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  1. Thanks for the help. I finally figfured it out. My main issue is my laptop doesn't shut off with the power button and goes to sleep instead. I learned if I hold it down instead, it does turn off. Now, I have forced safe mode reboot and force off to simulate boot error when it tries starting up. Then I got the advanced boot menu and was able to recover with the net user command to reset my password after jumping through hoops to do it. I will look into that easy2boot method. I used to use something like UltimateBootCD, but it didn't seem to have password recovery. But thank you all for your help.
  2. I am trying to reset the password of a laptop for a friend and the password is forgotten and there is no recovery/password reset CD. I used to be able to recover the password from a utility I found here some years ago. Can anyone help me find this utility?
  3. Thanks for the help, but I just used MS image backup ans said a couple prayers.
  4. It's too small, and won't boot windows anymore. I reinstalled Windows and it still won't boot. I even used diskpart and cleaned the drive and it still won't boot. I t will still copy files and stuff to it when I connect it to me pc. It won't even boot on my PC either when I install windows. It's only 120GB sata III.
  5. I am fixing a friends computer. It needs a new SSD. It won't be here until Saturday. She wants it working today! My spare PC has a M.2 nvme SSD I can use. Whats the best way to backup and then restore this. I have a 1TB backup drive on my spare PC. Is there a simple way to backup with Windows built-in software? How would I restore it? My system wouldn't have windows installed on the new SSD. This seems complicated.
  6. Yeah, OEM keys don't work. Too many people would copy them off other people computers and sell them on ebay. So they started putting fake stickers on the laptops, but the real key was embedded into the BIOS. But he wiped the windows already, so I couldn't install an app to read the real kep from the BIOS. But I found a site and a hash checker and a letgit hash code for win10homex64. Thanks for everyone's help. -=Mark=-
  7. I am helping someone install windows 7 on his laptop after he tried installing linux, then aborted the install. He pulled the drive and wiped mit clean. He tried going to MS, but his mold Toshiba product key didn't work at the MS downloader. I'd appreciate any link to get a legit ISO, or how do I get it from MS when the Toshiba key won't work.
  8. I got a new workstation (Lenovo P510) and for some reason I can't use remote desktop connection to acces my home server running win7 ult x64. It keeps saying I need to enable remote desktop connection but it is already enabled. I can log in with networking folders just fine. But no remote desktop connection. Is there something I need to do to win10 to be compatible with win7? Or do I need a special setting for win10 to access win7? I already use the more secure option in remote settings. I even tried less secure with same results. Let me know if you need any files or screenshot.
  9. there is download WU downloader (think MDL has it, google it) then when it scans what you need, you can choose what to download (as it dumps updates in 1 folder) then run CMD from that folder, and type dir /B > _update.BAT now hit F5 within that folder, on top you will have _update batch file with listed all downloaded updates inside now right click on _update.bat and select Edit, now notepad will open 1st delete _update.bat from the list, then do Edit -> Replace, 1st box type KB 2nd box type START /WAIT KB press REPLACE ALL button ------- now again Edit -> Replace, 1st box type .msu 2nd box type .msu /quiet /norestart press REPLACE ALL now do File -> Save, exit notepad and run _update.bat file When searching YouTube for videos on programs for installing updates I found a video on a program called Win Toolkit that is similar to NTlite, but has built-in windows update retriever and installer (slipstream). Usually it takes them with no issues, just once in a while it chokes and refuses. but yes, I had to install little batches and it still chokes sometimes that way. but for the most part is successful.
  10. I had to install win7 again yesterday and I'm still updating. Is there a way to speed this up. I seem to get update errors all of the time and then it undoes all of the updates instead of the few that actually failed. As iot is, it takes over an hour to check for the updates the first time. The hard drive sits idle doing nothing most of the time. Then I let it auto update by choosing shut down, and then it proceeds to install over 200 updates for well over an hour again. Then on reboot it says it failed and then uninstalls all of the updates! I then have to wait again for check for updates as it has queued up updates for things based on last update being successful, and again wait another hour to check for updates. Now I'm just installing updates a few at a time so it doesn't fail and remove updates again and this is taking forever. I have almost a full day in this and I'm still not finished. Is there a way around this or a simple method of installing updates?
  11. For the last few months, my fresh installs of win8 have been failing miserably. I have to go in and manually install a few of the bigger updates first, then the rest all go. Lately there is two very large updates that are over 100mb and always fail. I can't seem to find an order and each failure takes almost an hour to revert back. In one case it completely reverted back to the original install and no-updates installed. Last check for updates: never. I finally got all of the non-win8 and non-.net updates installed. Then I installed the .net updates firet then the .net security updates. now, I only have win8 updates and win8 security updates. I tried all win8 updates and it choked badly. Then the non-secure ones and still reverting. Now I'm stuck -=Mark=-
  12. I'm baffled. I can't believe this is such a difficult thing to do. I even cloned the SSD to my USB HDD to see if I could then enable RAID0, but it won't boot for some reason. It's a USB 3.0 USB HDD and I tried it in USB 2.0 ports and it still won't boot.. I may just break down and do a reinstall. I didn't think it would be such a mess. Maybe I'll try temporarily installing win8 fresh directly to raid0 and check the registry and see what's up. Thanks for the help -=Mark=-
  13. Probably a good idea. I found the fix for win 7 there that suggested editing the registry setting for iaStorV from 1 to 0. But win 8 already sets it to 0. So I tried putting in 1 with no success. -=Mark=-
  14. I have a 240GB SSD in AHCI more for booting. I want to add my 2 spare 120GB SSDs into a RAID0 array to help better capture video, plus encoding/rendering? I have tried to install IRST in AHCI mode, then enabling the raid in the BIOS and creating the RAID0 stripe. But it BSODs on me. I don't have my PCIe SATA III controller anymore, so I can't do it with two controllers attached. I can only do it with a single Intel built-in Z77 motherboard (whatever they call their controllers now?). I thought I did it once before on an older ICH9 or 10 board once with a registry change, but I can't find anything with Google. Actually, I have a Xeon workstation board. It has the C216 chipset. I assume it is basically the same as Z77 with ECC support added is all. I assume the RAID controller is identical. Thanks for any help in this matter. -=Mark=-
  15. My friend needs a pdf to word converter and I was wondering what a good one is. I have searched around and either they want money or free ones have issues and possible malware. I guess he'll pay a little for converter if it was reliable and a full conversion. Thanks for any recommendations -=Mark=-

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