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  1. So does that mean you can already integrate IE7 and WMP11 into WinXP SP2 without problems? I found the WMP11 Beta 2 on your site but not the final version. But can nLite integrate the one downloaded from the MS site?
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about that, any other directories that you think I should add to the Exclusion list?
  3. Yes, we have IE7 integration. WMP11 will be released today, get that integration done please.
  4. Trust me it does. It comes under defragmentated files. Shows the Firefox cache. So now I hav turned off automatic defrag. Basically, it defrags everything that can be defragmentated.
  5. What P*sses me off about the 2007 version, is that every file that is fragmented, it defrags, even temp files such as my firefox cache, which I clear anyway, waste of CPU usage and HDD usage.
  6. When will nLite be able to integrate IE7 and WMP11? That's the version I'm getting.
  7. Don't think it said anything about Windows Vista, just yet. It looks that same as version 10. Certainly better though.
  8. If you have bought the previous version and want to upgrade, will you need a new licence or can you just update from the trial?
  9. Please add HijackThis to the [Malware Prevention] list. One of the best btw. No offence, but this list it crap. Your missing soo many good products. I'm not even going to start naming them.
  10. Thanks for that. I just bought DK10 PP and I am very pleased with it, and yes I do not like the service, but it only uses a few MB. First link is SOOO BIASED! Just like this: http://www.raxco.com/products/perfectdisk2k/comparedk.cfm.
  11. Has anyone tried Auslogics Disk Defrag? It's FREE! Well if anyone does, please let me know how much you rate it. It's on del.icio.us popular.
  12. REGEDIT.EXE by default is not hidden or marked as a protected os file. And in my XP Home SP2, regedit is in WINDOWS folder, not sys32, so try looking there first. Read that.
  13. Deleted it. There was a regedit.com in system32 folder, hidden and marked as a OS file.
  14. Before, I used to type "regedit" into the Run Dialog (Windows Key + R), and RegEdit would open. I recently got a small virus/worm and this no longer happens for me anymore. What happens when is a MS-DOS window opens, with the title (no quotes): “C:\WINDOWS\system32\regedit.com”. And CPU usage storms to 100% while it does nothing. I can access RegEdit if I open it manual or using a shortcut, but this method no longer works, when it should. Can anyone please help me fix this? I really need you help. See the attached file to see how it looks. This worm was Win32/VB.D worm. PLEASE HELP?
  15. I have now tried NOD32, the lastest build, not beta. I think it is OK. I hate it when I am shuting down the PC, the floppy start ake noise. I found one virus (well worm), and it couldn't remove it, so it deleted the file. It deleted winupdate.exe and now I can't get manual updates. I got a feeling Kaspersky is MUCH better, well for me anyways. See the attachment for usage of NOD32.
  16. I'm sorry to bump this topic, but I don't want to start a new on for a small thing. I have requested the media for Windows Vista as I am a beta tester. This will be the first time I use and install Vista. I was wondering how long it would take the media to arrive. Anyone know? Have you people got yours yet in the post?
  17. What advantages does NOD32 have over Kaspersky? And... What advantages does Kaspersky have over NOD32?
  18. I have never heard of NOD32, until on this forum. What so good about it? I don't have AV since they take up too manu resources on my slow machine.
  19. Bon Echo Alpha3 Released! For those of you who do not know what this is: Here's more info: http://developer.mozilla.org/devnews/index...stone-released/ And get it here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/fir...bonecho/alpha3/
  20. This should really be Windows Vista now. Damm I hate code-names.
  21. Win XP Home that's the only one I use.
  22. Sorry for bumping, but did you install the chip yourself? Also I have a v12 PS2 (slimline), so it will not work on that, accoriding to the site. Do you know the best modchip for a v12 ps2? Please reply people.

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