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  1. https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog-6.1#v0 "Linux host: Drop PCI passthrough, the current code is too incomplete. Not useful." So the dream of GPU passthrough from Linux host to Windows guest (like XP) on a dual GPU system ends here. The code was incomplete and bugged and has been like that for years, but rather than improving it, they dropped it. This marks 6 years of unsuccessful project. Congratulations Oracle... -.-
  2. Got it. I've tried to go several level down and I noticed that there are some missing APIs. The problem is that once I fixed one, several others I was ignoring of pop up. It's a dependency nightmare. I'll take a look at it again in the next coming days...
  3. Sure, I don't think @dencorso will have something against it: https://mega.nz/#!6JESDYrQ!gw0yUcbVfIsTIEU5bEbzh73qfXwACV8wwqdDGbaLxro (Den, in case there's something wrong, feel free to edit my reply and remove the installer).
  4. Do you have Skype? If you do, please join this group called "Windows XP Forever" and help with the development. Your contribution is very much needed! https://join.skype.com/kkCmZhCwjegP Do you have Vista up and running somewhere? Can I send you the installer to test whether it works or not?
  5. Yep, I wrote it on the Skype group and I'm gonna write it here again: well done. You were interested in backporting Chromium and making it available for XP users and when you joined the group on Skype many months ago, you found a situation in which Samuel didn't manage to get Chromium working, me and Dibya both failed and we were all very frustrated with our attempts, but instead of giving up, you took a different approach, you wrote your own code, you managed to fix many more errors by re-implementing old chromium commits and you spent hours and hours of your time in doing just that. Although the last build you made in October doesn't work on XP for the reason above (GDI among other things), you spent a lot of your free time trying to do something good for the OS we love and I thank you. So, although this is the last attempt of the very last person who tried to backport chromium in vain, I say "Well done" 'cause you put so much effort on it. (for the records, he's the guy I was talking about a few days ago in the other topic). For those interested in his November build: Any suggestion is welcome.
  6. Not really. I stopped working on that after my last attempt failed miserably. There's a post with screenshots here on MSFN somewhere. I spent way too many hours on Chromium. It's a far too big project with many parts that I don't really understand and since I don't fully get what they were trying to do and why some things were there that way, some of my implementations were actually wrong when I rewrote them. If you search for my last attempt here on MSFN you'll find out that I managed to get it running but it wasn't able to load any pages and the UI was broken. If you think that every time they add some commit many other things change we're never gonna get it working. That said, the last thing I want right now is to waste many other hours on this code, yelling at my computer for yet another thing that doesn't work. I can only say that I'm not currently working on it and I haven't even opened the solution explorer for months. Dibya isn't working on it and Samuel isn't working on it either. The other guy we shared the code with got stuck at the new vs old multi-threading implementation 'cause once he re-introduced the old multi-threading several things that are NOT documented broke (I.e they are documented, but they expect data in a completely different way and of course it doesn't say anything about it 'cause nobody expects someone to change a trivial modern Windows API to substitute it with some sort of dirty way to check and allocate workload that was used in the former implementation). We haven't heard from him ever since. The last compiled executable works fine on Windows 7 and above but on XP and Vista it doesn't. If we push our very latest code into it and we compile, then it doesn't work on ANY Windows Platform as it fails to load pages (although it does start a glitchy default Window which immediately crashes). This just enlightens the fact that there's something deeply wrong in our code since we broke modern Windows compatibility, but anyway we don't really want to have different routines inside our code for different Windows platforms. In a nutshell: I'm not working on it, don't expect anything from me. I did my part, the code has always been open source and online, so if you wanna help the guy who took the project over from us, ask Dibya and Peter so they can make you talk with him, if he's still working on it of course (I have no idea what that guy is up to since I haven't heard from him for months and he doesn't reply on Skype anymore). I'm sorry to delude you, but I guess that's it...
  7. Ask @heinoganda to send you proxHTTPS and your problems with HTTPS will be gone. I've been using it for years now and it works like a charm.
  8. Ah, so this is why I looked at it for the very first time when it was already been edited (not knowing that it was cropped by you) and I thought it was 100% legit xD
  9. We do respect the privacy, but pictures are generally taken of computer running in public places and accessible by everyone, like train stations, markets, local shops and so on... You know, as long as it's a public place (not some deeply hidden computer running in some secret part of a company storing valuable and secret information about whatever leaked by a dodgey employee) and there are no other people included in the picture with their face well visible, I don't think that there are any problems in posting them here.
  10. I'm lurking 'cause I use PotPlayer on a daily basis; as a matter of fact, I'm using it in this very moment as well 'cause my stereo only gets FM and not DAB so I listen to radio using my computer. (FYI DAB in UK airs at ridiculous bitrates, so do online radio, but we don't have any alternatives and they sound better than FM despite the very low bitrate, so...) Anyway, I'm concerned about another program as well: Telegram. I stopped receiving updates with my version (1.2.6) and if I click "search updates" it doesn't show any updates, however if I go to the website I can see that newer version have been released (without my knowledge). When I tried to install the very latest version (1.8.7 beta), it let me install it and it works, however it shows a big fat red bar at the very top saying that I should update my OS, so I think that telegram may stop working "soon".
  11. You can't invent pixels out of nowhere. What you are actually seeing is the maximum resolution of your screen, there's no way to increase it as every pixel physically correspond to an object on the screen that is charged electronically and displays a value between 16 and 235 (between 0 and 0.7 Volt) or 0 and 255 if it's full range of RGB which gives you what you see as an image. For instance, if you had a camera that was able to zoom enough you would see that when you are seeing white, each and every pixel is turned on with the maximum voltage available. You can basically see why you can't increase the resolution: there won't be enough pixels on your screen to fit it, so you would end up with a partially represented screen TL;DR parts of the elements of your desktop will fall out of your screen. - trick and attempt 1 If you are really willing to try, you can use the Windows scaling function to scale down desktop icons and text or in Firefox/Chromium to zoom out web pages. This won't give you more resolution, however it will make text and icons smaller and give you the feeling of having a higher resolution. - trick and attempt 2 Just like it's possible to encode images and video with a Frameserver, it must be possible to make a downscale of your desktop live. What I mean by that is that you will set the resolution very high and then you'll downscale the resulting signal down either via software or via hardware to fit the resolution of your screen. There are many resizing kernel like PointResize, Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos, Spline based resizers etc. I would personally suggest to use Spline64Resize or Lanczos. They are both very sharp, but spline is prone to create ringing on texts. This way you're definitely gonna make use of the space created by the new pixels, but you won't see them! What you'll see is rather an interpolation of them made by the resizing kernel you selected and it may look aliased or with ringing or even so mis-represented that it's impossible to read! If you wanna learn more about resizing kernel, check this out (beware, it requires at least a basic knowledge of linear algebra): http://avisynth.nl/index.php/Resampling Source: I'm a broadcast engineer you can find me on Doom9 (the international encoding forum) talking about... well... encoding all the time.
  12. And in the meantime, over here nobody shared the premium updates for XP worth 15k bucks per year since the end of support, but I'm confident that if a big enough security vulnerability will come out, Microsoft itself will publicly release the patch (or someone else will). Hello... it's me... I was wondering if after all these months you'll like to read... And go over... everything... They say time is supposed to heal ya But I ain't done much healing... Hello, can you help me? I'm on Microsoft Updates where we all use to be When we were supported... by everything... I've forgotten how it fell When installation was just a click... There's such a difference... between now and then And thousands of BATs... Hello from the other side I must have tried a thousand times... To go to Microsoft and try to update And make my computer... once again safe... Hello from the other side At least I can say that I've tried... To tell Microsoft 'I'm begging you... from the bottom of my heart' But it doesn't matter as it doesn't tear you apart Anymore... (Adele feat FranceBB - Unsupported OS).
  13. I would, except for the fact that it's written in Electron which is a programming language that doesn't support XP. I wrote to the developers long time ago but they didn't bother. The client isn't compatible and the website is crappy. Sure, there are unofficial clients made by third party developers that actually work on XP, but with no audio support. I gotta say that ever since Microsoft dropped support for XP on their Skype client, we have officially lost audio support as well, that's why we're looking for alternatives that are XP compatible and that support multiple audio calls.
  14. I know, but Telegram doesn't support group calls that's why we created it on Skype years ago. When Telegram will support group calls, then we'll move to Telegram.
  15. Good idea; I can make it execute the command whenever my VPN connection drops.
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