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  1. Can you check: https://browserleaks.com/webrtc Pale Moon is built without WebRTC support, not sure about NM28. It's there in Serpent 52.
  2. Already on Win10 20H2, will take a while before I get those damn errors about missing APIs without updating the OS. BTW, you should embed HTTP link rather than HTTPS link for sites that don't have SSL setup correctly or use self-signed cert. Otherwise, it just blocks the image from being viewable in-post. OK, I just thought you felt the pressure to talk to people. Here, it's mostly tourists that even say hi. I'm not much of a talker, only under specific circumstances.
  3. Christmas release. You can rebase NM28 as well, it has bunch of DLLs, though only one bigger one. And check memory.free_dirty_pages on about:config page, set it to true. Found on Bugzilla that it was the direction Firefox went, something internally about memory management that should behaved like that from the beginning. It probably won't make much difference though, different browser, different quirks. I forgot, is this the one with about:permissions page? I wonder if WebGL performance on XP will ever be fixed in these browsers. It's at least a decade old tech and it worked fine...a long time ago. Performance is OK on Vista, though when I was browsing Shadertoy, I got some crashes (only WebGL settings that were altered were webgl.enable-debug-renderer-info and webgl.enable-draft-extensions). Specifically, searching for "bunny" and clicking through all the search results eventually produced a crash inside libGLESv2.dll. I've actually 'been using SeaMonkey's libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll on official Pale Moon for a while, simply due to the hunch that I have that SeaMonkey folks are more attentive to that component compared to UXP folks. And those DLLs are compatible with UXP, you get more extensions listed on the about:support page as well. Anyway, I tried libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll from seamonkey-2.53.14.en-US.win32.zip (Windows 7+ compatible browser) with latest 32-bit Serpent 52 on Vista and the browser did not crash anymore on Shadertoy!
  4. Yeah, those patches and pushing RAM to the limit, possibly also a bunch of folks running without the page file in-between. BTW, @Dave-H's stack trace mentions fonts and it just occurred to me that I need to run the browser with --no-sandbox, otherwise, the text disappears from the pages after relatively short period of time. It's interesting this isn't mentioned more often. Whether this flag also reduces the possibility of BSOD is anyone's guess. And who knows about effectiveness of sandbox on that OS. I don't need that parameter on Vista.
  5. @D.Draker Sure, the stuff they put into these browsers in insidious, but I have a hunch the stock normal browser code is pushing it on XP. BTW, searching "BSOD" keyword on the forum, noticed how often it pop ups on XP sub-forum specifically or other topics where XP is involved?
  6. Doesn't seem like something to be sad about. I fiddle with Linux ocassionally. The desktop side may not be quite there if you're used to Windows, where most development focused historically. On other devices though...I have Linux (the kernel) on more of them than Windows, the smartphone, the router, the car. Speaking of router, still have and use the iconic Linksys WRT54GL. Still walkin' and talkin'. Do they talk to you if you run into them?
  7. Aye, hard to be sure anyway if it doesn't occur consistently and you aren't a pro in analyzing these dumps. Blaming it on Chinese is narrow-minded. Any program of such complexity could be exposing bugs in the kernel space.
  8. Plan? There's just me going with the flow. I do wonder what would make the one assume I'm over 40. Or older in general. Logically, I would assume there's something about the way I express myself and you two being used to that / similar way from older people. Speaking of throwing others just away like objects rubs me in the wrong way (plus getting used to new person is stressful to me in general, and I think it would be especially in such context)...though I do realize it can go the other way: ...yeah, maybe too kind - can happen. I know some will just use you for money. Either way, if there is hypothetical one, the right one out there, great, if not, fine, I'm still my own best friend. Heh, I'm a slow turtle, and I'm not really mentally in the right place ATM to be purposefully looking for someone. I presume I'd relate better to someone of similar age. These things have better chance of occurring spontaneously if you go to places to do something of common interest, which I don't really do. Day is only as long as it is and my batteries only hold as much charge. And the environment we grew up in shaped all us differently. I'd likely be out of place on those. I know people these days find themselves on the internet, but still, I don't know...read that thing about spontaneous above. I think regarding both friendships and romantic relationships that there might be theoretical possibilities of something good developing in the end, but the probabilities might as well be in the range of big jackpots on the lottery. Life - lottery, yeah...you're thrown a set of cards, now deal with it. BTW, I think I'm something between asexual and heterosexual. Yes. And put some familiar noise (music) on when silence gets too mundane. Well, I say as long as he's content, all is fine. You're asking the wrong guy. I've no answers, but there must be numbers of us out there that can relate, some more, some less. Alright, had enough writing for a while. Final thought, pondering on these things, I also see it as a consequence of a working brain, so why not? Beats being a zombie.
  9. I remember my XP crashing out-of-the-blue once in win32k.sys when I paused Actual Window Manager. Do I recall correctly that some guys with BSOD problems that use MyPal 68 browser also get crashes in win32k.sys? I wonder if these occurrences are related. I won't make any conclusions since I didn't even dig into details of that one crash that occurred on my end.
  10. I do appreciate the quiet time. I got curious about sexuality and relationships out-of-the blue in my early 20s. Hard to explain, it simply lingers at the back of my mind. Now nearing the end of my 20s, I have a job where I interact with customers remotely. Kinda lame when you think about the fact most of your interactions with other people are those work-related, impersonal, nothing fun or special. While on the other hand, I'm mostly still the same old me liking the same old solo activities as always. I'm fascinated by simple things couples do together, eg. going for a walk somewhere nice, mini-golf, watching TV etc.
  11. @sunryze Can relate. Sitting for too long at the computer gets exhausting. And the temperature...we're paying more for gas than the last year when heating was set to 3 degrees Celsius higher...
  12. 2020 - https://262.ecma-international.org/11.0/ 6th iteration was in 2015, 11th was in 2020. 2020 again. Unlikely, just XP being XP.
  13. @D.Draker Just realized you were showing the one post from the browser builds thread while I was messing with the one I made here recently, which I amended...no idea what's with the one in the browser builds thread...
  14. Hm, quoting gone wrong...I'll try quoting both separate posts rather than quote the quote... Yeah, I also see it funny, just comes out differently.
  15. Any thoughts? I do agree with how he put it. I'd also add one should try to be kind to oneself. Now I'm a cynic, but can't shake the feeling I'm missing out. The logic tells me it's fine, it's nothing special. But is it really? You know, the theoretical possibilities of how things could be different in a positive way.
  16. I don't think so, because, look at this post for example, and this too, these posts are technical, yet they are posted in non-technical topics, Unless I misunderstood/missed something. Sure, let me try to re-phrase it - it's just if he were to focus on technical topics, they're better off in technical parts since it's where people would naturally look rather than here where we talk about random stuff. Nothing wrong with "off-topic" of course, given the dynamic flow of conversations.
  17. I'll watch these when I'm a bit more attentive (read rested). Another thought:
  18. But then they'd be misplaced if they were here since this is non-technical part of the forum. Very explicit technical topics are better off in the technical side of the forum.
  19. Those entries under [Generated bases], this part of INI is really just a log of what the program chose for rebased files. It's never read.
  20. Maybe this same thing happened to our dear @XPerceniol... I'don't more see his likes under my postings since some days... for a week now... .. javascript website new problem maybe?......too on another forum: xpforums.com..... Yeah, these kinds of messages show when the server doesn't like something. Some web stuff, I guess if more attention was paid in that department during development, manages to show something went wrong message even when there's JavaScript compatibility issue, other just breaks without a friendly message and you only know when you check the console. You think? Well, what you posted...there's some genuinely disturbing stuff there...real stuff... I don't know, I can take some disturbing, at least in fiction. Prototype is an action-adventure. And since there's a virus turning people into monsters and killing/converting protagonist into dangerous being with super strength, that soundtrack is fitting. How about the horror genre, Amnesia: The Dark Descent - set in the Brennenburg castle. Unlike any castle you've visited IRL, if you did. Daniel chose to forget about the things he did, wanders around the castle while Shadow hunting him, experiencing flashbacks of the past, making his way to the Inner Sanctum, managing his sanity along the way, can't stay in the dark for too long, avoiding monsters by running away or hiding. It's deeper than I can describe in a forum post and accompanied by this masterpiece of a soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3A09022A1A1EFD86 Or what about Cry of Fear. These words from the beginning still linger at the back of my mind: There's a cheap jumpscare soon when after you're given control, but the rest, oh my, what a ride that game is. The portrayal of Simon's mind struggling with depression and anxiety, fueled by loneliness and worsened after the horrible accident leaving him in a wheelchair. It also touches the related heavy subjects such as self-harm and suicidal tendencies. 60 tracks, from calm to creepy and unsettling: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUhrsmUI1GsESC5H9r1W3o_N0NkHx2dtT I think boredom was the wrong word, it's not boredom most of the time unless few days during the year when there's not much work. It's just tedious, would prefer if I didn't have to do it or at least not as much. My batteries are drained at the end of the work day and there's never enough time to recharge. I don't know how others manage to do more active stuff outside of work. There was a period when I didn't go to school and didn't work, that was something else. Had the time to live at my own pace. They're talking about 30h work weeks, already practiced by some companies. Supposedly employees are happier overall. I don't know if it'll help me specifically, but maybe (the rest) us youngsters will live to see it. I used to have the energy for more creative endeavors before starting working for a living. Now maybe just smaller things from time to time, nothing like in the past like making sense of disassembled code to assemble patches for old games with bug fixes and such. Interesting read. I'd rather settle for a bit of boredom. He said he didn't use anti-viruses. Also didn't visit naughty sites. Speaking of which, sex sells, right? It wouldn't be in their interest to infect you, huh? On the other hand, yeah, bad actors get involved... Not sure I can link the article since it mentions one very popular such site. I guess that too, good to know. You posted two copies of them, though with the second one, there's some extra parameters in the underlying link. Hey my friend, no never boring, sorry you feel that way, I've just been trying to come up with something intelligent to say here and I've not been reading to much over at XP Forum. Yeah, I don't think they're boring. Coming up with something to say, let alone intelligent? That's something I've been struggling with for my whole existence, especially IRL.
  21. I see, the newer versions have the option in Options, I'd have to check if it's also part of the plugin. Didn't you post something about small things the other day? Unrelated to 360Chrome, but maybe another small, but bizarre thing, weeks/months ago, I noticed KeeFox extension in my Mozilla forks keeps pinging the address for collecting stats. Even with the relevant checkbox disabled. I have mixed feelings on that type of data collection, consider it neither harmful nor particularly useful for any party. But again, I'm no professional developer. The bizarre thing with KeeFox is the frequency, only several seconds apart. And it's the old abandoned version so probably not useful to the developer in either case. Leading me to the somewhat related thing that a lot of data collection on the internet seems oriented towards trying to sell stuff to people. I'm sure they've figured out long ago that I'm hopeless case. Several times already I remembered to check KeeFox and comment out whatever code is doing it, but every time I want to get to it, my mind is like: "Do I really have to?" I don't know, hard to explain...
  22. I take it back, they're not that difficult to find, was just clicking some links on https://github.com/mendel5/alternative-front-ends.
  23. Right, there's also https://imginn.com/ for Instagram. I'm most interested in the ones for YouTube, though I'm still sticking to the actual YT most of the time. While Piped has light GUI, it doesn't work with the current SeaMonkey, which I use sometimes instead of Pale Moon, the former is a bit behind on JavaScript features, but a bit more responsive. I'll check the latest version of SeaMonkey sometime in the future, currently lagging for one or two versions behind, worried about extension compatibility, which SeaMonkey is poorer for since it's not a very popular browser and uses different GUI compared to more popular Mozilla based forks + plus some other quirks. I noticed the latest version of Palefill extension doesn't fix GitHub on SeaMonkey anymore... Not a big fan of programming, I did manage to fix DownThemAll! on my own a while back by studying a bit of JavaScript when extension broke when they removed some obscure Mozilla specific JavaScript feature from SeaMonkey. Piped doesn't seem to cache as much video in memory like stock YouTube. Unless the video is long and/or 60 FPS, chances are it will remain in memory on YouTube, so if you put it on the loop, it won't keep re-downloading parts of it.

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