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  1. I'm using w2012 converted to a workstation with this tool: http://www.win2008workstation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=2108 and when I try to acces to a shared folder in a windows 2003 machine, I can't and however with w8 I can I don't disable any service in the Windows 2012 server... and I have all activated in Advanced Sharing settings.. I don't know what else can be ?
  2. Hi Tihiy, Since I installed "Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8", the "Screen Sharing" function of Skype conversation does not work. Someone else has the same problem? Edit: and when I hung up the call, the conversation window with that person gone mad
  3. Can I remove the 1 Gb of RAM requirement from Windows 8 installation using Windows ToolKit?
  4. Yes, I have the same problem as the one mentioned in the link, but can not find solution or forums with people the same thing happen to him. Have you heard of this on any other link?
  5. first of all, thank blackwingcat, I've been reading a lot about all of your work, in your blog, etc. and everything about W2K and I think I must congratulate you for the moment I have not tried your kernel extension, but I'll try, but exists a lot of information about XP api ported to 2k and I haven't found a good guide explaining what updates I can install and what not and an order to install. Another thing confused is about another API for Windows 2000 XP made ​​by .. OldBoy2k?? in oldcigaret.. which is better? and exists other here: http://www7.atwiki.jp/win2000/pages/17.html ? am I right? on the other hand: I would like to know why you prefer to use your Windows 2000 machines instead of Windows XP? I guess the answer to my question related anger performance windows, so I want to ask if you have used MicroXP? And finally I would like to know if with Windows2000 I can get more FPS in games than in XP? What advantage is there in using windows 2000? I am a computer addict user since Windows 3.1, I understand that since Windows 2000 (or maybe 9x) the computer's response time has probably changed by the large amount of wasted resources or lack of optimization lot of thanks!
  6. The file explorer windows 8 rtm slows / crashes / freezes when I go into folders (eg Downloads) in which there are many files with different extensions. It may be the subject of desktop 2d acceleration? because Microsoft said that Windows 8 hardware accelerated wanted everything. I tried the Windows 7 explorer (by Tihiy) but have not seen improvements in this regard .. someone else happens? I also want to say that I have ATI Mobility HD 3430 and still no official drivers for AMD Mobility HD series 2x 3x windows 8 rtm Any solution? thanks!!
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