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  1. The 'wmic' command line tool will list all your .NET installs from command line. wMIC Product Where "Name like '%.NET%'" Get Name, Versionalso if you prefer power shell look over here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/98b7e86c-cd7c-4866-b098-38d7910540bd/wmic-namespacerootcimv2-path-win32product-where-name-like-net-get-version-fails?forum=winserver8setup ~DP
  2. You can look at your debug log file and find the machine ID to submit. ~DP
  3. On your wi-fi connection what happens when you ping your Router default gateway with the following script? ~DP @Echo Off :### DEFAULT GATEWAY IP: For /F "Tokens=2,3 Delims={,}" %%A In ('"wMIC NICConfig Where IPEnabled="True" Get DefaultIPGateway /Value |Find "I" "') Do Set RouterIP=%%~A echo. Router Default Gateway IP: %RouterIP% timeout /t 3 /nobreak>nul echo. ping %RouterIP% echo. pause
  4. Not having any issues as well, sure you have latest version? What are the file sizes? ~DP
  5. Thanks for the Update Grim, buttons are working now. ~DP Here is a screen shot of a 8.1 to 10 theme that I am currently working on with some RP flavor.
  6. This may be old news to some but for those who would like to try out Windows 10 Technical Preview (x86-x64) - Build 10041 that is now publicly out in ISO from Microsoft you can get 'em here ==> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-iso-update-1503 ~DP
  7. Sharp corners can Look really good if done right, besides variety is the spice of life. ~DP
  8. Most Theme Builders use some of following tools.- Resource Editor - I like to use Resource Hacker FX - Image Editor - PhotoShop CS is the weapon of choice- Theme Style Editor - Aves Windows Style Builder~DP
  9. Good Job Grim!, it's more in the flavor of CP than RP but still a good port over. Look at my screenshot below I am using UxThemeSignatureBypass and my buttons are coming out black. ~DP
  10. Your referring to SPY++ which is part of a 2.18 GB Iso download of Visual Studios 2010 another option that I useis WinID which can be installed or used as a portable app and works with Windows 10~DPhttp://www.dennisbabkin.com/winid/
  11. I could do with the original RP theme msstyles, I used to have it but I can't seem to locate it now, all I have is the theme atlas, I have the original msstyles for the CP so I could use that depending on what was changed between the 2, looking at the images it looks like aside from the atlas there is very little difference as it still contains all the rounded buttons and so from Windows 7. Here you go ==> http://ge.tt/8ygwo5D2/v/0?c Thanks, ~DP
  12. Good Question, I don't do multi but my best guess is someone will find a way to make it work by rtm time. ~DP
  13. I have a RP msstyles around here somewhere on one of my external drives, I will shoot it over if you need it. ~DP
  14. You Don't unless you put a script loop in place such as the one my1 came up with or you can always add shortcut to taskbar or desktop to get it kicked started again. ~DP
  15. That sounds about right, at one time the rule of thumb was every 3 Euros = 2 keys and so on. I got 17 keys and don't remember what I donated, I just wanted to support the cause and help in the development. ~DP
  16. Thanks XPer, was not aware that we had this on here, can Always use another good resource for silent switches with my UA Installs ~DP
  17. It may be Possible if your using a Custom theme to adjust the Windows Color to all windows screens based off the Main color of active wallpaper Go to >> .theme file >> [VisualStyles] >> AutoColorization ~DP
  18. You are correct, my bad . "Starting with Windows 8, Windows Defender replaces Microsoft Security Essentials." http://blogs.microsoft.com/cybertrust/2013/11/14/windows-defender-and-microsoft-security-essentials-which-one-do-i-need/ ~DP
  19. You can play around with the numbers to your visual liking smaller=smaller frames larger=larger and so forth. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics][HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics]then the two string values for top and sides and bottom are "BorderWidth" and "PaddedBorderWidth"I have mine set to the Windows 8.1 values but again most want frames.~DP
  20. Great, glad its working again for you, just a thought but was wondering if anyone has tried out Microsoft Security Essentials(MSE) with Windows10? ~DP
  21. - It is my understanding that you Cannot BUY Aeroglass but you can DONATE to help with the development of AeroGlass. To receive the 'donation version' ie donation.key I believe the donations start at 3 Euro. Read more here: => Post#282 http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170850-old-aero-glass-for-win81/page-12?hl=%20euro%20%20donation - Donation link is here which Starts at 3 € and how many donation keys you may receive => http://glass8.eu/support.php ~DP
  22. Mike you mentioned you have AVG Installed and some virus programs will disable Windows Defender to prevent any possible conflicts, I would suggest you completely uninstall AVG then try and start Windows Defender again. ~DP P.S. Personally I use Vipre as it is faster on scans and not a bloat hog.
  23. @ Zhancis, - Big Muscle really has noting to do with the Taskbar transparency that one is on Microsoft, so you will just have to contintue using his file SetWindowCompositionAttribute file with the taskbar blur script to activate it and hopefully Miscrosoft will address it on a later build. - For help in setting up Modernframe and UxThemeSignaturebypass here is a script that will automate the registry settings. ~DP http://ge.tt/459WIwC2/v/0?c Also Thanks again Big Muscle, everything is still working great with your updated experimental debug!
  24. if anyone needs any help with this I have uploaded a short tutorial on how to do a manual remove and re-install of the experimental 64-bit debug build for 10041 along with the files. Just download remove the .txt extension and unzip. http://ge.tt/9uIbmuC2/v/0?c ~DP
  25. Go to a command prompt type in Services.msc then look for 'Windows Defender', then right-click 'Start' and set to 'Automatic (Delayed Start) ~DP

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