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  1. I have, it definitely works on Fritzbox routers but I assume it works on other providers too.
  2. Well, we can speculate a bit. Avast 4.8 was the latest compatible version for Windows98SE and was released in 2008. The definition updates went on 'till 2017, so this gives us 9 years of definition updates. Avast 18.8 was the latest compatible version for Windows XP and was released in 2018. Should it follow the same pattern as 98SE, we should get definition updates 'till 2027 at least. Yeah it's been tough for a number of reasons one of which was COVID. I was one of the people you heard about on TV that was hospitalized after taking the first dose of Oxford Astra Zeneca. The 2nd dose went fine (still Oxford Astra Zeneca) after taking stuff to avoid blood clots and the 3rd one (Pfizer Booster) also was fine. Then in December 2021 I caught COVID, had a miserable time despite being triple jabbed, spent Christmas and New Year alone etc. I don't wanna talk too much about all this, but yeah, pretty tough time...
  3. ehehehe I never really left, I was mostly lurking around, but I didn't have much time to reply. It's been a bit of a tough period.
  4. I've been with Avast for 11 years now and I'll never stop, probably. I renew the Premier version every year and it comes nicely 'cause I can use it on all my devices, including my Android phone and it has a VPN which I also use on a daily basis.
  5. Stupid question, but is it actually out of sync? I mean in the bottom right corner, if you check the date and time, is it the correct day, month, year and time? You can even set XP to sync the time with: time.google.com which, by the way, is a Stratum 1 source connected to a real Stratum 0 Atomic Clock.
  6. There are some providers that are still using PPTP and L2TP like FastestVPN (not the fastest, unlike the name suggests, but still). Otherwise, you can use different protocols, for instance OpenVPN works just fine on XP, you just have to install the client (or rather an older version of the client). Alternatively, you can go for a different protocol like IPSec Xauth PSK by installing the Shrew Soft VPN Client which still runs on XP. As to the browsers, aside from Roytam's constantly updated forks, I'm currently using some special Long Term Support XP Compatible Chromium builds that my company receives as part of a special support, so I'm currently on Chromium 92, however it does have some pretty bad CVE, so I'm trying to use it as little as possible until the next update comes up. Lastly, when it comes to updates, the best thing you can do is to install 0Patch and call it a day as they will at least provide some level of protection against vulnerabilities that Microsoft didn't bother to patch after July 2019.
  7. Hi there guys, long time no see. I'm still here and yep I'm still using XP, although with some compromises, but after all, aren't we all living with compromises? Anyway, I found an old installation of XP from several years ago (it was a notebook I used to use at university and then I gave to my grandma when I didn't need it any longer). She mostly uses it to transfer pictures from her compact camera to an HDD, closely following the steps I told her years ago and that she wrote down meticulously on a piece of paper. Anyway, I need to retrieve a value my system stored long long time ago, in 2009. Unfortunately I don't remember the value any longer, however I'm the admin of the PC and I can access the registry, the only "bad" thing about this is that the value is in 256bit BINARY_REG and not in plain text ASCII. I saw that you guys have already done this for a guy in the Windows98SE section, so is there a way to do the same on XP? The value is: de406b9e19e531dbe6beba290e765c8a28bd9553694c930cac3f857fdbdd5ad7
  8. I was born in Italy, but I've been living in the UK since 2015 (namely in Chelsea, London), so my IP Address is always a British one. I didn't pick any country when I registered, but rather "European Union" in fact I had the EU flag (not for any particular reason other than trying to be as generic as possible).
  9. I really hope it's the name of the host and they login with their own account via Active Directory... ... and that the post it is not the password xD P.s why do I have the French flag? I didn't choose it. Besides, I'm not French, "France" in my nickname stands for my first name: Francesco (aka Frank) and "B" is the first letter of my surname (double B cause FranceB was taken). Not much creativity, I know, but still...
  10. Looks like the NHS is still very much based on Windows XP. This was spotted at St George's Hospital in London: p.s not my CT Scan, it's the one of an old woman I think
  11. Greenwich station, London, UK Mon 28 Jun 2021, 10:45 UTC, picture by Stuart, a bloke who was passing by and posted it on the internet.
  12. A friend of mine was going to get the tube in Catania, Giuffrida Station, Italy, and he sent me this picture: and we're both pretty sure that it's Windows XP or one of its derivatives
  13. Well, sure thing, I can check. The version I have is: And if I search for updates, it says that I'm on the latest version. If I try to download the latest 32bit version from here: https://t1.daumcdn.net/potplayer/PotPlayer/Version/Latest/PotPlayerSetup.exe it says: And VideoHelp states that the last supported version for XP is: https://www.videohelp.com/download/PotPlayerSetup-1.7.17508.exe so version 1.7.17508, which is NOT correct as I'm running version 1.7.21295 on XP. Now, the version linked by @VistaLover is this one: https://www.videohelp.com/download/PotPlayerSetup-210209.exe and although it's not the "latest and greatest", it is indeed newer than mine as mine was built on September 2020, while his was built on February 9th, 2021. So I downloaded it and tried to install it and guess what? It worked: and just to let you see that it's an XP system: Works like a charm, so I'm glad he tagged me and I was able to test it as I'll keep using it as my main build. See? This is what happens when you actually test things. About software origins, my XP has the kernel from the One Core API project, the HAL from the Russian mod, drivers for USB 3.0, ACPI, NVME support etc from another modding project that backported them from the Microsoft ones etc... I mean sometimes you have to have a bit of faith in other human beings. I do and everything works.
  14. Absolutely, but unfortunately there are no arrays in the old version, which is a big disadvantage...

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