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  1. I don't think that anyone today is using Windows Vista for streaming or gaming but i'm pleased to say that the Elgato HD 60 S works fine on Windows Vista! It's a USB 3 1080p 60 FPS capture card which is widely known by Twitch streamers and is only meant to work on Windows 10. So @WinClient5270 you can add it to the list, if you like https://gc-updates.elgato.com/windows/drivers/hd60-s/download.php download the drivers from here, extract the exe with 7-ZIP and manually install the drivers in device-manager. The Elgato Streaming Software doesn't work because the installer blocks it but it's useless anyway because it doesn't have that much options and OBS is better for recording stuff. I'm also using the USB 3.1 TYPE-A PCIe CARD (works just fine on Vista) which allows you to play the games directly in the preview window with no delay! DRIVERS
  2. Elgato keeps saying that the drivers only work on Windows 10 and aren't meant for Windows 7.. well, it seems to work even better on Vista! I'm so glad to finally have it working on my fav OS and the solution is so damn simple.. Download the drivers from here: https://help.elgato.com/customer/portal/articles/2405414-elgato-gaming-hardware-drivers extract the exe and just install the driver with device-manager. manually. I don't know if the elgato capture software works, i'm using OBS which has more options and better recording abilities.
  3. Today's the last day that Steam officially supports XP/Vista. If you want to use Steam in 2019 and later, don't forget to make a backup of the steam folder and use the "-noverifyfiles" command to stop Steam from auto-updating itself. You can still download games and etc.. The only thing that might happen is that you can no longer use the store and the friend feature might break soon as well..
  4. Pale Moon 28 b5 works flawlessly on Vista and i can finally update all my addons and add UserScripts, that didn't work on 27. Can't wait for a1
  5. Nope, the x86 build doesn't work as well. I'm glad that this custom version of Pale Moon exist, this means i can stay on Vista and don't have to worry about not compatible updates
  6. You can stop Steam automatic-updates by adding this line (-noverifyfiles) to the Steam shortcut. Just remember to do a full backup of your Steam folder on 31. Dec 2018, so you can keep using the last available version on XP/Vista. You can still login and download games.
  7. Yeah it doesn't work, it says that it isn't a valid Win32 application and asks me to delete the shortcut afterwards.
  8. Pale Moon v28 just got released and unfortunately it doesn't work on Windows Vista. Well that's it.. the only browster that still worked on Vista is now unsupported as well.. I don't want to give up on Vista though, i hope that it's possible to create a custom version of Pale Moon that works on XP/Vista
  9. If you're still using Windows Vista (like me) and would like to play games with the XBOX One Controller, then you're pretty much out of luck.. Right? No! You can actually install the Windows 7+ XBOX One Controller driver on Windows Vista without modifying anything. You just need to extract the .MSI installer and install the driver via Device-Manager. But you don't need to do all this since i already uploaded it for you.. DOWNLOAD DRIVERS Have fun!
  10. Windows 7 has larger titlebar buttons, the taskbar (superbar) was especially redone for touchscreens and some other new touchscreen programs were added. I mean it wasn't drastically forced to everyone like they did in Windows 8, since the taskbar also had advantages for keyboard mouse users, but you could see what Microsoft wanted to achieve with future releases of Windows.
  11. I'm amazed that Microsoft is still developing Metro Apps. Do people really use this crap? I mean just look at the Settings app, it's cluttered as hell and it's really frustating to use. Windows Phone is finally dead and people use Win32 apps on tablets. Windows Vista really is the last OS from Microsoft which had Desktop PC's in mind. I'm using Windows 10 right now, because.. i don't know.. and the only way to make it usable is to install StartIsBack (to have the Win7 start menu and taskbar) and Aero Glass for making Windows look normal again.
  12. Is CaptionHeight broken in AeroGlass for 1703? The button size just stays the same.
  13. Okay that's really weird. I'm also using the modified drivers (GTX 970) and everything is fine so far, except that it breaks direct2D font rendering in Pale Moon x64, but that's ok, i'm using the recommended x32 version anyway.
  14. Awesome! Now i can start creating monthly Vista isos that have the Server updates integrated.
  15. Yeah i hope that the Server 2008 Security updates will work on Vista. I have a Server 2008 Standard key and i already used it as a Workstation, but some programs like Steam have problems with the builtin Web Browser which constantly shows the "..stopped working" error.
  16. Great, the drivers also work with the GTX 960. The last driver for vista is 365.19 which is so out of date, that some games even reject to start.
  17. UEFI works just fine, it just doesn't support the video card integration, so CSM still needs to be enabled.
  18. I've been a Windows Vista fan since day one and i never absolutely never had any problems with it. My first Vista PC was actually a laptop! It was a HP Pavilion dv6000 and it ran the OS just fine. Sure, RTM was kinda buggy but since SP2 it's just like Windows 7.. just better. Yes, i'm still using Windows Vista today, even though my current PC is meant for modern OS like Windows 8.1/10. Most of the modern games released in 2013-2015 run just fine on Vista but since Windows 7 got the DX11.1 update and game developers just started to use this instead, vista is no longer capable of running it. Which is sad because theoretically it could be possible to backport the DX libraries but since no one cares about it.. it might never happen. Now we have to find out (or maybe someone already found out) how to get server updates on vista (using Windows Update) since it's still suported until 2020. I already tried using the server version as a workstation which was fine for the most part but some programs like Steam and other game launchers have problems with the builtin web browser. web browsers are also a big problem on Vista because developers treat the OS like XP now.

    Vize 2.0 Release 1

    Yes it works just fine on SP2 (I know the last post is 3 years old) I'm still using Vista (Server 2008) and it's perfect.
  20. Hmm, but i'm using it as a second videocard though. I tried all official amd drivers but it still didn't work. The patch is x32 only :/
  21. I have the same problem with the AMD Radeon HD 7700. It has supported drivers for vista but after rebooting, the drivers are disabled and device manager says (Code 43) I'm using this as a second videocard though, so if it doesn't work at all, i don't mind going back to NVidia EDIT: OK, the drivers doesn't even work with Vista! It's minimum requirement is Windows 7.. But why does it say that it supports Vista on the site? It's so sad seeing Windows Vista dying like this, it was my fav OS since day one.
  22. I'm looking for a Windows 8 Pro x64 download link for weeks now.. I don't get it why Microsoft removed everything that had to do with Windows 8 (9200 of course) Do you know any working download links for Windows 8? I can't find anything :/ thanks.
  23. Thank you so much! I'll try it later on my Windows Server 2008 installation and hope it'll work Even though i'm using a PCI videocard, i need the iGPU for the 2nd monitor since it only has 1x DVI port. EDIT: Nope, doesn't work
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