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  1. Hmmm ..... Hey there erpdude8 , I'm in a bit of a tight schedule right now ... and away from my dev systems ... If you could hold out just for another couple of days or so, I'll post an updated pack to match the latest NUSB by Maximum-Decim ... It's already been tested for months now on several W98FE systems but I haven't gotten round to include an un-install routine yet ... That's on the to-do-list ... I apologise for being lame and not having the updated pack posted much earlier ... @barbarien: The explorer is the pretty much the same used in nusb33e (maybe some resource is different here and there but definitely no code patches were done). So, no major differences there. It's there to handle usb insertion messages correctly ... Rgds
  2. Hmmm ..... As I mentioned earlier, FP and EDO does not play well together ... If I recall correctly (my memory is a wee bit hazy here ... it's been quite a long while ...), it's due to different bus cycle/signal timings between the EDO and FP ... While they share the same pin counts but mixing FP with EDO makes the FP goes 'huh?' as the EDO are able to retrieve more bits within the same cycle and the FP says 'what !? where !? when !?' ... Again, this is not something BIOS memory timings can help much ... It's like trying to make an unbuffered DDR module work with a registered DDR module (well, something like that) ... They just don't play nicely ... My last socket 3 was a generic SiS496 pci that also does not work with mixed FP+EDO ... Memory region errors usually does not appear under DOS as DOS kernel is loaded and stays within the first 1 MB ... All the rest will become XMS/EMS ... If the defective region(s) is above 1MB then DOS never crash, the later loaded apps will kindly do that when they use the defective regions ... Win9x is different as the kernel loads high up in memory and if this is where the defective region is located then it usually throws up BSODs very very early ..... On another note, Intel triton was intended for the socket 7 pentiums (p75-p233mmx) ..... The UMC8881 were socket 3 for the much more earlier i486 family ... The AMD X5-133 is not anywhere near the same as the AMD K5/K6, it's really just a turbo-boosted 486 ..... Rgds
  3. Hmmm ..... Me sorry for missing on this .... my bad ... well then, this issue does crops up when the dos environment space is almost used up ... kindly refer to this for a solution : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q230205/ Rgds
  4. Hmmm ..... Ahhh ... nostalgic issues ... pcchips M919 (socket 3) ... please have a look here to see if this will help you : http://th2chips.freeservers.com/m919/ -and- http://th2chips.freeservers.com/m919/unoff/m919.html I assume the M919 is a 72pin SIMMs versions ... please check that you're not mixing FP ram and EDO ram ... they don't play well together ... Last but not least is the possibility that one of the SIMM may be having a defective region ... try the free memory tester from simmtester.com ... If I recall correctly, unbranded (or unknown manufacturer) SIMMs back then were prone to stability and mixing issues ... Rgds
  5. Hmmm ..... I've checked my notes and asked someone to double check for me ..... and we had a 6600gt and a 6800xt that requires agp voltage increased to 1.6v to make it work stable ... and that's enough?? It seems to easy; I already tried forcing detection but you know the result... Yes, put this in the [Mfg] section : %NVIDIA&DEV_00F6.DeviceDesc% = NV30, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00F6&SUBSYS_040110B0&REV_A2 -or- %NVIDIA&DEV_00F6.DeviceDesc% = NV30, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00F6 and this into the [strings] section : NVIDIA&DEV_00F6.DeviceDesc="NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS AGP" I've looked at 8198 and 8216 driver set and the above needs to be added ... It is already included in 8269 set ... While you're at it, try reducing ram to 512mb to see it's not win98 memory management issue ... Rgds
  6. Hmmm ..... There's another part of equation that you need to look at. Is the motherboard agp chipset driver working ? Is the gf68gs an upgrade for an older agp card ? Or built on a new system ? Does the gf68gs have enough power ? etc etc etc ..... I believe this indicates that the motherboard agp driver support is not working (happens on clean installs) ..... The steps required (driver must be last installed) to have a functional agp subsystem : 1. Install agp driver support for win98 (ie. Intel, VIA, SiS, NF2, Ali etc etc) 2. Install DX (6.1 and above, if my mind is not hazy. Some cards requires specific DX) 3. Install driver (you will need to add PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00F6&SUBSYS_040110B0&REV_A2 to your INF if required) If all the above is correctly installed but you still have non-functional gf6800gs then you may need to inspect other h/w (card itself, motherboard caps, PSU, etc etc) ..... Rgds Edit: Edit last paragraph
  7. Hmmm ..... Thanks awergh ! much appreciated ..... Will give it a go soon ... I'm wondering about daedalus, is it a non released stuff by alexanrs ? My apologies if I'm off topic but does daedalus implement only 32bit icon support or will it be able to integrate some other stuff in NT4VU (perhaps icon text bk) ? Rgds
  8. Hmmm ..... UberWOW ! Tihiy's done it again .... Rgds
  9. Hmmm ..... Tested about a week ago with v1.7.x and v1.9.x ... yes, they both will work but the toolbar icon gives solid red background on my tests ... Last to work out-of-the-box with no problems is v1.6.3 ... Rgds
  10. Hmmm ..... @awergh Can you kindly post nt4vu packs on multiple hosts please ? divshare wants premiums for downloads in certain geos ... That's not gonna help ... Rgds
  11. Hmmm ..... I've looked for a copy of the driver and found one ... A quick look at the INF suggests that this driver will allow the phone to be used as a modem ... If that's what you intend to do with the phone then I believe it may be possible (but not gonna be easy) to whip up something for win98 ... If you hope to transfer "data files" with this driver then its no go ... The driver uses usb CDC not MSD ... The only way to transfer "data files" thru CDC requires 2 level : 1. USB to UART bridge (that's where you see unimodem, vcomm, modemui etc etc) 2. Application to read/write using additional commands (defined by manufacturer) This reminds me of an old IXLA digital camera I used a long time ago that uses similar methods ... Rgds
  12. Hmmm ..... I'm back with time to spare now ... unfortunately WLL is still on hold as my VMware testbed system needs rebuilding, again ... The last I tinkered with WLL, I planned for a new "animation routine" ... time will tell if it'll be implemented ... I'll be looking into some usb related stuff for a while and will resume here once that's done ... Rgds
  13. Hmmm ..... @jmsallo Could you please make a zip/rar of the HP P1006 w9x folder driver for me ? ... I'd like to have a look at it and see if I can add some "stuff" to make it work ... I have looked through some HP models (1010, 1022, 2014, 2015) recent drivers and I believe I've found the the reason for the "inability" for HP to provide full w9x driver support. It seems that HP rights (read: license) to redistribute the usb printing support expired last June 2007 ... (Of course I believe that they could have just written their own usb support like what they did for their D640 series but that's not what I'm here for) ... I'm in the process of modifying some HP P2015 drivers to see the level of usb printing support required ... basically I wanted to know if basic printing can be done with basic drivers (stripped down) ... Rgds
  14. Hmmm ..... Thanks for the heads up ... went for a search and found 'em ... It's not officially posted yet on videolan site, so get your copy of 0.8.6f here and let's see if they rocks ... http://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/0.8.6f/win32/ Rgds
  15. Hmmm ..... Sorry guys, I'm in a wee bit of a tight schedule right now ... WLL/WBL have to take a back seat for another week ... What's being done so far : 1. I've made tests on VMWare ... and while I don't experience any hanging yet, the animation does not seem to work properly ..... I'm also experiencing system restarts whenever I mount vmdisk to copy over some files (not related to WLL/WBL) ... I may need to rebuild the XP again ... 2. On my Nvidia test system, somehow the dirty bit got 'stuck' ... I'm (will be) trying to retrace what I did or why it got stuck ... but the thing is, scandisk seems to display correctly without any blue-screen/distortion each and everytime it starts ... WBL is currently in use for the test without scandisk.alt and autoscan=2 (auto) ... will see if WLL produce the same ... 3. Using scandisk.alt method as with RP7 still gives 50-50 result ... I going to take a step back (and take a breather) to see if there's anything that I missed ... Fine with me, as long as you're happy ... Rgds

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