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  1. XP and its derivatives seem to be the cockroaches of the PC world, don't they? They won't die! c
  2. My Windows 11 impressions so far are that most peoples' impressions of it aren't that great (I haven't used it myself, and probably won't any time soon). I waited 7 years for Windows 10 to get better — and it never really did, so I'm not waiting around for 11, because I doubt it'll ever get meaningfully better either. Microsoft simply doesn't seem to care anymore, so why should I? c
  3. After some rigamarole (installing the official Update Rollup 1) and discovering that one must be using the newest release of the Legacy Update client (1.3 as of now; when I first tried it a week or two ago, 1.1 was current, so development is moving quite fast), I managed to update a fresh install of Windows 2000 SP4. I suspect this is the first time in quite awhile that it actually worked with such ease. Even when v6 was still fully online with SHA-1, updating a fresh install of 2000 was very hard because WU didn't work out of the box; I had to almost update everything just to make it work, but then what's the point? c
  4. I tried Legacy Update, and I liked it. It worked more or less equivalently to the normal WUv6, but the sidebar and header were different, and overall the sidebar's UI feels a little unpolished compared to the old WU one, and the header is a bit large compared to the original. Because this is an open source project, perhaps it's possible to modify the header and sidebar to make them look and feel more true to the original. For now, however, I'm quite satisfied with its performance as is; it's functional and gets the job done. I know this isn't strictly relevant here, but I wonder if the same techniques used could enable a version based on WUv4 for use with Windows 9x and ME (and also unupdated 2000 pre-SP3 and XP RTM)? I suspect that it would be fairly trivial to get the front end working since v4 and v6 are fairly similar, but getting the back end going would be harder; any WUv4 workalike would need to be redirected to some sort of 9x update archive, since the original servers were purged of them years ago, and likely aren't even online anymore. c
  5. I'm tired and depressed after yet another day of observing humanity's ineptitude and people's utter lack of concern for each other, so I won't go on much.... Re: EV vs. ICE: I don't know. I think maybe EVs ultimately aren't a terrible idea, but I agree wholeheartedly with many comments here that the available options leave much to be desired, create needless complications, and simply manufacturing them and their components (the plastics, the metals, and, most notably, the batteries) actually creates almost as much damage to the environment than driving around a 20+ year old gas/petrol powered car. I'm a little bit more positive about it, in that I don't think it's 100% about milking more money out of people, but I do believe that the current push, at least over here in California, USA, is severely misguided at best, because we have an old, outdated electric grid that isn't equipped to supply the kind of power output that several tens of millions of EVs would need, except perhaps in the major cities. What about all the people living in rural areas, though? Where I am now, every third car is an EV of some type, and those who own them have the money to not only buy the car, but to also upgrade their homes with a proper charging solution. Attempting to drive an EV in a mountainous rural area, while doable, isn't practical or financially sustainable by most; therefore, I don't think it's wise to force everyone to adopt them right now. In time, my hope is that the technology will improve, new methods of manufacturing will be invented that reduce the environmental impact, and the electric grid will be upgraded and rebuilt, but with all the political inertia and red tape, it's gonna take decades at best for all of these things to happen, and nobody seems to care. Hopefully when nuclear fusion power gets invented, things will improve. And now for electronics. Take cellular/mobile phones, for example. I like my iPhones, but it's gotten to a point now where every phone on the market is some kind of Apple (iOS) or Google (Android) based flat slab of glass or plastic with cameras galore. For years, I haven't really cared about the latest and greatest, preferring instead to use older phones, and to keep using them for longer than the average person might (we used TracFone (a US prepaid service) with a 2G phone until late 2013 or so, LONG after most everyone else I knew switched to an iPhone), because why upgrade if it still works? I mean, the main purpose is to I'd keep using my old Nokia 5190 or Motorola StarTAC indefinitely if I could, but as the 2G and 3G signals get shut down over here in the US, the situation is becoming increasingly bleak and depressing, because pretty soon, only brand new smartphones will work. The carriers all say they need to maximize capacity for the new hotness they call 5G, but I just don't buy it. 4G was plenty fast for my needs (I mean, even 3G is good enough for what I want to do; 2G is pushing it, but even that's still OK for the occasional email or something), so why do we need to keep making things faster? Did anybody actually ask for it? I didn't. And don't get me started on all this SaaS rentware garbage. And cryptographically locking down all aspects of the hardware architecture that rentware runs on is just wrong. I don't want to pay $1000 or more for a computer, only to be locked out by the manufacturer a year later when they decide to stop supplying OS updates because it's "too old". And when they inevitably say that the newer OS is safer, I cringe, because while there can be some genuine risks in high security settings, I feel that the average user need not care too much, as long as they practice good browsing habits and the software in question is updated enough to work with modern standards (I consider Windows XP to be the practical minimum here, with 7 being my preferred recommendation for those who aren't quite as technically minded, because XP requires a lot of hoop-jumping nowadays, whereas Windows 7, provided the hardware is compatible, still more or less works out of the box once updated a bit (and Spectre/Meltdown mitigations are disabled, because I think the danger of exploitation is mostly theoretical (and requires direct access to the hardware, if I'm remembering correctly), and thus in practice poses relatively little risk to the average home user). I developed a soft spot for Windows 8.1, because I could make it work and look mostly like 7 with some minor tweaks, but I avoid 10 like the plague because I don't like it. 11 is worse in this regard, and has rendered 100% of my hardware (some of which I've paid thousands of dollars for over the years) obsolete. Anyway, I guess I went on longer than I thought. Oh, well. Maybe someone, somewhere, sometime will invent a time machine that we can all use to go back in time to a point when the world as we know it seemed like a better place (for all its turmoil, I find that the bulk of the 20th century seems like a happier time than the 21st century has so far turned out to be (of course, looking back through modern history, few periods have been quite as thoroughly miserable as the past ten to twenty years have been). Sorry for rambling.... c
  6. WU v4 was the XP styled one, wasn't it? I remember using it briefly in 2004 or so. Or was that v5? It's probably safe to say that v1 through v3 (the versions released with Windows 98 and ME) are pretty much extinct and thus un revivable, yes? c
  7. Being a Mac user off and on since the 90s (and largely on for the past 10 years or so), this reminds me of the Mac OS X Public Beta, where Apple thought they'd try putting an ornamental, nonfunctional Apple logo in the top center of the menu bar, instead of a traditional Apple Menu (before Mac OS X, it was basically equivalent in concept to the Windows Start menu with some differences in execution) in the top left where it belongs. Needless to say, the criticism was fierce, so they reversed it and to this day, macOS still has an Apple menu in the top left (although since Mac OS X RTM (10.0), it doesn't function much like either the old Apple menu or the Start menu did at all, in that you can't add anything to it). Be that as it may, I feel like Apple in recent years has moved in a similar direction as MS, and I'm lagging behind at macOS 10.14 as a result, because in my opinion it is the last fairly hackable version (the OS has become increasingly locked down since then, and when run on Apple's M1 hardware, it's basically almost as locked down as iOS; I'll cut MS a little slack here in that at least there's still a freely viewable registry in which one can tweak otherwise hidden or inaccessible settings. At least for now...). Incidentally, after trying Windows 8.1 (and even 10 for a time), I have settled back to XP for doing tasks that are better suited to Windows, and 7 for the few of them that XP can't do. Since I use mostly macOS for modern stuff anyway, I have the freedom to stay with XP and 7 indefinitely if I want (so long as I have access to viable XP or 7-era hardware and/or continue to use an Intel-based computer that can run them in a VM), and if either one or both can no longer browse the internet, it'll be sad, but it won't much affect how I use them (this is especially true if they're running in VMs, as I can simply switch to the host OS to do anything they can't do). Anyway, this is a bit off topic in that I'm not discussing my impressions of Windows 11. The thing is, since I haven't used it, and probably never will (save for maybe a VM just to poke around in for curiosity's sake), I don't really have any reason to discuss it other than to say that, based on what I've read and heard from others who have tried it, I'm pretty much not going to bother, as it seems like it'd just be a waste of time (and besides, absolutely NONE of my computers are supported (my newest is Skylake-based), and even though the installer's CPU check is easily bypassed and there's no apparent negative effects from doing so, there's no guarantee that MS won't fix that loophole and make it harder). c
  8. It feels like it's been ages since I've seen any activity here! I was starting to think that any effort to get Win98 onto the modern Internet had been abandoned, but it seems not, which is good! I just tried it (no VPN or anything), and, aside from being unable to read Polish, it downloaded fine. Why is it censored for @schwups? I'm in the US, so I'm probably somewhat naive regarding the intricacies of censorship (in my experience, internet censorship pretty much doesn't happen here except for a few highly specific cases, such as blatant fraud and copyright infringement/piracy). Anyway, I'm going to follow this thread, now that it seems to be active again c
  9. I can second this. While I don't use it personally for such sites, from what I've read, 360Chrome appears to be the last remaining browser for XP which is still reasonably compatible with the modern Internet. c
  10. XP forever! I've been following Windows 10 off and on since it was released in 2015, and even after dabbling in it a little and customizing it so it's bearable, I just can't like it enough to use it full time. I didn't have much hope that 11 would be any better, especially when MS declared their on again/off again intention to only support 8th gen Intel CPUs with TPMs (my newest hardware is 6th gen), so I'm not surprised that it's worse than the already pretty lousy 10. Nowadays, I mostly daily drive macOS, so it's not really a big deal right now, and it allows me the luxury of using XP and 7 on a hobby level, so it's not a problem if not everything works. I dread the day I need to buy new hardware, because most PCs are probably stuck with Windows 11 as the only viable OS option, and Macs are too expensive, and adding insult to injury, now that they're ARM based, they can't run any x86 Windows, even in a VM; they, too, are stuck with 11. Sometimes I wish I could just bring out my old Pentium Pro machine with Windows 3 and use that for everything! c
  11. Understood! I'll examine your changes and update my file accordingly (I'll have to send it to you eventually, but I'm in the middle of a big move, so I haven't had much time). c
  12. Oh, OK. I like to keep things simple, so Visual Studio is a bit too heavy for my needs And besides, this is how I learned HTML and CSS (by handwriting code in a text editor). c
  13. OK, sounds good! I mentioned myself in a comment near the top as well, including the date in which I finished most of the work (from my perspective in the US, anyway; for you, it might be the day before or the day after). Thank you! I was having trouble finding the guide after several dozen new responses were since posted in the thread, pushing the guide back many pages, so I thought I'd separate it so that I can open it wherever. c
  14. @mina7601Yes! It's an older relative of BBEdit (same developers), so I suppose one could find a Windows-based equivalent if they wanted (TextWrangler is only 32-bit apparently, so it won't run on new Macs anymore, so I think I'll look into upgrading to the latest BBEdit, which is fully 64-bit). c
  15. I used a Mac program called TextWrangler, which is roughly equivalent to Notepad++. c
  16. Indeed! Mr. P's actions are inexcusable and he must be stopped! OK. What I'm thinking is maybe I'll just send you the file I made, and from there you can do with it what you will. A text editor. I handwrote it in HTML 4 and very minor CSS, so it should be viewable using virtually any browser, and it should be fairly easy to maintain. c
  17. Of course! It's a big problem, because one can't count on the Wayback Machine to completely archive anything (it's particularly hit or miss with forums). I will! And I guarantee that I will do my best to not (knowingly) use anything Russian. I neither condone nor support the unprovoked and indiscriminate killing and destruction of a nation and its citizens... Is DropBox OK with you? I understand. It was only an idea.... Of course! I don't want to make anything public without your permission and approval! And it's your right to do whatever you want with it. I only came up with the HTML version because I was bored and wanted something to do Of course! c
  18. Much as I dislike Windows 10 and 11, I have to agree: most people don't care what OS their computer is running, as long as it lets them run whatever programs they want to run. How else does Microsoft get away with all the Telemetry, forced updates and other junk? Because most of their user base either doesn't know the difference or doesn't care! Either way, they just blindly accept whatever MS dishes out because newer is ALWAYS better! c
  19. I don't like censorship, but I think it's warranted in MAT's case because of the extensive (and inappropriate) usage of expletives in his resignation thread. It says much about who he is (and isn't), and if he were "bleeped" like he would be in most other respectable, family-friendly forums (such as MSFN), he would end up saying virtually nothing! Kind of like those lousy reality shows where the "stars" speak in strings of expletives, so all the viewer hears is this long, unbroken tone, like a constant, unrelenting scream. Beyond that, about the only other thing I can say about him is that the degree of his apparent rage, hatred and disdain for virtually everyone leaves me speechless. Why do people like this exist? c
  20. Ah, I forgot that like buttons are a thing! I just went back and "liked" the guide! I have updated my prototype using the newest version of your guide, so consider any old versions forgotten. Regarding "input", I basically just wanted to ask if it was OK that I did this, and to see if you had any thoughts on it. I copied all the links over, so everything is the same as it was, as far as linking to external sources goes (though, it could easily be modified such that all linked files and guides are local, but I left the links as is for now). As for where to put it, maybe it can be included in the all in one packs as a sort of instruction manual? c
  21. @AstroSkipperGot all caught up now, so I can comment! I looked at your guide (it's about time someone made one!), and I like it so much, I was wondering if, with your permission, I could create an HTML version of it that could be mirrored somewhere as a backup in case MSFN ever become inaccessible? I noticed that it links to several other posts on here, so those would probably have to be recreated as well, but one thing at a time! That being said, I am almost finished with a basic prototype based on an old revision of your post. Let me know if you have any input! c
  22. i totally agree. The degree of cruelty and hatred being displayed toward Ukraine, especially toward the poor citizens of Mariupol, is absolutely appalling and disgusting. It must be stopped somehow! By the way, does anyone know where in Ukraine feodor2 lives? And now back to the topic at hand: That MAT is quite a tyrant! Maybe now that he's gone, the Pale Moon team can actually stop being so hostile toward anyone who dares to use it on any OS other than what they dictate.... c
  23. What a jerk he is! Good riddance!! Anyway, to echo the various messages here, I hope that @feodor2 is alive and safe while he helps save his country! Слава україні! c
  24. I was in error earlier. Only one of the four updates has a 2k3 x64 version. I think I've reached a dead end maybe? c
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