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  1. I got a new workstation (Lenovo P510) and for some reason I can't use remote desktop connection to acces my home server running win7 ult x64. It keeps saying I need to enable remote desktop connection but it is already enabled. I can log in with networking folders just fine. But no remote desktop connection. Is there something I need to do to win10 to be compatible with win7? Or do I need a special setting for win10 to access win7? I already use the more secure option in remote settings. I even tried less secure with same results. Let me know if you need any files or screenshot.
  2. MarkJohnson

    Windows updates fail installation then uninstall all updates.

    there is download WU downloader (think MDL has it, google it) then when it scans what you need, you can choose what to download (as it dumps updates in 1 folder) then run CMD from that folder, and type dir /B > _update.BAT now hit F5 within that folder, on top you will have _update batch file with listed all downloaded updates inside now right click on _update.bat and select Edit, now notepad will open 1st delete _update.bat from the list, then do Edit -> Replace, 1st box type KB 2nd box type START /WAIT KB press REPLACE ALL button ------- now again Edit -> Replace, 1st box type .msu 2nd box type .msu /quiet /norestart press REPLACE ALL now do File -> Save, exit notepad and run _update.bat file When searching YouTube for videos on programs for installing updates I found a video on a program called Win Toolkit that is similar to NTlite, but has built-in windows update retriever and installer (slipstream). Usually it takes them with no issues, just once in a while it chokes and refuses. but yes, I had to install little batches and it still chokes sometimes that way. but for the most part is successful.
  3. I had to install win7 again yesterday and I'm still updating. Is there a way to speed this up. I seem to get update errors all of the time and then it undoes all of the updates instead of the few that actually failed. As iot is, it takes over an hour to check for the updates the first time. The hard drive sits idle doing nothing most of the time. Then I let it auto update by choosing shut down, and then it proceeds to install over 200 updates for well over an hour again. Then on reboot it says it failed and then uninstalls all of the updates! I then have to wait again for check for updates as it has queued up updates for things based on last update being successful, and again wait another hour to check for updates. Now I'm just installing updates a few at a time so it doesn't fail and remove updates again and this is taking forever. I have almost a full day in this and I'm still not finished. Is there a way around this or a simple method of installing updates?
  4. For the last few months, my fresh installs of win8 have been failing miserably. I have to go in and manually install a few of the bigger updates first, then the rest all go. Lately there is two very large updates that are over 100mb and always fail. I can't seem to find an order and each failure takes almost an hour to revert back. In one case it completely reverted back to the original install and no-updates installed. Last check for updates: never. I finally got all of the non-win8 and non-.net updates installed. Then I installed the .net updates firet then the .net security updates. now, I only have win8 updates and win8 security updates. I tried all win8 updates and it choked badly. Then the non-secure ones and still reverting. Now I'm stuck -=Mark=-
  5. MarkJohnson

    How do I add a RAID0 to existing win8 install?

    I'm baffled. I can't believe this is such a difficult thing to do. I even cloned the SSD to my USB HDD to see if I could then enable RAID0, but it won't boot for some reason. It's a USB 3.0 USB HDD and I tried it in USB 2.0 ports and it still won't boot.. I may just break down and do a reinstall. I didn't think it would be such a mess. Maybe I'll try temporarily installing win8 fresh directly to raid0 and check the registry and see what's up. Thanks for the help -=Mark=-
  6. MarkJohnson

    How do I add a RAID0 to existing win8 install?

    Probably a good idea. I found the fix for win 7 there that suggested editing the registry setting for iaStorV from 1 to 0. But win 8 already sets it to 0. So I tried putting in 1 with no success. -=Mark=-
  7. I have a 240GB SSD in AHCI more for booting. I want to add my 2 spare 120GB SSDs into a RAID0 array to help better capture video, plus encoding/rendering? I have tried to install IRST in AHCI mode, then enabling the raid in the BIOS and creating the RAID0 stripe. But it BSODs on me. I don't have my PCIe SATA III controller anymore, so I can't do it with two controllers attached. I can only do it with a single Intel built-in Z77 motherboard (whatever they call their controllers now?). I thought I did it once before on an older ICH9 or 10 board once with a registry change, but I can't find anything with Google. Actually, I have a Xeon workstation board. It has the C216 chipset. I assume it is basically the same as Z77 with ECC support added is all. I assume the RAID controller is identical. Thanks for any help in this matter. -=Mark=-
  8. My friend needs a pdf to word converter and I was wondering what a good one is. I have searched around and either they want money or free ones have issues and possible malware. I guess he'll pay a little for converter if it was reliable and a full conversion. Thanks for any recommendations -=Mark=-
  9. MarkJohnson

    New win8 install won't update

    The strange thing is I only visited this site, which I assumed would be safe. I guess no place is safe anymore:P I hit the post button after typing in the message and bam, straight to dell marketing. I got impatient and tried reinstalling win8 with the trial key. Updates are fine. Now, hopefully activation goes as smoothly. Thanks for your help -=Mark=-
  10. MarkJohnson

    New win8 install won't update

    I just installed Windows 8 Pro x64 on my new (refurbished) SSD on my HP a6242n desktop PC (AM2, Athlon 64 x2 4800+, 2.5GHz) and it won't download windows updates. It says 0% and stuck for 30ish minutes. I thought maybe some conflict so I select restart and it starts install 35ish updates of which most failed (4 important updates, and mt GT 340 failed, but is installed with nvidia control panel and driver 311.06). I return to windows update 3 more time and no downloads at all, but I get Update and Restart when shutting down and it acts like it's updating, but then says removing failed updates or some such (forgot to write it down ). Not sure what else to do. I preinstalled win 8 pro with the trial version on the old hard drive without issues and updates where all successful. I'm afraid to activate my key as if I need to reinstall I don't want to have to mess with calling MS. Any ideas? -=Mark=- ps, This is a second post. My first one was with Internet Explorer and when I hit post message my browser was hijacked and sent me to marketing.dellDOTcom. Not sure what happened so I instaled Firefox and added-on adblock plus and ghostery. Hopefully it gets through this time.
  11. MarkJohnson

    My shortcuts keep disappearing.

    I assumed that's where they were going. I just right clicked things and said make a shortcut to desktop. It's always worked before without issue. I ended up using the, "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" on the old computer and they imported fine and all is working as it should. Just strange it didn't work as usual this time. I figured it was something corrupted. Thanks for your help -=Mark=-
  12. MarkJohnson

    My shortcuts keep disappearing.

    I just reinstalled XP Home x86 for a friend. I setup most everything and then I create a second account for his wife. I then install his wife's stuff and setup everything for her. I then log back into husband's account and botice wife's programs are installed on his side. I remove short cuts and then go back to wife's side and all the shortcuts are gone on her side that I deleted on husband's side. I delete a few of the shortcuts on the wife's side that were part of creating a new account. When I log into husband;s account all items deeted from wife's side are deleted on husband's side. This is very strange. I never had this happen before. It's like wife and husband's desktops are shared. Both users have admin access. Is there a work aroud? Thanks in advance. -=Mark=-
  13. MarkJohnson

    Best low powered monitor

    Update: I purchased the Dell S2440L 2013 model. I ended up with $230 after x-mas so I just got this one. The 27" would have been nice, but this is a nice size and good color/brightness. It uses 17.1watts according to my kill-a-watt meter. The monitor brightness setting is at around 75%. I forgot to measure the wattage at 100% rightness, but I remember it wasn't all that much more. I didn't notice it was a touch screen for the monitor buttons. I wish I would have seen that before ordering or I would have went with a different monitor. These touchscreens don't like my prosthetic hands at all. It also doesn't have a vesa mount on the monitor. It's a shame as I was thinking of building a NUC system next. I think it would have been a nice fit on the back of the monitor. All-in-all it is a very good monitor for the price. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone. -=Mark=-
  14. MarkJohnson

    Best low powered monitor

    OK, I found this new Dell S2440L 2013 model. Looks really nice and only uses 18w and it's a VM monitor. It's on sale for $219.99. http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&sku=320-9801&baynote_bnrank=0&baynote_irrank=1&~ck=dellSearch They also have a 27" version that is an IPS model and 21Watts but quite a bit more at $369.99. I may go with it for the extra large print it will have since it is a 1080p and not the 1440p other usually are at 27" and IPS. http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&sku=225-3894&baynote_bnrank=0&baynote_irrank=1&~ck=dellSearch Let me know if anyone else finds a good low-powered unit. -=Mark=-
  15. MarkJohnson

    Best low powered monitor

    OK, I fianly have money for a new monitor. I stil can't seem to find any Philips monitors of any kind. What's up with that? Any other similar low-power monitors out there? -=Mark=-