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  1. errm, i thought this was the board for stupid and funny polls!
  2. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...+shot&hl=en check out that link to see a pimp get shot LOL
  3. Banned


    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...=bomb&hl=en check out that link that i found, its a funny video on bombing iran hehe, its cruel but classic
  4. I personally roll over 446197 times per hour LOL
  5. blueyonder but the 10mb connection feels like 2!
  6. pentium 4 all the way! apart from when i bend all those pins and spend 6 hors fixin em lol
  7. well he wouldnt be able to read all these comments anyway his glasses are too thick
  8. more than likely a problem with some hardware you added or a device failure, i will search a bit on it and let you know whay i find >>>EDIT<<< Ok its obvious to me now that microsoft suck donkey d**k considering they dont even have info on their own errors, sorry bro i cant find anything
  9. personally i think those prices are terrible, thank god for p2p
  10. Can someone put all the fles in a zip folder and send it me please i need these files but the download link is dead... thanks
  11. yes nlite will create the dvd iso automatically when you go over 700mb, just burn iso to dvd with alcohol or nero or whatever... unattended dvds take longer to install tho EDIT - removed advertising - tain
  12. hi all, i need someone to send me the pro1.zip file as the flyeakite forum is down and i need it to proceed with my multiboot thanks EDIT - Removed advertising - tain
  13. hi there, i need the pro1,zip file but the server to download the file is down, can someone pls send it me it would be much appreciated thanks [ Removed advertising ]

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