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  1. Silent I may be a little late for the party, but here is a snippet of a audit batch code that can be run as non-admin for basic hard drive information. Happy Thanksgiving! ~DP @Echo Off SetLocal :: SYSTEM INFORMATION FOR LOCAL PRIMARY HARD DRIVE :: :: ### HD MODEL: For /F "Tokens=2 Delims==\" %%A In ('WMIc DiskDrive Get Model /Value') Do Set HDModel=%%A :: ### HD SERIAL NUMBER: For /F "Tokens=2 Delims==\" %%A In ('WMIc DiskDrive Get Serialnumber /Value') Do Set HDSerial=%%A :: ### HD FREE SPACE: For /F "UseBackQ Tokens=1-2 Delims==" %%A In (`WMIc LogicalDisk Where^ "DeviceID = '%CD:~,2%'" Get FreeSpace^, Size /Value`) Do If "%%B" NEq "" ( Call Set _%%A=%%B) Rem Set/a _FreePercent=%_FreeSpace:~,-3% / %_Size:~,-5% Set/a _FreePercent=%_FreeSpace:~,-6% / %_Size:~,-8% If %_FreeSpace:~,-6% lss 214748 (Set/a _FreeSpace=%_FreeSpace:~,-6%*9313/10000 ) Else (Set/a _FreeSpace=%_FreeSpace:~,-6%/1074*1000) :: ### OUTPUT: Echo. Hard Drive Model: %HDModel% Echo. HD Serial Number: %HDSerial% Echo. HD Free Space: Local Drive %CD:~,2% %_FreeSpace:~,-3% GB = %_FreePercent%%%^ Available Endlocal Pause>Nul
  2. Thanks Byte, does it also come with Uninstaller? ~DP
  3. Also here is the guide section for Wintookit from Wincert.net if you decide to go that route.http://www.wincert.net/forum/forum/192-win-toolkit-guides/ ~DP
  4. Yes your right it's way to long, IE kept crashing and freezing, you need to repost with a spoiler tag. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+do+a+spoiler+tag ~DP
  5. I Second that motion!, I am perfectly happy with my present dual boot setup with Windows 7 and 8.1 and see absolutely no need to jump ship for now just for the sake of having the newest OS. ~DP
  6. I have not done a ua install of W10 yet but normally I just specify the image name of the OS from the wim and add it to the image install section then value, here is example of 8 WMC that works for me. <!--SELECT OS--> <ImageInstall> <OSImage> <InstallFrom> <MetaData wcm:action="add"> <Key>/IMAGE/NAME</Key> <Value>Windows 8 Pro with Media Center</Value> </MetaData> </InstallFrom> </OSImage> </ImageInstall>
  7. Good info guys, so bottom line is that you can't do a "offline activation" (unless Microsoft has made a provision for a phone activation) but must have a active working internet connection, similar to Office 2010 and above to connect to the MS servers. ~DP
  8. Also if you don't want to mess with the imageres.dll file you could just add your own Windows 7 or custom desktop icons to that .theme file as your default as well. ~DP
  9. Here is a batch script to "Stop the Windows 10 Upgrade Nag" credit: http://www.intelliadmin.com/ ~DP Echo off:: Notes: Stop 10 Nag.cmd - Right-Click and Run as admin..:: Remove the "Get Windows Now" folder from update if found..taskkill.exe /F /IM "gwx.exe"takeown /a /r /skipsl /d Y /f "%windir%\System32\GWX" && icacls "%windir%\System32\GWX" /grant administrators:Frobocopy "%windir%\System32\GWX" "%windir%\System32\GWX_Old" /Ermdir /s /q "%windir%\System32\GWX":: Disable "Get Windows 10 Upgrade Nag" message..reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Gwx /v DisableGwx /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
  10. Yes its always been the case to: 1. Install Only on a test machine 2. Install Only if you know what the heck your doing and don't wine if you don't and it's not working. Sure there will be a installer in the future for those that don't want to deal with the manual install method.. ~DP
  11. That was one of his custom Theme Atlas files for build 10041, which one is any ones best guess. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170233-aero-glass-themeatlas/ ~DP
  12. If you have a Working .xml file now perhaps you can post it here so that it may help others with similar issues. ~DP
  13. Perhaps this script from code project may help as well. http://www.codeproject.com/Tips/191892/How-to-find-current-location-based-on-the-IP-addre ~DP
  14. How about this one I've been using? Looks better, just wish we could get rid of that title bar text glow. ~DP
  15. Well for continued support of the Aero Glass project you also could just donate again and not have to wait the 30 days. ~DP
  16. Have you tried any of the 3rd party network scanner tools? http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wifi_information_view.html ~DP
  17. My first suggestion would be to update your Dlink drivers. ~DP
  18. It's a AccuWeather widget that I have been using since Windows 7 from a Dell machine that works in Windows 8 and 10 and uses a registry run file at boot-up. ~DP Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]"AccuWeatherWidget"="\"C:\\Program Files\\AccuWeather\\accuweather.exe\" \"C:\\Program Files\\AccuWeather\\start.umj\" --startup"
  19. When using Win Toolkit look under the 'Advanced' tab then the 'Component Removal' button. ~DP
  20. Now that Microsoft is moving to free upgrades to Windows 10 rather than charging for the OS we now will have a ad supported OS with all pre-installed metro apps, that is also a big reason why they are pushing us to all have Microsoft accounts rather than local accounts so we will be forced to used ad supports apps to make up the difference for loss revenue. ~DP
  21. Well at least the op said 'Thank You' which is better than a lot of first timers that join forums looking for answers and once found we never hear from them again. ~DP
  22. Sometimes the 'Solution' to the problem is the Most Important! ~DP
  23. You could also add the GUI Utility to your Aero Glass setup for additional tasks options which presently includes the shiny atlas and access permissions. ~DP

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