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  1. I have an idea and here is the breakdown 400 locations 1 server per location different data in the local db at each location ___________________________________________________________ Now there has to be away for all the dbases to merge into 1 master db The flow chart above shows what i am thinking. I have been trying out a bunch of nix distro's and i like opensuse for this. For the db i think mysql if it will run on opensuse Well suggestions guys i need them honest only
  2. I have been trying to find the wild card search key for php. Remember back in dose if you did a dir images*.jpg, it would return all files named imagesXX.jpg I need to do something similar in php. Anyone know what the wild card is?
  3. I saw this article http://news.com.com/Microsoft+boxes+up+Vis..._3-6043222.html and it states to get they have a volume licensing deal. But the article was Published: February 26, 2006 does anyone know if this is still true?
  4. Is he going to be working on the opening music too? For som reason i was/am still looking forward to a new logon theme...
  5. You may not be able to do that. Your best bet maybe install the controller and then do a repair install, what roll is this server playing?
  6. While I need to buy some more dvd blanks, I dont think DVD's are the awnser.
  7. And if the cd's clean and NOT scratched then what?
  8. some data comes out of ms access, sql 2000 and others are regular html, asp coded pages. All webservers are w2k3 web edition.
  9. I have a few documents that was made with ms word 2003 and i tried to put them in pdf using RoboPDF 2.0. the documents have the company logo on it and when i look at in pdf it looks blurry how can i fix that?
  10. Is there any easy way to generate rss automatically instead going to every xml file and updating it by hand? I am not using php on my website some html and other .net
  11. I have photoshop but it's not install. I do have Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 install how can i do it with paintshop?
  12. yeah i tested it out and it didn't find the drivers for my nic which is a common 3com nic. but w/e
  13. How do you add a gradiant image over pic like the i have attached?

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