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  1. Is KB4486463 safe for a computer not running a SSE2 CPU?
  2. There has to be more updates not working well with SSE CPUs, I get Explorer.exe error related to gdiplus.dll and the computer isn't useable. :/ Nevermind, even though I unchecked every update carefully they installed. Removed, everything back to normal.
  3. By mistake I didn't notice that the backslash was missing: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMWPAPosReady] "Installed"=dword:00000001 I added this to the registry, everything works fine, POSReady worked fine after I corrected the error. I can find no sign of it in the registry, what actually happens when you add something like this to the Windows registry?
  4. I have an AMD CPU that supports only SSE not SSE2, which browser should I use?
  5. What a great thread, it's been so helpful! I did a clean install of Windows XP, I have removed all the updates mentioned by ED_Sln, I'm not on a SSE2 CPU. Updates not requiring SSE2, replaced by updates requiring SSE2: KB4087398, KB4463361. Is it safe to install these from the update catalog? I didn't see any KB4487085-v2 update, only KB4487085, didn't install it, does it work without SSE2? KB4493563 mentioned in another post, is this safe?
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