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  1. Of course I have everything installed from here, except the "new" uSP, since I already have an older version installed.. ..That's all I have, I think.. I mean, if I'd know why this would happen I wouldn't ask.. Meanwhile I read that every now and then firefox refreshes the news etc.. Maybe it's that, but I don't know why that would need this heavy hdd-access; -hopefully it's no malware.. Anyways, in the first place I just wanted to know what browser is the latest one working... So let me ask it this way and make some kind of poll out of it: What browser do you people use?? And I've tried the version 10.02. But it seems to lock up if there is something coming in from the net (..or why this ever happens).. The CPU goes up and that's it. Oh, and I have a new question: Does anyone know a place where to find the old "sysinternals"-tools? I wanted to take a look at the hdd-activity with "diskmon", -then I noticed that I don't have that software around. - Bad luck.
  2. Hey there, I just dropped in to ask if someone knows what Forefox-version is the latest one working by now?! Or better, what is the best one working?? I know 3.5.19 is the last one with working bookmarks. Bot what's about the 3.6.xx? Or what's about one of the rather recent ones? Are the new features working, or why would it be worth upgrading? I thought before trying each one from V6 to ~V20, and maybe missing some problems although they seem to work just fine at first glance, I'd ask here... I somewhere read something about a working ~V10.. But I can't find it anymore. And would that be the latest/best? Related to this is the following thing: Does anyone know why Firefox 3.5.19 (I guess all 3.5.x) is from time to time accessing my hdd so intensively?? And are newer versions behaving like that as well? -So is that normal?? I hope someone can help me out, because I honestly have no idea.. Bye
  3. "..neither is free..." - Is it still possible to buy these old versions, at all???? Jumper, and why don't you use a rather up-to-date version?? ..why not at least version 6?! Oh and if the syntax is all the same, and the language is already a little older.. why should one always use the most recent version?! The overall pc-architecture does not change, - there are only some hardware-standards introduced in the meantime maybe. Something like SSE4000, but most software seems to work just fine with SSE2, so... One more question related to this: Will the software created with an older IDE be "upwards-compatible"?? Just in case I would want to use things I programmed on the old machine somewhere else, or give it to a friend... If I use something with kex, would you tell if it's rather like "give it a try, and if it works it works" or like "it might work at first glance but there will be lots of unexpected weird things going on under the surface.." So will it rather be clearly working or not at all?! I'd guess esp. with programming-software it's not a good idea to use a half-working software..
  4. So what's going to work better?! The 2.8 or the 2.6.10 version?? If eg. the Gsgl-plugins don't work, is there anything else that didn't work in 2.6.10 but does now?? Will it be hard to "patch" the 2.8.x version myself?! And if not so, could you give a brief overview on how to do this..?! ..And if you wonder why noone downloads the software, I'd guess that's because one has to register to download (even for the "free download")... and I do not really want to .. ..and, well I don't have the biggest trust in these sites, but I guess the file is too big for uploading it on this forum!? Oh and I didn't take a look, but is there a remark somewhere that reminds the people of your Gimp-version?? ..In the "software for w98"-corner, or in case you upload it (..or better the newest version..) again, maybe "stickify" that topic.. otherways it'll just vanish once more. Or is there any good reason not to install this software at all? -I guess it is and will be the most recent version of a painting-software for w98, so I think this would justify it all.. And if there is a chance to use newer software then only with a new KEX-version. ..but until then...
  5. Uhh, that explains alot... thanks! ..The "gsgl"-plugins.. are you shure they don't work with w98??? As far as they already were included in the "Gimp painter 2.6.10"(there definitively has been packed lots of extra-stuff inside), and as long as I remember correctly, I had no problems using them.... At least I'm pretty shure that everything that was shipped with that distro was working just fine!
  6. Hey, thank you all! It's really hard for me to decide, and that's the case in general! So I already was happy to have taken C(C++) as a language... But that's only because I think most people are using it..and to just in case be able to program microcontrollers (is this possible with a different language?!). Actually I already downloaded "Lazarus", but only to have it around... Is there an easy answer to the quenstion, about the need for all these languages, and all the compilers per language??? Especially since a PC's architecture more or less always is the same..!? ..So why eg. "VC6" instead of "Dev-C++"?! "Visual C++ 6".. from 1998?! maybe that's really a little too ancient... and one doesn't seem to get it anywhere.. Jumper, just to get you right, non of the listed ones is for w98 (except open watcom, I guess)?! Jds, that's the one I'm missing.. Delphi 5... If it was available for download, is it still somewhere?? This just leads to a more general quenstion: If a developer suddenly decides to refuse sharing his/her free software, what's about 3rd parties sharing copies of it??? - And if that's no problem, does anyone have such a copy..?! Actually I even have a CD with Delphi5 on it around, but its foil has some bigger scratches... It seems one has to register for Turbo C... And since I don't know what's the difference anyways, I'll just take another one... I actually don't know what I'm doing, but I think I'll not go for DOS...since I occasionally will be programming for rather modern OSes as well...I hope... Ultimatively (no, rather as a first bigger step), I'd like to write some socalled "externals" for the brilliant software "Pure Data". That will, on windows, result in a ".dll". And one general question.. What is the biggest difference between all those compilers?? Or are they all the same, and if so are there some standards they are build after?? Or why don't I need a whole new manual per compiler?? ...obviously they are more or less the same (per language), otherways a texteditor would have problems highlighting etc...
  7. ...Gimp 2.8 works??! Did you do anything special to achieve that? I think it was not working here.. maybe because that machine just uses SSE1... that might have been the reason.
  8. Hello, I recently started textbased programming, C(/C++) to be more precisely.., and in short, I am looking for free IDEs that (still) work with w98+kex(+...). Could anyone give me a clue?! If you, the reader, are programming, no matter in what language, what IDE do you use?? I searched the whole internet, ...honestly... , for IDE, but actually for "modern Windows". What a mass! WHAT A MASS of software.. I'm a little overwhelmed since I just started... Now the aspect of not having the big choice on w98, for me definitifely is an advatage... otherways I'd always question to use the best IDE at that moment.. But at least I found one or two pieces of software that should work on (even original!) w98: -Dev-C++ (the old version from 2005*) *..if I remember correctly.. -Open Watcom (from 2010) ...and that's it?? Will it be a good idea to use "non-w98"-IDEs?? ..and what's the better one, and why? I did not try anything on the w98-machine, since I fear to ruin that system with the wrong IDE...if that's possible at all..?! And to spread this thread just a little over the whole windows-area, I'd like to know, what is your favorite IDE in general?? -Or no IDE at all, just a "programmers"-texteditor?! ..but again, I'm just getting started, and doing it as an hobby.. What's about eg. "Codeblocks", or "PellesC", or better one of the million others??
  9. Hey, ..I totally forgot about this... ...well, THANK YOU! You obviously were a little more optimistic than me... And seeing what one is painting usually makes more sense.. I have given up on that, so I just used different software in the meantime, but you made it! Bring out the Gimp again. I know, -shame on me... I didn't think it was so easy.. Now the question is if this was just working in the past, or if it was deactivated for the initial installation?!? To be honest, this time I just installed it over the old files, followed by several un- and reinstalls... maybe I shouldn't have done that... I'd still be very interested if anyone else had this problem.. or what's your "View/Show Layer Boundary"-state ?
  10. Hello, please excuse my ignorance, but what is this?!? Since KEX seems to be dead, or at least frozen, this sounds like it's successor... But it does not sound like some kind of end-user software. Is there something like a database sothat one just can install it resulting in more programs working/starting?? As far as I can see you have to be a programmer to use this, right?! I am a graphical programmer if at all... But I do not really have an idea of windows file-types etc.. I guess I should in order to use this?!? So can't you make something like an update for KEX out of this??? That would be the easiest (..at least for anyone but you guys.. )
  11. Hey, I know "don't mix em", but did someone actually try to just install this pack ontop of eg. the AutoPatcher?? And what happend?? I mean if it's not working I'd have to reinstall windows anyways... And in relation to that, can anyone recommend a good free (hdd-, OS- or whatever)-backup-software for this old OS?!? And one more: Could this help me with the "GIMP-bug", I just posted? I mean is there the potential...actually it was already working without this pack in the past, but anyways.. PS.: If I'm not completely wrong, this pack is as good as complete now!? So what's about adding some diagnostics-software, or other system-software to it? Personally I don't have problems with 3rd-party stuff, but even the ms-related things are not bad.. like eg. the Process-Explorer.
  12. Hey, it has be a while, and I hope you are all fine, ...but that doesn't mean it's all working.. I have very strange problems with the GIMP... I have used v. 2.6.10, but it's just the same with v. 2.2. The software starts as usual and even works without crashing etc... But there is an unusual graphical glitch: If you open a new page, there is a tiny yellow/black striped frame around it...(should be) (Depending on the editing mode maybe green/black stripes) Now actually this frame seems to be just a filled rectangle that is a little bigger than the page laying beneath it! Now the problem is, for me it is on top!! That's it... I can draw something, and see it for that time, but as I release the mouse-button this "frame-rectangle" just goes to the top again... The funny thing is, that this program was just working fine on an older windows-installation (I could even use some plugins that were said not to be working with w98 ..if I remember correctly...) I have reinstalled it without any change.. That GUI is some type of extra-software right?!? Could it be IT..? Idk, I'm not really into that matter... Or maybe I'm missing some important updates?!? But what.. Now is anyone using some graphical software, especially this one with success??? If so, what version would that be..?! And does anybody know what to do with this bug?? I am helpless..
  13. Funny how some useful posts vanish... ...bloating a 70page thread, haha... However, just have a look at the u98sesp3-dl-page. In big red letter there is written:"ALL THE PROBLEMS AND ISSUES WHATEVER THEY ARE CONCERNING U98SESP3.EXE MUST BE POSTED ON THE FORUM." And if one recommends making a backup, why not tell how?? Especially if the answer can be as simple as "http://clonezilla.org/" ..thanks for the hint again..
  14. Thanks for testing.. That's strange, I never had problems with wish85 and didn't have to edit a file to make pd0.42.5 run. I just had to change the reg-file and set some %pathes%, if I remember correctly.. It's just that "metro"-object crashing Pd, and maybe others I didn't try. Besides, the "vanilla"-versions all seem to work just fine! Anyways, it doesn't seem to be a gerneral problem and might work somehow or maybe in the final build..
  15. ...why not? I mean to choose whatever suits me best, works best when I know what's there to choose from.. But you don't know of any problem the backup software can produce and out of that reason didn't mention it, right?? Oh and btw. One problem with new software is that it might install some new incompatible systemfiles, is it a good idea to protect some files from overwriting?? ..Like in "modern" windows..

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