does have some XP x64 drivers too, lol...
  5. Yeah, I’m fairly skeptical of trying this myself due to the Chinese origin and the scandalous behaviour 360/Qihoo have shown in the past. Pretty impressive that a Chrome 69 derivative works at all on Vista...
  6. OptiPlex 390 has full support, currently testing UEFI (GPT) support under Vista x64 SP1 Also I’ve tried a Haswell (actually Braswell - Celeron N3050) on Vista x64 SP2 back in late 2017 and the only real issue was the Intel USB 3.0 drivers were missing, as well as obviously the graphics, no other issues were present as far as could tell (using legacy boot MBR)
  7. Is there any drivers for XP x64 edition for the Dell OptiPlex 390? I’m mainly curious because the system does officially support 32-bit XP but there’s no mention of x64. There’s even a deployment/driver CAB for x86, no x64 exists though... Thanks!
  8. Chromium’s engine is forked off WebKit, which in turn is forked off KHTML. Nowadays everything has to be centralised and dumbed down (since around 2012 actually it seems this has been since, and more rapidly increasing since 2016 or so), for the average “social media addict” aka “teenager” while throwing out any kind of learning curve style learning, just giving everything on demand at the inconvenience of choice.
  9. It’s still kinda irks me that MS decided to go with everyone else. Even further to a browser monoculture I guess, even if Edge wasn’t popular due to bad launch and the IE stigma attached to it, it wasn’t really horrible as a whole and IMO was reasonable on lower end PCs (which seems to be the target of modern windows)
  10. Ah I see now, yeah I clearly wasn’t thinking lol... good thing you pointed it out
  11. @roytam1 It might be worth updating the thread title to something like "Goanna-based browsers by roytam1 retaining XP support", or something along those lines, since doesn't this thread also refer to KM-Goanna and Basilisk too? :P Nice work, though! I use KM-Goanna personally since I prefer its UI over Mozilla's XUL interface, KM definitely has more of a XP-era program vibe in terms of design and layout (back when no one was forced to target social-media obsessed teenagers).
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j0zdwe4woufmp80/OFFXPPostSP3.zip I found this ZIP from a while ago if anyone's still running Office 2002, I think one exists by the same uploader for Office 2000. Dunno really if it's relevant, though. What would probably be the most useful contribution to the thread would be a ZIP archive (probably one per collected language) that contains the update files sorted out by what they apply to and then a set of batch scripts that automates the process if that's possible for the user's needs. Possibly with this as some kind of file structure for the archive: / /2009-April 2014 /Windows /NET Framework (2.0-3.5) /NET Framework (4.0) /Internet Explorer 8 /Media Player 11 /Miscellaneous /May 2014-April 2019 /Windows /NET Framework (2.0-3.5) /NET Framework (4.0) /Internet Explorer 8 /Media Player 11 /Miscellaneous /Microsoft Office /2000 /2002 /2003 /2007 /2010 /Office Compatibility Pack /Binaries /Essential /Optional /Scripts The binaries folder would contain probably SP3 itself, IE8, .NET in Important, and WMP11, TweakUI and anything else can belong in Optional, I guess? If anyone has any suggestions for tweaking this or has a better idea I'd like to hear it. Wish I was capable though of knowing all my way around this stuff though :P

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