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  1. is there any way to add more options or flexibility to the taskbar icon size setting - the 4 settings are great but i find the difference between the 2 i use - small and medium too big - one in the middle of those 2 would be ideal - so is it possible to do it by pixel size or a slider to increase the size i am assuming its a registry setting but finding it is not something i have a clue how to do - or maybe its done in some other way
  2. no need to open a private browser - i just downloaded it from my normal browser file name is rs5_17763_1479_x64dbg.7z - so unless i/we are missing something and the donation king has made it available to anybody why is he banning someone for posting something that the world and its dog can download as to said download delaying a release - well kids take their bat/ball home when something is said or done that they do not like - maybe thats the principal here
  3. adacom

    Beta channel

    works fine for me on a couple of 3rd party themes i use
  4. @dhjohns not may taste but i like very much what you have done with startisback - thicker borders and splitting the window - is that your work or something you have found - either way care to share it
  5. the only thing that is promised is the continuation of the watermark to keep the donation money flowing!
  6. anybody got modernframe to work on 16299.15? - if i apply the code - regsvr32 c:/aeroglass/DWMGlass.dll it seems to be accepted but nothing changes with the frame - further and i have not fully tested some apps seem not to work/open - calc and calendar being examples i always add - i may be doing something wrong its a while since i added this to earlier build - so need to readup [maybe]
  7. thats a pity - for me it was very useful and it never gave me a problem - but if its not reliable then i can see the reasons to remove it - found 2.5 and installed it - that works for me - guess i am stuck at that until emclient solve their problem of reliably showing new mail in the notification area
  8. something changed on 2.5.1 - not much and subtle - on earlier versions the icon on the toolbar changed when i got a mail - i use emclient which is hit and miss at showing new mail in the notification area so the change to the taskbar icon was very useful not sure what it was on 2.5 as i dont think i used it but went from RC4 to 2.5.1 the image showing a mail is from 2.5 RC4 images show difference
  9. not up to date with version numbers so will try to make this post make sense old modernframe with windows 10586? and a custom theme atlas showed modified buttons top right [see image] - new modern frame on Anniversary build again using modified theme atlas shows stock/standard buttons is this as others see things or as i always ask am i doing something wrong
  10. what a great system - and its all covered by his T & C's - you donate to help the developer - bla - bla - bla - not to get anything - the software is great - after that is a steep downhill
  11. just installed Aeroglass on a laptop for someone - user not fussed about watermark and popup so no donation key - Glass GUI does not work - gives a popup with a generic error code - points to all sorts of stuff - flash - net framework - directx - i do not think any of those are needed but installed them anyway - still same popup error my memory says program does not need donation key but i may be wrong - can someone confirm install is pretty basic at the moment and nothing i dont have on a couple of other systems where this works so am scratching my head anybody else seen problems with this
  12. http://glass8.eu/download.html near the bottom of the page
  13. adacom

    Beta channel

    is it possible to reduce these borders - i know a little about style sheets but have managed to change a few things but this is not something i can find
  14. lets see a grab before and after - if its not here its not true according to your logic - that said i DO believe you
  15. you can think what the hell you like - let me spell it out - the meaningless numbers i posted are off a laptop that i use for insider builds - when you asked for the info i booted it up and got the meaningless numbers and posted them for you accept that or not - are you paranoid or something - do you not trust people to tell it as it actually is - without the gob above i would have gone and done a screen grab but i cannot be ars ed now or maybe i just made it all up to annoy you - jeeezzzzz some people Prove you are actually running it. If you can't show a screenshot, then you are obviously making it all up. Stop spreading FUD. i have to prove nothing - it works for me - the numbers are above - accept them or not and sort your problem out or not i guess you are so used to BS you cannot accept the truth when its there - thats a sad way to be Tell it to another forum. No one here is going to believe you. You are so unwilling to do anything to back your statements, it is obvious you are trying to pull one on us. I am not asking for anything that anyone else has not given us readily. Your unwillingness backs your untruthfulness. like i said you can believe what the hell you want - what others think is not my problem - the meaningless numbers i posted above are what the system THAT WORKS reports - thats fine by me as i can use aeroglass one 14257 - you cannot so tough for you - if BM wants some info then i will be happy to supply it - a screenshot proves sod all - photoshop can make a grab whatever the user wants - maybe your shot above is just doctored - you call me a lier with no justification - why should i believe you so take it as you want - aeroglass works for me on 14257 - believe it or not - its not my problem - chew on that - its midnight in the UK and i have had enough of your stupidity
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