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  1. what am i missing is the correct question as looking at a few screen shots i see the taskbar showing different shades or not fully transparent - i have skimmed 36 pages in this thread and can find nothing but whatever i try the taskbar is fully transparent the image below from earlier in this thread shows it as i want it but how do i achieve that - if its a setting in SaB or win11 i cannot find it EDIT - well i have got it working - every other setting takes as soon as they are changed in properties - the taskbar colour and transparency needs the system rebooted or signed out of - maybe its my system its an upgrade from win 10 not a clean install and on a laptop that i had to add the reg fix for TMP and CPU
  2. on some themes the taskbar items [battery - wifi - etc] are black on other themes white - is it possible to have a setting to choose which colour SaB uses
  3. i would like it but if its not there then so be it - i was asking more had i missed something in the settings
  4. sorry - is that for me - if so i want to change the colour in StartallBack on 11
  5. this is a cut and paste from SiB on win 10 - there is an option to change that - is that possible in SaB if i set a theme to give white text on the taskbar in SaB on 11 the menu is black and as far as i can see there is no option to change the background colour apologies if i have missed a setting
  6. any chance the taskbar and context menu style setting is coming back in the new version to get white icons i need to set a dark theme which then means the background is black i may be missing something in 11's settings but i cannot see a way to change that SiB does it perfectly in 10
  7. works perfectly for me - if it gets no better which i am sure it will its all i need reducing the taskbar icons to small is better that the reg hack as it reduces the taskbar and keeps all the icons on the right side in line unlike the reg hack - the only problem i have is that it removes the date - the time is still there - that may be me as i have been messing to try and get the date and time on the same line with no success EDIT - i use TClock - find it you are not aware of it - its well documented that this has stopped working with Windows 11 - after installing Startisback it now works perfectly - thats a big plus for me and solves all the clock/date problems i refer to above
  8. would be interesting to know if the OP does donate and what happens to that donation and further is a licence then given!
  9. this is right click on my browser version is 2.9.13 which i dont think is up to date - just update to 9.15 as i type this and still ok
  10. when a key press stops working in a program it can be down to another program or app using the pre defined key press first
  11. why would you donate - the project seems dead - no post from BM for months - i doubt paypal will help you but thats who you need to contact - would be interesting to know if your money is still there or whether its been witdrawn
  12. i guess he will find time to withdraw any 'donations' sent via paypal!
  13. is there any way to add more options or flexibility to the taskbar icon size setting - the 4 settings are great but i find the difference between the 2 i use - small and medium too big - one in the middle of those 2 would be ideal - so is it possible to do it by pixel size or a slider to increase the size i am assuming its a registry setting but finding it is not something i have a clue how to do - or maybe its done in some other way
  14. no need to open a private browser - i just downloaded it from my normal browser file name is rs5_17763_1479_x64dbg.7z - so unless i/we are missing something and the donation king has made it available to anybody why is he banning someone for posting something that the world and its dog can download as to said download delaying a release - well kids take their bat/ball home when something is said or done that they do not like - maybe thats the principal here
  15. adacom

    Beta channel

    works fine for me on a couple of 3rd party themes i use

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