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  1. I tried both RLoew's PTCHSATA and Via SATA v6.10c. The difference was very similar according to DiskSpeed32. The Via drivers showed about 1MB/s faster Min and Max throughput, but the RLoew gave a 1MB/s faster overall average based on all file sizes.
  2. I've been experimenting with when to install it and when to change the system.ini settings myself. I've not arrived at any solid conclusions so far. But currently I'm installing the patch as soon as I can after the OS install and before the hardware drivers. Seems to be working OK, but I haven't even gotten past getting all the hardware drivers working correctly to think about applying the unofficial service pack yet, which may mess everything up.
  3. OK, I will have to do some testing to try both. But first I'm going to have to figure out why DiskSpeed32 keeps crashing on the new build, but that's a story for a different thread. Thanks! DJ
  4. Ah, OK. I tried the scandskw.exe from BHDD31.ZIP that I saw mentioned in some posts here, but same result. Now I know. I will look into Usher's method. I also have discovered that DiskSpeed32 is crashing on this new build which it doesn't on any of my other 1GB Win98 machines, which is why I was running the scandisk thinking it was maybe a disk problem. I'll have to run the scandisk from DOS and then try the DiskSpeed32 again. I need some way to measure my throughput so I can try some different settings and see if I can maximize what I have. I've been reading many posts, and have been using search as well. Of course sometimes the problem with search is you don't know the exact correct term to search for until you find the information you are looking for! But you are right, sometimes it is an iterative process since the first time through it can be like trying to take a sip from a fire hose. Thanks! DJ
  5. But xRayeR's patch for IO.SYS with a renamed Himemx is still needed for Safe Mode? This still leaves the Himem.sys to be used by Normal Mode, correct? In my current testing Safe Mode would hang until I did xRayeR's patch. But now when I try to do a Scandskw.exe on a 80GB HDD in Normal Mode it never is able to finish, it keeps hanging. Usually no message, but once it said that Windows was out of memory. This is a new install with 1GB RAM with Patchmem /M and the config.sys and system.ini changes mentioned in this thread. Ideas? Thanks, DJ
  6. Awesome! I was spinning my wheels reading all the different posts, it gets a little confusing going back into all the old threads--I now realize that while it was good I was taking notes as reading all the old threads, my mistake was not including dates in my notes.
  7. OK, thank you for that answer! Now that I have RLoew's SATA patch working I can forget about it and move forward with the project.
  8. If it is recommended to remove the MaxPhysPage, MinFileCache, and MaxFileCache when using PATCHMEM /M, what is the recommendation with this setup as far as using smartdrv.exe, xhdd.sys, and/or BUFFERS= setting in config.sys? There is a great deal of different ideas about using these scattered about in different threads here but I'm having trouble figuring out if there is any consensus on what the latest/greatest configuration would be when using PATCHMEM /M. What is the latest thought about using himem vs. himemx with this kind of set up? Thanks, DJ
  9. OK, got it. I will give it a try to make sure it works. Nobody confirmed for me, I either use the Via driver or the Rloew driver, but not both: correct? Thank you for your help, DJ
  10. Got it. It's compatible but doesn't have the performance of SATA-II. Well, I guess nothing left but to tune the Windows settings to see if I can squeeze a couple extra MB/s out of it. I'll go read that thread now. Then I have to try to get the GeForce 7800GS working, for some reason whenever I try to install the 82_69mdg drivers it locks up, even though I've seen other people post that they have gotten the same exact motherboard and video card to work together on Win98SE. Thank you, DJ
  11. OK, I will read that. Thanks! I also have a SATA-III SSD that I tried and got 90MB/s throughput. Under this kind of setup how much boost should I see for SSD vs. 7200RPM HDD? Right now I'm using the HDD just because I'm doing lots of clean installs trying to get everything correct before I do the install on the SSD--I don't want to put unnecessary wear-n-tear on the SSD. Thanks, DJ
  12. I was hoping that since I get about 50% of theoretical throughput from SATA-I on another machine with Win98SE, that I could get 50% of 300MB/s on this new build with SATA-II controller and HDD/SDD. I thought I read some posts here where people reported getting ~150MB/s with SATA-II under Win98, I'll have search and read again. Here is the output of SIV (I think this is what you were asking for): [PCI Bus] <- SIV32L - System Information Viewer V5.49 HOBBY::root Bus-Numb-Fun IRQ Vendor-Dev-Sub_OEM-Rev Class (255) Vendor and Device Description [0 - 00 - 0] 1106-0308-03081849-00 Host Bridge VIA PT880 Ultra/PT894 Host Bridge [0 - 00 - 1] 1106-1308-13081849-00 Host Bridge VIA PT894 Host Bridge [0 - 00 - 2] 1106-2308-23081849-00 Host Bridge VIA PT894 Host Bridge [0 - 00 - 3] 1106-3208-00000000-00 Host Bridge VIA P4X800 CPU to PCI Bridge [0 - 00 - 4] 1106-4308-43081849-00 Host Bridge VIA PT894 Host Bridge [0 - 00 - 5] 1106-5308-53081849-00 I/O xAPIC VIA PT894 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller [0 - 00 - 7] 1106-7308-00000000-00 Host Bridge VIA PT894 Host Bridge [0 - 01 - 0] 1106-B198-00000000-00 PCI Bridge (0-1) VIA ProSavageDDR CPU to AGP Bridge [0 - 02 - 0] 10 1106-A208-00000000-00 PCI Bridge (0-2) x0@1 (x4@1)VIA PT890 PCI to PCI Bridge Controller [0 - 15 - 0] 5 1106-7372-73721849-00 RAID Controller VIA VT8237S RAID Controller [0 - 15 - 1] 15 1106-0571-05711849-07 EIDE Controller VIA VT82xxxx EIDE Controller (All VIA Chipsets) [K7VT2/K7VT6] [0 - 16 - 0] 11 1106-3038-30381849-B0 UHCI Controller VIA VT82xnnnx USB UHCI Controller (All VIA Chipsets) [K7VT6] [0 - 16 - 4] 3 1106-3104-31041849-90 EHCI Controller VIA VT8251 USB EHCI Controller [K7VT6] [0 - 17 - 0] 1106-3372-33721849-00 ISA Bridge VIA VT8237S PCI to ISA Bridge [0 - 17 - 7] 1106-287E-337E1106-00 Host Bridge VIA VT8251 Ultra VLINK Controller [0 - 19 - 0] 1106-337B-00000000-00 Host Bridge VIA VT8237A PCI to PCIe Bridge [0 - 19 - 1] 1106-337A-00000000-00 PCI Subtractive (0-3) VIA VT8237A PCI to PCI Bridge [1 - 00 - 0] 11 10DE-00F5-1FA419F1-A2 VGA Controller nVidia G70 [GeForce 7800 GS] [GPU-0] [3 - 06 - 0] 5 1102-0002-80221102-07 Audio Controller Creative CT4780 SBLive! Value [3 - 06 - 1] 1102-7002-00201102-07 Other Input Creative PCI Gameport [3 - 07 - 0] 11 8086-107C-13768086-05 Ethernet Controller Intel PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter Total of 256 PCI buses and 21 PCI devices in 0.060 seconds using C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\SIV\PCIDEVS.txt Date 2020-06-13 Version 242 (128,145) And what I could find in SATA220E.zip\SATA\driver\Win98-me\ %PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3149.DeviceDesc% = viasraid, PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3149 PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3149.DeviceDesc = "VIA Serial ATA RAID Controller" Thanks, DJ
  13. Good to know I'm not the only old keyboard hoarder. It is awesome you vacuum your keyboards so frequently, I'm lazy and only do it maybe twice a year. I have heard of people putting keyboards in the dishwasher as well. Like you I never was willing to risk one of mine, they don't make them anymore after all. I pop off all the key caps every couple years to scrub them all in dish washing detergent. I also take the top cover off every once in a while to scrub it down. Sounds like you have a nice setup, mine are mostly scattered around the house, the four Win98SE LAN party machines each have one on PS/2, and then there is one with a USB adapter for connecting to the XP laptop--the rest are in storage waiting for their turn in the rotation. They are all still going strong! Best regards, DJ
  14. OK, I have been reading a lot here and best I understand it I only need the Via SATA v220e driver or Mr. Loew's SATA patch, not both. Is that correct? I have not been able to get the Via SATA driver to install, so I'm trying PTCHSATA, which does install. But I am only getting slightly better throughput than with IDE--72MB/s vs. 87MB/s average according to DiskSpeed32. The motherboard has SATA II and so does the HD and SSD I'm trying. I should be able to get more throughput from this setup, yes? The BIOS has two options for SATA Operation Mode: RAID and non-RAID. I can only get Win98SE to install in non-RAID mode following Mr. Loew's instructions. When the BIOS is set to non-RAID mode there are a number of options available including 32-bit data transfer. Does that mean that 32-bit data transfer is not available when set to RAID mode? Is it even possible to run Win98SE from a drive SATA Operation Mode: non-RAID? I have not gotten it to work after a straight week of trying different things that I've read here. I tried installing under non-RAID mode, making sure the SATA patch is installed. Then I try to change to non-RAID mode, but then the SATA driver in Device Manager has an error. If I try to update or delete and reinstall the driver the system always hangs. Is this just barking up the wrong tree? Any corrections, information or advice would be appreciated. Best regards, DJ
  15. Ya, I still use original Model M keyboards. I just can type faster than with other keyboards, and they last forever. I have 5 made by IBM and 3 made by Lexmark. The oldest was made in '84, the newest is a '99 model. Of course I have to use PS/2 to USB adapters for the ones not connected to 98SE game machines. Only ever had one go bad because of a flood of orange juice.
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