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  1. I miss the blue Genuine Windows Activation Logo in Sys Propeties that Windows 7 included when the system was activated, seems MS left it out on Win8 so I loaded up Reshacker and added to the Systemcpl.dll but it still does not show up, anyone got any ideas on making this work? Thanks for the help!
  2. I Used Winrar for my sfx , just copied the sources folder to a Net3.5 directory then ran from batch as current directory, I also added NoRestart as well... @echo off&color a ::run.cmd :: current directory cd=%~dp0 ::Install-(disable restart) dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /all /NoRestart /Source:%cd%\sources\sxs /LimitAccess exit
  3. Here is a undated Addon Installer to Install Multiple Firefox Addon's .. Tested and Working 100% on Windows Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 32-64bit. also has optional installer for your user.js file as well. Say Thanks if you find this useful... DosProbile ö¿ö Multi-AO.Installer.cmd
  4. Glad u got it all working now..If you do many Win7 reinstalls u may want to consider pre-installing all those updates (msxml, net framework,msu,exe,sfx files etc) via RTSevenLite and Setupcomplete like I do then you don't have to do all the post installs which can be a major time saver or you could just include all the different update scripts that i gave you and create one batch file with a menu and select each update type ... just a thought
  5. No problem , You gave me a reason to work on a update project now ..lol , besides I live on my computer about 12 hrs a day doing W8 and W7 projects and working on perfecting my unattended installs.. Unfortunately, MS changes the Visual C++ command switches from release to release (unlike the .msu files) Download my revised batch to install the C++ 05 files for both x86 and x64, then create a folder called vc05 put all your 2005 .exe files in it and put it in the main Updates folder along with the batch file.. I also added a cleanup for the root drive of all the VC install files and also changed the basic ui switch /qb to a no ui with the /qn so you don't have to see the progress bar as they install in chronological order. Just tested this out on my W7 64-bit machine and it worked perfectly...If you have anymore batch/dos questions you should join http://www.dostips.com/ which is a very active forum..I stay mostly over there and everyone is very helpful and most questions are answered in less than an hour..
  6. Send me the names of some of the 2005's over to me and I will check them out ..And also how many 2005's do you have?
  7. Ditto as well, hope it works for you..Dos_Probie
  8. Here you go, wrote this batch for your C++ files (Switch included), just create a Updates folder to your C: drive with all your .exe C++ files and add this batch to it, create shortcut to batch to your desktop and run then watch the magic .. Oh and if you need any additional switches You can use the Universal Switch Finder from: http://www.filecrop.com/Universal-Silent-Switch-Finder-
  9. Here you go this is a batch that I wrote that Installs each MSU one at a time, (btw you will need to add switches for your .exe C++ files) just run batch from your MSU Updates folder..Hope this helps!
  10. OK, Here is a update on Games for Windows 8! Using on Windows 8 Pro 8400 and works great.. Windows 7 Games adapted for Windows 8 x64.msi. Includes Games Explorer and Uninstaller. Updated working d/l link: https://mega.co.nz/#!YFAUzboS!du8lK23pB_8PqWfB3C2tW0perPUgPaELMYCFY8wuEB0 Games Included: - Chess Titans - FreeCell - Hearts - Mahjong Titans - Minesweeper - Purble Place - Solitaire - Spider Solitaire - Internet Backgammon - Internet Checkers - Internet Spades Also here is a link for Microsoft Hold'Em: http://www.mintywhite.com/images/wg/rsvr85/HoldEm.zip If you find this useful then say Thank You..Now go Play and Have Fun!
  11. Has anyone had any luck getting Games for Win8 without going to the Micorsoft Windows Store? Has anyone been successful with this? http://www.eightforums.com/gaming/5798-how-make-windows-8-work-ms-games-previous-versions.html
  12. Been using Ex7forW8 and works great, only thing is where is the Jump List? Post if you know.. thanks, DosProbie
  13. No Problem, Hope it helps..I will tell you that its a heck of lot faster to install off of a USB approx. 45 seconds vs DVD which takes 5 minutes or longer.
  14. One of my pet peeves with Win8 is making the end user Install .NET framework 3.5 that is needed by a lot of apps. MS calls it a Feature on Demand (FoD). I wrote a .sfx and added to my setupcomplete but I also did a post install that installs directly off the USB or DVD Install disc. Anyway I am sure this subject has been on here before but if would help anyone I am adding my post install batch file .. DosProbie

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