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  1. Studying for school like usual

  2. For me firefox does install, but it just simply won't open due to an error. Your KDW tool tells me to input a password in 7-Zip, but I cannot find one on your site. Without a password, the files won't extract properly.
  3. A little late, but thank you so much! Windows 2000 w/ the Kernel extension is fabulous! Although oddly, the rollup updates allowed the latest version of Firefox, the Kernel32 extension is causing an error so Firefox won't work. Could be because of the fact I used the chrome tool and installed the rollups. But, the latest version of qupzilla works as a trade off.
  4. I'm not sure what's wrong with my pc, I'm trying to install Office 2007 from my 2007 Standard Disc and I cannot find any option for Microsoft Groove. Which expandable option contains groove? I keep getting an error occurred during installation
  5. I am not Roll update creator but KDW and extended kernel(perhaps you say unofficial kernel32) creator. IE6SP1 Security Cumulative update in 2013 can download from my WLU site. If you want to use vanilla Win2000. You can use firefox 12 or 10 ESR or Qupzilla 1.6.6. If you use Extended kernel , you can install recent firefox and recent Qupzilla and Otter Browser and so on. Which part of your site contains the IE6SP1 Security Cumulative Update? I'm a bit overwhelmed by how much Japanese is on the page, and its kinda hard to find stuff.
  6. I've reinstalled windows 2000 from SP4 alone and without any unofficial updates and it works perfectly now! <3 (Except for a wireless adapter which refused to be recognized, until I reinstalled it multiple times) I realized the issue is to NEVER install unofficial compatibility updates which modify the kernel after reading your site which said somewhere it may mess with the audio. I just realized, you are the creator of the unofficial Kernel32 updates, Rollup updates, Chrome tool and the KDW right? Kernel32 update refuses to work and says it requires Internet Explorer SP1 Security Cumulative update, despite already having SP4 w/ Internet Explorer 6SP1... 如果我学日本文 。。。(Typing this on Windows 2000!) Now I need to find a better web browser besides Opera and Firefox, both sometimes load a little wrong
  7. I've installed every driver I could. Oddly, the modem driver refuses to install. I need a high definition audio bus it says. Lots of the drivers forced me to install unoffical updates and so... I know my sound card has no chance of being broken as well, audio worked fine in Windows XP, 7, and even 10. Windows 2000 is a nice, lightweight, minimal OS. But its a pain to setup >.<
  8. Can you let me know how to do so? I've never done anything similar to that before...
  9. My issue is that I've installed SP4, DirectX 9.0C, UAA High Definition Audio Bus Driver, and the installation still gives me the error "HDA Audio Bus Driver not found" and refuses to install SoundMAX. I tested multiple OSes on this Laptop to find Windows 10 will completely freeze up when opening the start menu due to old processor and 1gb of ramWindows 7 is extremely limited in ram, one window might be fine depending on the website. MS Word and so is very slow.Windows XP is nice at first, then becomes easily bloatedWindows 2000 so far seems like the best choice, since all software available is made years ago, none of them take up nearly as much ram or cpu usageMint Linux was very slow to boot, didn't really test it though. Wasn't compatible with lots of software.IXLE Linux was fine, only downside being its incompatible with lots of Windows software
  10. When installing Windows 2000 on a Thinkpad R60 NEVER install unofficial updates until you are completely done installing the correct drivers! This will cause an audio issue, if you hadn't already installed the driver! You will receive the message "The HDA Audio bus driver is required and not found" My Specs: Intel Solo T1300 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) Extra's I've installed on the laptop -SP5 -Unoffical updates which include compatibility launcher How to install (Work in progress! Your model is likely different than mine and will need different drivers if so)
  11. Hello! I've been trying to install Windows Me on my 10 year old, slow Thinkpad R60. I figured since the laptop wasn't too good for basic web taks, it might make a great Windows 98 machine Specs: 1gb of Ram Intel Core Solo (Yonah) 1.66 GHz CPU Duo 2 T7200 Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 40gb Hard Drive Laptop has a floppy disk drive (Although I don't have any floppy disks) CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo drive Progress -Installation went well -945GM video driver found -Chipset driver is established -Ethernet driver found Issues -Must figure out how to use custom HDA driver for Windows 3.1 on ME -Motherboard resources gives me a code 15 -Wireless card driver not working
  12. My Dell Latitude e4310 used to boot and resume Windows fine, but I had to reinstall Windows 7 and ended up turning it on/off many times because the boot options weren't working with my XP disc (Tried to format and install xp only for it to crash). I turned it on/off with the button a stupid number of times and now it boots a lot slower and whenever Windows hiberinates, sometimes I have to turn it off because it takes too long to resume but usually the system fails to resume. Oddly though, Windows is still just as fast as before. TL;DR I ended up turning my laptop on and off countless times and now its so slow when booting and fails to resume if hibernated.
  13. Thank you so much for the advice guys!~ <3 I never knew such an efficient OSes existed!
  14. I have a few old laptops from my grandparent's attic and began testing another. This one simpily won't turn on, but the laptop will show if its charging. I've discovered the battery was bad when I plugged the charger inside. After removing the battery, it still refuses to turn on. The laptop still has its original hard drive and so. Do you think it will be possible for me to fix this? I need to know which factors could cause a laptop not to turn on, it was pretty dirty when I found then cleaned it. The laptop is from the year 1999 I believe.
  15. A while ago I found an old laptop with an intel pentium 1 @ 133ghz and some software which was meant for Windows 3.1 and 95 inside my Grandparents' attic. I have a question before I reinstall a 9x os since the laptop has a virus (I happened to find a Windows 95B & plus, Windows 98SE disc) Has anyone here ever used one of these OSes on 32mb of ram or a similar amount? I'm wondering if Windows 98 "Degrades preformance" since hardware requirements are a bit higher. Anything else important would be appreciated, thank you
  16. If you don't want Windows xp, then 2000 is your only other choice if not Linux http://support.asus.com/download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=K8V-VM&os=17 (Offical Driver page for ASUS K8V drivers) I don't really understand why you would choose 2000 though. The only reasons I could really think of why you would choose W2k is less ram usage or software that doesn't work with xp. In my own personal experience setting up W2k's drivers were extremely difficult and time consuming and it lacks Zero Network Configuration, I couldn't even get the wireless internet working on the laptop. When I installed xp on the EXACT same laptop, it was a breeze to get everything working since lots of software didn't need to be installed (ex: Windows Installer, Codec's, etc). To top it all off, Windows xp still works with most modern software and you don't need to worry about web pages rendering incorrectly. W2k is still very usable I'm aware, if you do choose W2k I would recommend installing the unofficial service pack 5 and unofficial updates to get latest software working.
  17. Windows 2000 is probably the best choice for your laptop, but why not consider Windows xp since you have plenty of ram? Windows NT 4.0 doesn't support too many programs, especially in terms of games but I've never tried it. The only reason I could think of choosing 9x over W2K is the real time DOS, but drivers are likely to become an issue if you install a 9x operating system. I don't think your chipset even supports Windows 98 and without patches you can only use 1gb of ram, 512mb in Win95. Sadly Win9x lacks NTFS format, so you cannot have files over 4gb. TL; DR short summary of why Windows 2000 is a better choice -Drivers are avaliable (At least for your graphics card, not sure about the rest) -Can see all 4gb of ram -Two cores can be seen -More stable/reliable than 9x (Or at least that's what they say) -NTFS format which allows files to be more than 4gb -There are no drivers avaliable for Windows 95 -Windows NT 4.0 doesn't have many programs and is limited for games (At least I've read somewhere) Note: If you're going to attempt wireless internet connection (LAN) you're gonna be in for a nasty surprise. Windows 2000 lacks zero network configuration. Some computers/laptops will require a few more installations/updates for W2k in order for some drivers like Audio to work (Personal experience)

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