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  1. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I just gave it a try and it didn't work, still stops during the DirectPlay. I haven't had time to play with this much lately other than I did try downgrading to DX8a. That didn't work either, same results. Maybe I'll have time to experiment more next month. Thanks, DJ
  2. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Well, it would be a bummer to have to move from Win98 to XP on my four LAN party PCs just to be able to play one game so I'd like to poke around and see if it can work. I guess nobody has the combination of Win98/DX9c-DP/Intel PRO1000GT working to compare notes with. The annoying part is that DxDiag just hangs, if it gave off some kind of error message I'd have someplace to start. Is there some kind of tool I can run in the background that might give me some idea of where DxDiag is hanging? Maybe the Intel drivers just suck? BTW, I tried running the DxDiag in KernelEx XP mode and that didn't change anything. So I guess KernelEx is no help in this case. Thanks, DJ
  3. Explorer.exe and file sizes in Win9x

    OK, that's good to know. I'm happy this is working and it didn't take a lot of tearing out and reinstalling to do it. Thanks! DJ
  4. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Hi, I have four PCs all with the same install of Win98SE (LitePC "Sleek") with the same network card but different motherboards and graphic cards. All other networking functions work fine on the four machines. I only discovered this problem when trying to play a game that requires DX9c. All the other LAN games I've played have been happy with my current setup for many years now so none of them must have required the DirectPlay component in DX9c. I'd like to get this game to run if possible without completely trashing my current setup. I'm guessing it's some compatibility issue between the network drivers and DX9c, but I just tinker with Win9x, I'm no expert. I was thinking about following one of the earlier suggestions about going to an earlier version of the network drivers but I have 10.3 and the earliest I can find on the Intel website is 10.0--I'm not sure that's enough of a difference to be worth the bother. Thanks, DJ
  5. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    I tried the REGSVR32 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\DPNET.DLL command and it gives me a "succeeded" message, but DxDiag still hangs on the network portion. Thanks, DJ
  6. Explorer.exe and file sizes in Win9x

    So you are saying that KernelEx is redundant with KERNEL32.DLL v4.10.2225? Thanks, DJ
  7. Explorer.exe and file sizes in Win9x

    I just was able to confirm that replacing KERNEL32.DLL version (Win98SE) with 4.10.2225 (from rloew) resolves the problem. I am now able to manipulate files 2-4Gb in size via Explorer. Just for the record, even though the KernelEx tab reports that I have KernelEx v4.5.120 installed, when I checked Add/Remove programs it shows I have KernelEx v4.5.2 installed. So it is the combination of KERNEL32.DLL v4.10.2225 and KernelEx v4.5.2 that is working for me. Thank you everyone for helping me out with this! Best regards, DJ
  8. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Thanks for the kind offer! Testing would depend on getting some more info from deomsh's testing. Sounds like good testing! What was the original flavor of Windows and DX that the test was failing on? What was the fresh install you tested on, pure MS Win98SE or some other flavor? Thank you, DJ
  9. Explorer.exe and file sizes in Win9x

    I checked my Kernel32.dll and it shows version, that is Win98SE correct? So I can try to replace the current Kernel32.dll with the KERNEL32.DLL version 4.10.2225 from your patch and leave the KernelEx 4.5.1. in place and it might resolve the issue? Thanks, DJ
  10. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    OK, maybe I'll try to get one of those cards and see if it works with the DirectPlay. But still curious since the GT card is on the list here if anybody is using it and can check if they have the DirectPlay issue, If they don't, then it may be a problem with something other than the card. Best regards, DJ
  11. Explorer.exe and file sizes in Win9x

    OK, good to know it is a known problem. I found the patch on your website and the readme says there is a separate version for win95, I would need that if I want to continue running LitePC Sleek, correct? I don't see the other version on the web page. Also, I'm using KernelEx 4.5.1, which modifies the image of kernel32.dll in memory if I understand it correctly. Is that compatible with COPY2GB? Thanks! DJ
  12. Explorer.exe and file sizes in Win9x

    Exactly. Do I need to replace the Windows 95 Explorer to manage files in the 2-4Gb range? It seems there is a mismatch between the max file size of FAT32 and the max file size that explorer.exe v4.00.950 can handle. Before I start going through the trouble of swapping out versions of Explorer I'd like to confirm if this is indeed the issue. Thanks, DJ
  13. Hi, FAT32 supports files up to just less than 4GB. I'm running 98Lite Sleek with the Win95 explorer.exe (v4.00.950) I can create files on the HD of say 3GB size with 7-Zip and the files are valid--I can share the drive on the 98 box and use a XP box to move the files. If I copy them to the XP box they are good files, not corrupted. So it's not a file system problem or an OS problem. But I can't do anything with files >2GB with explorer, it gives me an "Error Copying File,,, The parameter is incorrect" message. Is this a known limitation with the Win95 explorer that I just can't find mention of anywhere? Does the Win98 explorer (v4.72.3110.1) have support for the same 4GB file sizes as FAT32? Thanks, DJ
  14. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Also, I notice this card is on the list as working with 9x: So somebody else must be using these cards. Can anybody with one of these cards and DX9.0c confirm if they have the same problem or not? Or can you confirm the card is working with a different version of DX? Thanks, DJ
  15. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Interesting. I hadn't thought of downgrading the drivers. The latest driver that I'm using is from 2004, I can look for something older. The game requires DX9, so downgrading DX won't help. The MT has the 82540EM chip and GT has the 82541PI chip. Also, the MT is older and discontinued. Not sure the technical differences in the chips. Thanks, DJ