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  1. MSFN forum registration

    Hmm, unless you have the details for logging into someone else's account I thought that you could only log into your own account (unless you're a moderator or course ) If users had the ability to delete their own account when desired if some people did accidentally delete their own account they could simply sign up for another one. That would remember them to not do it again! arr! Anyway, surely something like that would be placed somewhere in 'My controls' where it would not be easy to make that mistake, and on top of that you'd want the 'are you sure you want to do this' box to pop up so that the mistake could not be easily made.
  2. MSFN forum registration

    Thanks gamehead200, I appreciate your comments. Why doesn't MFSN allow the mechanism to be available within 'My Controls' for a member to be able to remove their own registration/username if they want to? I'm just a novice at these things but I know it can be done.
  3. MSFN forum registration

    Thanks for moving my post to the right place Martin, however when referring to un-registering from the msfn forums can you please explain what you mean by: Do you mean that: a - there isn't the mechanism within each of our personal 'My controls' to remove/un-register our own registration b - there isn't the mechanism within msfn forums to actually remove/un-register anyone from the msfn forums c - msfn won't anyway even though they can d - msfn don't know how e - something else f - some or all of the above
  4. Christmas and New Year are so very close together, just a week separates them, but which do you enjoy celebrating most? Christmas or New Year?
  5. Simple question: Not that I want to at the moment but can someone tell me how I could UN-REGISTER myself from the MSFN forums if I wanted to? Thanks
  6. Thanks ILuvSnakMachines and Martijn , I'll check them out and try to post back here after.
  7. Thanks Martin. Does anyone have any comments about websites free like bravenet.com? any comments just to get me on the right pathway, it's just that I don't want to go signing up to that sort of website if it's just a waste of time.
  8. What a multitude of response Aren't setting up websites using things like bravenet.com worthwhile?
  9. I am looking to make a website, not necesarily a good website but nevertheless I would like to try and build one I don't have any website building experience and would like to try out one of the free website offers that are available, I'm considering using someone like bravenet.com and was wondering if anyone knows if they are any good or if there are better out there to use? Thanks
  10. ZoneLabs have now released update version 60_667_000 for their security suite which seems to have dealt with this problem.
  11. The 'Print Screen' Button

    ringfinger I just tried out Ctrl Alt Print Screen to paste just an active window and it worked lovely me'arty!! seapagan maybe one day they will re-introduce printing direct to the printer alongside the functions which it can perform now
  12. The 'Print Screen' Button

    thanks scuzzy47, thanks RJM, I tried out the print screen button with the paint program and it worked perfect! ---------------- p.s. To MSFN who moved this Topic from it's original location due to my starting it in a forum considered by moderators to be the incorrect forum.... Thank you for moving my topic to where it would seem best suited.... Thank you for emailing me to let me know that it had been moved.... Please, next time can you also let me know where you left it!!! I love you all, thank you
  13. I have owned a few computers each with different keyboards, and with each keyboard NEVER have I been able to use the 'Print Screen' button on any of them. I press press press away but never a reaction do I get!!! Why does the 'Print Screen' button never work?
  14. thanks urie, it works every time so far any idea if problems might come from changing its startup method like this?
  15. Hi guys, initially I held back coming here to try and resolve this following problem in order to allow ZoneAlarm some time to fix it, thing is they haven't fixed it so being that I have not found this subject posted here already I'm starting this topic now to see if you guys have any good suggestions which could solve this. This is the problem, I have recently updated my ZA Security Suite to Version 6.0.631.003 but trying to update Anti-Spyware brings up the message 'the anti-spyware update task is not responding'. I've been to the ZoneAlarm message forums and there is a thread http://forum.zonelabs.org/zonelabs/board/m...message.id=5452 on this problem with one or two suggestions but they are only temporary and do not fix the problem, one was: 1. Open Zone Alarm 2. Go to Overview and Preferences 3. Under General uncheck "Load ZoneAlarm at start-up" 4. Go to Alerts and Logs/Main/Advanced/Log Archive location, delete the log 5. Reboot After rebooting, start Zonelabs manually, set the "Load ZoneAlarm at start-up" option again and proceed with the update of the Anti-Spyware definitions. I've tried this and it works but only until the next time you want to update when you have to go through the whole process again in order to update. I've been in touch with ZoneLabs who are looking into things and even asked me if I wanted to try out a test beta version which would have involved me uninstalling my present ZoneAlarm software and then installing their test beta software, and when the test was done I would have had to uninstall the beta software and re-install my present software, but I didn't like the idea of my computer being used as a test piece and apart from that my ZA security software runs perfectly at the moment (except for the anti-spyware update) and I had no desire to disturb it! Have any of you guys heard of this and do you know any ways of fixing it? Thanks m8E