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  1. Like the rest of you the next project(s) take over after a struggle has been conquered, however now that I'm in a project that we are integrating Microsoft Surface 3's into our environment made me think of this thread. Sorry for the delay in posting an example of the working XML file for Win8.1. unattend-ex.xml
  2. Found a good path to go down for this. Requires more work, however looks like what might be required to accomplish the task. Helpful nugget that I came across finally; c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\WwanSvc <MBNProfile xmlns="http://www.microsoft.com/networking/WWAN/profile/v1"><Name>Verizon Wireless</Name><IsDefault>true</IsDefault><SubscriberID>31-*****----***-467</SubscriberID><SimIccID>8*********-----***4</SimIccID><HomeProviderName>02</HomeProviderName><AutoConnectOnInternet>true</AutoConnectOnInternet><ConnectionMode>manual</ConnectionMode><Context><AccessString>Internet</AccessString><Compression>DISABLE</Compression><AuthProtocol>NONE</AuthProtocol></Context></MBNProfile>
  3. I realized just now that I did not mention I am letting Windows manage the connection (but I'm think that was guessed already), no VZ Access Manager is involved.
  4. Currently using driver version 4.14.8 from Pantech, have not yet back rev'd and or seen if there is a newer version as of yet. Yeah I looked in device manager for a power setting for the device, I don't see a tab and or option in the device option list.
  5. The end users as mentioned expect it to just work (like most do), so they may go for minutes to hours before noticing the Verizon modem is not connected, at which point they either restart the mobile pc or open the Windows wireless list of connections, and click connect for the Verizon 4G LTE connection. When the end users go into the Verizon connection in the Windows wireless connection list the option for "connect automatically" is selected including the option for "roam automatically". We use the Pantech UML290 USB 4G/LTE modems for our Paramedic's mobile computers and when its in place the Paramedics' set the modem to 3G only, but the non-auto connect happens in either mode 3G or 4G. I have done more research on scripts for batch file or power-shell, enough to make your head hurt. So far the only script I have found that may hold promise is a batch file that does run in Windows 8.1. ping -n 1 google.com if %errorlevel% EQU 0 goto end netsh wlan disconnect interface=”Wireless Network Connection” TIMEOUT 5 netsh wlan connect ssid=”My Wireless Network” Name=”My Wireless Network” Interface=”Wireless Network Connection” :end It works as written; now I just need to spin up a mobile computer with the modem, alter the script and test it. No holding my breath, willing to give a shot. However if the script does work, its far from being what I need for 24/7/365 operation.
  6. Working with Windows 8.1 and using a USB Verizon 4G LTE Modem as a Windows Broadband device on a mobile asset, and when signal is very low for a period of time the modem will "disconnect" from the VZ network and will not auto connect once the signal gets stronger. The end users are finding this to be inconvenient for them that the modem doesn't auto connect. I'd rather have them keep their eyes on the road then checking the connection. I have researched this on the Verizon site and the internet for answers to remedy this, without success. Is there a registry key or a setting that I might be over looking that will cause the connection to keep trying until it connects? To write a script for the Windows Broadband to check the connection state, signal strength, and reestablish connection that will run under a non-admin account would be great, but to be honest I don't know where to begin to make script for that, found no examples during my search. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestion? Jon
  7. Verizon USB doesn't auto connect, what a drag

  8. Call me the FNG if you wish, I've been called worst. So far a few test runs and no issues so far. I know that Win8.1 is different, wouldn't think it would handle an option like that so much differently than Win7. Once again I appreciate all the help.
  9. K-Mart-ian Legend I did more tinkering around, and was able to get past that error, to a point where I was presented with set/verify your region/time zone, and msoobe screen, create account and then continued with my sysprep "first login commands" options. Progress just now need to figure out if I change those options and will I still get that far to my "first login commands". One item I did change is I removed the static IP address for DNS for the interfaces option from the specialized pass. I will keep you updated.
  10. Right... I have wondering myself as to why its refers to that path. I have thought about putting the answer file in both locations: in all aspects that would not make sense, however encountered stranger things.... maybe I should try it only thing I haven't done at this point. The WinPE pass is from quite sometime ago, didn't see it causing any problems so it just got left there. Going forward it will be removed. I have attached the the answer file. unattend-nokey.xml
  11. Yes I sysprep, install the DVD to my tech pc, tweak the admin profile, update the system from Windows Updates, no special drivers are added (providing the NIC is installed) then use the following command switches /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:unattend.xml, then WinPE and capture the image if all goes well. I have been tinkering with the pass remove/revert/clear and then add back, no success, same recent error message. Attached the setuperr and setupact log files. setuperr.txt setupact.txt
  12. Ok I have removed the deprecated items that would be allowed, as in allow to revert changes, I didn't delete and options for the remaining 2 Shell-Setup_neutral/OOBE/skipmachineOOBE Shell-Setup_neutral/OOBE/SkipUserOOBE Now I have a new error version: "windows could not parse or process answer file for specialize. The settings specified in the answer file cannot be applied. The error was detected while processing settings for component (ms-windows-shell-setup)." I also deleted the theme from specialize.
  13. I apologize. I didn't see an attach button in the editor tool bar (lacking of clicking on the more options button recently discovered), that attaching the file(s) actually would have been my preferred choice. I digress, reason for having my theme in both, is having encountered in the past with other answer files that certain information like a theme for example is only in one pass say in OOBE, never applies, however if I were to duplicate the information in two different passes, the item applies. Scratching my head on that as well, so for now I at least try to stay with what works. Always trying to improve. I will edit the the TimeZone information as you suggested as well as check and adjust/remove the theme option in specialize and get back to you. Thanks. Slow on uptake at times.

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