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  1. You must have taken someone else's theme file then - it refers to %SystemRoot%\resources\Themes\colored\colored.msstyles Windows loads the default one if it doesn't find it. @Tonny52 is right though and it doesn't look like there's a setting to set the old start menu style.
  2. This theme file points to custom .msstyles file, which you should include and note where to put it. The user will also need some kind of theme patcher to be able to load it. Regarding compatibility, .msstyles files tend to be tailored to specific OS build. Recently, MS don't make as much changes as in the past regarding its structure. The one I use is modified from the stock one that comes with Win10 Build 17763 and while I haven't noticed any glitches with Win10 Build 19042 using it, I won't claim with 100% certainty that there aren't any.
  3. Was looking into how to migrate Windows to another partition and figured Ln by Hermann Schinagl might be the best for the job. I invoked it as shown in the example on how to copy full drive (Copying a full drive). Other than that I should probably use another combination of command line parameters to have directory junctions and such still point to C:\ (they pointed to the letter the target partition was mounted at in WinPE) as the booted OS will see its partition as C:\ and I don't have any junction pointing to any other partition, I noticed some things failed to copy. There's some
  4. I extracted 64-bit PotPlayer 1.7.21465 files from the installer manually, says it wants SleepConditionVariableCS upon launch.
  5. Huh, already a year passed since this thread was created. Maybe there's still a tiny bit of chance for a surprise release of AG, the author did at least take s stab at it. One has to wonder what actually changes for the end user as far as changes to DWM are concerned. Out of curiosity, anyone here likes centered window titles and whether that can be achieved with Stardock Curtains?
  6. Windows XP doesn't have DWM, so screen tearing outside apps that request it for themselves is normal. I don't remember VSync ever being a thing for Direct3D windowed mode, but it can work for windowed OpenGL. Your other problems are not the norm.
  7. Figured I forgot to change maximum prerendered frames setting (1) on XP install, that would make all the settings even with 10 install. And the fact that Prototype was played with VSync enabled (on both OS, it was disabled in Wolfenstein) makes things more interesting. Obviously, just turning off VSync smooths things out. Still, no major performance differences between OS, as it should be I believe, though I can't speak for any cards in the center of this topic. Maybe they just never exposed that information in XP branch of their software. That their cards wouldn't utilize all availab
  8. Says "PCI Express x16", no info about which generation. I checked with GPU-Z 2.36.0, it switches between 1.1 and 2.0 modes, depending on the load. I rarely play games these days, last DX9 game I played a while ago was Prototype and it definitely played smoother on my Windows 10 install than on XP. The difference is significant that no FPS meters and such were needed to detect the difference. Surely the driver on 10 install is newer (in 430.xx range), but I haven't noticed any speed difference with the older 368.81 in games in general on Win7 and later systems. I remember wh
  9. You don't have to be in a domain nor use MS account to be ale to install Store apps. It gives you a nag to sign-in when you click the button to install it, but you can close it and then the installation begins. Still, no way to tell it nicely that you don't want MS account after you install Windows other than disconnect from the internet...
  10. I use HP VoodooDNA (full name is HP Laser Gaming Mouse with VoodooDNA) that was bought back in 2011. The right button requires stronger pressure when holding it, otherwise the contact gets lost so button up event is fired before it's physically released. Unfortunately, I don't remember when exactly that started to occur. Pretty sure both left and right buttons were even for the first 3 years at least. No issue described in the linked thread.
  11. MySQL Workbench 8. It puts a warning that it's being run on an unsupported operating system and while it may work fine, to keep in mind that it wasn't designed for that platform in case you run into problems.
  12. At least on MBR systems, if you have prepartitioned disk with a single boot partition, you can install the whole OS on it without any problem by selecting said partition in installation wizard, where everything is installed. If you have unpartitioned disk and select unpartitioned space, it will create several partitions. The default layout was changed several times, it started with small "System Reserved" partition, then the size of it was increased as recovery image (WinRE) grew in size. In latest iterations of the OS, the default layout includes 50 MB partition with boot files, 2nd
  13. I would disable internet connection sharing on the hotspot, then BRIDGE it with Ethernet adapter. Select both "Ethernet" and "Wi-Fi", right-click on one of them and click whatever is the equivalent of "Bridge Connections" in your language. Assuming it works and there aren't any physical connection issues, you might have to set IP settings manually on one of the machines. Windows 10 will complain about the IP conflict in Event Log while Windows 98 should give a warning right after logging in.
  14. Suspend winlogon.exe with Resource Monitor and terminate dwm.exe. Resume it after you're done. You don't want to log out/leave user session with winlogon.exe suspended.
  15. Practicality. It happens to work for me and with a bunch of annoyances in older versions, transition wasn't particularly shocking.
  16. This doesn't really cover real 3D scenarios one usually encounters in practice, it's almost like a web-equivalent of glxgears, mostly useful to tell whether 3D works at all. Try WASM port of Doom 3 engine - introductory page is here. But even good old WebGL Aquarium is enough to tell when there's something off about 3D performance. It's going to be slow because the browser doesn't use 3D capabilities at all on XP. At least WebGL should be fully doable through OpenGL, but is run in pure software no matter what flags you flip.
  17. It's true, 14.28.29213.0 is the last, even on XP x64, newer versions give errors about missing APIs when loaded by applications.
  18. I could try if I find it, they say 14.28.29213 is the last.
  19. Links to official installers for last XP compatible Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (version 14.28.29213): x64 - https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/566435ac-4e1c-434b-b93f-aecc71e8cffc/B75590149FA14B37997C35724BC93776F67E08BFF9BD5A69FACBF41B3846D084/VC_redist.x64.exe x86 - https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/566435ac-4e1c-434b-b93f-aecc71e8cffc/0D59EC7FDBF05DE813736BF875CEA5C894FFF4769F60E32E87BD48406BBF0A3A/VC_redist.x86.exe Edit: I reported the post, moderator may delete this, I overlooked they were already posted.
  20. Yeah, was already installed, my onboard sound wouldn't work without it. Says "PCI Express x16", no info about which generation.
  21. I've been using KeePass (version 2.xx) for over a decade. It predates all these fancy-schmancy password managers you hear about these days.
  22. Regarding video downloading extensions, Ant Video Downloader is another one. It requires FFmpeg, user must point it to ffmpeg.exe, then the download is just two clicks away; click on its toolbar button and select one of the detected video streams on the website.
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