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  1. Hi, After using strictly Windows 7 for awhile, I once again installed XP with USB 4 on my 2008 Mac Pro (on which I previously had XP running perfectly fine for years). That is not the case this time, though. Whenever I plug in a flash drive, it's like XP freaks out and cuts off all USB related things, including, most unfortunately, the keyboard and mouse. If I leave my flash drives unplugged, it seems to work fine (I'm using XP now). I've installed a bunch of updates, but I'm not sure if it was that which messed it up, or something else. Regardless of why, I want it fixed. Any ideas? Less urgently, I also would like to ask how to reapply the 4 GB patch to a live installation without a reinstall, as a recent update seems to have undone it (I'm back to 1.99 GB usable out of 32 ). I have the 4GB Patch "baked" into the slipstreamed installation disk I made up, so I can easily reinstall if I must, but I'd rather avoid that if possible. Thanks! c
  2. Hi, This looks very interesting, and I'd like to give it a try. However, does anyone have it all packaged up so I can just unzip an archive and execute a .reg file to add all the needed registry entries? Or maybe an installer of some sort? I can try to figure out how to do it by myself when I get more time, but something like that would be nice. c
  3. Changing the font worked. Thanks! It also got ClearType working (apparently) via RP9.7, so that's good too. How would I go about updating MS Sans Serif in the future so that it would work as well? c
  4. Hmm, never mind. I seem to have gotten it working (for some reason, it had to do with "scanreg.exe" not running at startup). Sorry about the useless post, c
  5. Hi, I'm trying to get Flash player installed in Windows 98 SE, and I can't seem to make it work. It'll open up and go though the motions, but it fails to install, and when I look at the details, see a bunch of errors beginning with "no OLE for" and having some registry key it's trying to add tacked onto the end. Disabling KernelEx doesn't seem to help. So, what do you think? c p.s. This is Flash Player 9.
  6. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I have a question regarding Firefox 3.6.28. For some reason, "..."'s come out wrong (they look sorta like tall, thin blocks that resemble the | character). It doesn't hamper functionality as far as I can tell, but it's annoying, and I want to know if it can be fixed. Thanks, c
  7. Hi, I'm new here, and I just wanted to say this is a great resource for older Windows versions! That aside, it would appear that none of the attachment links seem to work. Every link I click, I get "Error 500 - Internal Server Error" (off-site links appear to work fine). Is there a projected time by which this problem will be fixed? Thanks, c

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