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  1. On 8 only in sandbox mode @win32
  2. Does anyone know how can I enable Console Mode login on Windows 8? Like the server core version (2012 R1 / R2) neesd to be something related to logonui.exe, winlogon, Windows.UI.dll, Windows.UI.Cred, Windows.UI.Xaml, Windows.UI.Immersive, rundll32 and some registry keys. Can't be really difficult to have it working instead of default login screen. Thanks
  3. Ok, thanks, which dll is involved in video playing?
  4. Thanks @D.Draker but this version of chrome doesn't work... The procedure entry point DiscardVirtualMemory could not be located in the dynamic link library... chrome.dll
  5. Thanks @win32 Supermium running on the lightest NT6 OS ever made (8.0) by MS But the same problem as in the previous version someone released some months ago... online videos not working, do you know how to fix? (except for youtube)
  6. is there something like win8verhack for w10? yes, I'm looking for the opposite to make one Windows 10 application think it's w8. I want to do a test with the explorer & taskbar. Thanks @K4sum1 @vinifera
  7. @windows2 Looks great! thanks !! but... my first fear (even more with Portable Office) is to lose the document that I'm writing when I spend time without saving it... are you sure it won't close Office while I'm using it, if it runs in background? I started using taskkill especially to close several instances of a program without asking me to save... Well I don't know exactly what you check with the .exe but one way to accomplish it will be to list opened windows title ( like this one but with a command line utility https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/winlister.html ) and if Word, Excel... it's not on the list you can close the process I think... like: tasklist /fi "IMAGENAME eq winword.exe" /v why it won't start?
  8. Just in case you missed this one I have recently discovered. A m a z i n g work! @WinClient5270 _____ Do you know if there is also the Watercolor (Whistler) default blue theme? The watercolor theme I've found on this thread seems to have a dark blue color instead of the default, also the caption bar buttons are small. This is what I want: and also the taskbar: I have seen a Windows Blinds theme for Windows 2000, I don't know if it can be used with RP9 Uberskin on 98... https://www.wincustomize.com/explore/windowblinds/3178/ (.WBA can be opened like a .zip) So this is the one I want: https://guidebookgallery.org/screenshots/whistler2257 So if somebody can create it, please... I don't currently have XP to do some tests, but with some modifications maybe the dark Watercolor can be changed to the default one (also with the default taskbar)... Original Whistler Watercolor theme is available on Devianart and can be installed on XP without any modification (no theme patches or similar required) After getting used to seeing the visual theme of Windows 8.0/8.1/10 during these years, I now see the Watercolor theme in a different way, since plain themes are modern these days or at least is how I feel them. Thanks !! Edit: Ok, I just read this on @Tihiy website http://tihiy.net/uber/: FAQ - Easy Windows XP skin porting
  9. @awkduck Do you think VBEMP can enable VGA output (dongle) on VAIO P11Z ? Intel GMA 500 __ Long story short, the only "new" compatible netbooks with windows 98 are: VIA C7 chipset VX700 like VIA NanoBook UMD Astone UMPC
  10. @awkduck I have also seen Dell CPx with this FAN at the back, does it has variable speed? It really has a big heatsink, maybe the fan speed can be lowered a bit Maybe I can make some holes so that it doesn't heat so much?
  11. @jaclaz @awkduck thanks maybe I can underclock one Acer 5315 I have from 2006, I don't remember the Intel gpu it have, maybe GM965 ? Does it have w98 drivers? The fan from this model turns on and off automatically so it's not always on.. maybe this can be underclocked anway... I prefer a fanless one rather than a fake signal.. I have investigated this in the past Ok, there is no Libretto 100CT alternative netbook with same hardware + more ram and fanless, right? so going back to the available fanless options, maybe I can buy fanless one (so not a high cpu) and buy a PCMCIA GPU (so I can have a 1920x1080 monitor connected when I need more resolution and 3D) https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=47417 Yes, I didn't know this exists...
  12. How can I confirm this is fanless 100% as an user said on vogons? Sony vaio Model PCG-V505DX Sony Vaio PCG-V505DX 12" 1024x768 4:3 display Microsoft Windows Millinium Edition Intel Pentium M 1.4GHz ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 128MB 40GB 5200 RPM PATA HDD 1GB DDR RAM Yamaha AC-XG Audio Intel Proset Wireless 2300AG DVD-ROM Drive "In terms of heat the machine is a fanless design which outputs minimal heat apparently sinking most of it into the bottom of the chassis. I have had no thermal related issues nor have I encountered any thermal throttling." https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=55562 Strange cause it appears here with a fan https://www.insidemylaptop.com/upgrade-hard-drive-sony-vaio-pcg-v505dxp/ Maybe same model name has different hardware config...
  13. So it doesn't have a fan? Well, I just seen all Thinkpads have a connector for the dock, maybe I can find one with lower cpu
  14. I think I just need to try different VIA HyperionPro drivers versions and maybe a Kernel Ex or as much updates as I can on W98 or WME to get the gpu working cause the comment of the HP user in vogons isn't bad at all.. I think there is an option to get it working...
  15. @awkduck thanks, holy s**t I just found this one, I never knew about it. sadly it have a fan but it's incredible how you can put AGP gpus on it. using the dock which is the size of a full desktop more or less haha
  16. sorry I only tried on 8 and xp great to see it's working
  17. Well, I prefer to find something fanless first cause it's safety... but thanks ! @MrMateczko thanks @awkduck Yes, after I take a look, Pentium I MMX and Pentium II are the most common ones without a fan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compaq_Armada Then I find some Pentium II with a fan for the entire mobo, so I don't know if it makes lot of noise.. https://wiki.preterhuman.net/Compaq_Armada_7730MT https://wiki.preterhuman.net/Compaq_Armada_7710MT https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic667027.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compaq_Armada 12.1" screens and S3 Aurora64V+ (2MB) video; but it's only 1024x768... and I don't think this gpu has 3D I'm not worried about usb cause I can add pcmcia ram can be upgraded too __________ this one looks promising too Armada 1750
  18. If I can't find one with VIA Eden, best will be to search for a netbook since they have been released 2007-2009 So I need to check if I can find one compatible with one of these... maybe Asus EEE pc Intel(R) 855GM Chipset Intel(R) 852GM Chipset Intel(R) 855GME Chipset Intel(R) 852GME Chipset Intel(R) 910GL Express Chipset Intel(R) 915GV Express Chipset Intel(R) 945G Express Chipset Mobile Intel(R) 915GM Express Chipset Mobile Intel(R) 910GML Express Chipset Mobile Intel(R) 915GMS Express Chipset Intel(R) 915G Chipset Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset - GMA 950 is one example
  19. Thanks @awkduck so it isn't something about Himem.sys or system.ini patch, right? yes it looks more like a bios problem... I'll need to take a look at this one https://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/neoware/M100/ since it's CN700 and it's working here for desktop https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=64878 Anyway will be hard to find this one and also to check if it's fanless... Or I'll need to check for laptops with less power like Libretto 100CT... but I prefer to have something faster with 3D...
  20. Can we know more info about the VIA chipset looking at these photos of the mobo: Linux lpsci result for almost the same hardware can be found here (HP Mini-Note PC 2133) : https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/HP/HP2133 And the owner tried Windows Millenium on it and posted the results here: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=62888 It could be due to excessive Video RAM memory used (maybe) cause he has 2GB of ram or it could be Windows ME missing some updates, I don't know... Strange cause he have problems even with VBEMP But maybe he has problems with a driver version, cause I read some drivers are more stable than other: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=1081436#p1081436 Similar problem, different topic: I remember also having problems with nVidia cards, W98SE and VIA chipsets. It helped to NOT install an agp driver from 4in1 and Hyperions (I tried different versions) and install the nVidia driver itself. With the VIA agp driver either falling after the installation of nVidia Windows drivers, there was a black screen with or without a cursor, or a report of an incorrectly configured adapter popping up.
  21. Well, I look for: - portable (laptop > tablet for what I'm looking for, but doesn't matter if it's a tablet or a convertible like this one) - fanless - 512 to 2gb ram - > 1024x768 why fanless? Cause once you try you don't want anything else with current SSD prices and NVME NGFF speeds I prefer to loss some cpu power and have less noise. Well the real reason was because the fan of an old laptop that I have some ago, made lot of noise, I know there are tons of fan sizes and forms but I prefer without it since I discovered these type of devices running fanless cpus back in 2014. In terms of maintenance, of course over time the fan can make more noise.. so this is an extra point; you don't need to worry about it. just the right quantity of thermal grease and all will be FUN without FAN . I know I can buy a weeCee or a thin client to have w98 and put a gpu on it, but I prefer to have a laptop so I can have my beloved w98 everywhere So the candidates are: VAIO X505 only sold in Japan if I'm not wrong, and this is compatible with Windows 98 - Also the PCG-505 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Vaio_505_series The first one looks amazing, will I need to say how much a "fruit" company was inspired by these to release it's "laptop air" ? If you take a look back in history, you'll see how amazing are all SONY designs. I love all of them. UMPCs, Picturebook C1, Vaio p11Z... hardware it's maybe a bit limited for some games, but it's amazing to have one of these small laptops with windows 98. Back in year 2000 I think these were more expensive than 2010s small laptops aka netbooks... ENJOY the most beautiful laptop ever made: https://m.eprice.com.tw/tech/talk/1184/2830/1 Really difficult to find , and still very expensive when you find it online these days: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/sony-vaio-x505-subnotebook-so-nur-in-japan-zu-bekommen-ovp-/1042232314-278-3030
  22. create closeoffice.bat with this: pause taskkill /F /IM winword.exe (a bit faster than taskmgr) (added pause to confirm close with a key, in case you opened it by error) even faster: add the batch to quick launch, now the office close button is on bottom left instead of top right of screen and you don't need to look for the desktop shortcut.
  23. Thanks for your research @awkduck !! Yes, I know the standard of that era was 1024x768 (sometimes it can be forced to a higher resolution in w95 / w98 but I don't remember if it depends on the monitor connected or the gpu...) Anyway, I found the a lightweight tablet, I need to check if it have a fan Ports: It's a Pentium M I need to check also the 3D support What do you think? And... does it have WDDM drivers (just in case I want to dual boot windows 7,8,10 one day)? I have seen it have NVIDIA Geforce 4 Go 420 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP_Compaq_tc1100 Not all versions come with nvidia gpu, I think this one has only "Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME "
  24. Thanks for this info @awkduck

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