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  1. Last version for the 16 bit colour mode is Flash
  2. You have seen this? I believe we 've to look in the future,too, otherwise Opera 13 will not work anymore on ME/98 next year. Yes, I had installed version 12.02 RC1 and it works.
  3. Still no success to install and run Opera 12.5 alpha build 1546. The installer crashed, but I unpacked it with 7Zip. Opera starts with comp. mode Win2000. Unfortunately I get an internal connection error. Kstub822.ini: [iPHLPAPI.DLL] GetAdaptersAddresses=r120s5 (the same result with z5e before)
  4. Test 1: contents=std,Kstub822,kexbases,kexbasen =>The IE script error occurs, if I try to open the control panel. Details: An error occurred in the script on this page. Line: 107 Char: 21 Error: permission denied Code: 0 URL: file://C:\Windows\Web\controlp.htt Kstub822.log: (= Kernel32.dll:GetSystemWow64DirectoryA=z2e120 = (appears, if I try to install java with the exe installer)) = Shlwapi.dll:SHRegisterValidateTemplate=t2 = Test 2: contents=std,kexbases,kexbasen,Kstub822 with these options: Core.ini [ApiConfigurations] default=3 set compatibility mode of Explorer.exe to "Windows Millennium" comment out: [Kernel32.dll] ;GetUserGeoID comment out: [shlwapi.dll] ;SHRegisterValidateTemplate The control panel opens! The Kstub822.log file is empty.
  5. A new function must be added for Opera 12.5 alpha build 1546: [iPHLPAPI.DLL] GetAdaptersAddresses It isn't necessary for build 1513.
  6. Same for 8.22 with the following 'core.ini' entries : [DCFG1] contents=Kstub822,std,kexbases,kexbasen [NT2K.names] ComDlg32.PrintDlgExA=Kstub822.0 ComDlg32.PrintDlgExW=Kstub822.0 Joe. Confirmed: So far no problems with version 822 and there isn't any log entry. If I change the sequence to "contents=std,kexbases,kexbasen,Kstub822", I still get these log entries: = Kernel32.dll:GetUserGeoID=t1 = = Shlwapi.dll:SHRegisterValidateTemplate=t2 = And I still can't open the control panel. Shlwapi.dll is installed with IE6 SP1 and KernelEX is set by XENO to disabled. What's correct for Java updates 32+ "Kernel32.dll:GetSystemWow64DirectoryA"=((NTSTATUS)0xC0000002L) or =e1? Entry "z2e" works, but probable wrong. MS says: On 32-bit Windows, the function always fails, and the extended error is set to ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.
  7. So far I can't see any problems with version 816, if the sequence in the core.ini is: "contents=Kstub816,std,kexbases,kexbasen"
  8. The new control panel "FlashPlayerCPLApp.cpl" was introduced with version 10.3. It fails to launch on my ME systems, too. It is a known issue.
  9. Alteration of the sequence in the core.ini from "contends=std,kexbases,kexbasen,Kstub730" to "contents=Kstub730,std,kexbases,kexbasen" solves the problem.
  10. what combinations of responses have or haven't worked for you? All combinations work to open a folder, but no combination work to open the control panel. Does your system that is not having a problem happen to be SE, or not have all the same SP's/upgrades? I corrected the post #50. The IE script error occurred on all three Win ME test systems. The SP1 isn't installed. Installed: 1. IE6 SP1 2. DirectX9c 3. NetFramework 1.1 and 2.0 4. unicows.dll (1.1.3790.0) 5. VisualBasic 6.0 SP6 (vbrun60sp6.exe) 6. MDAC 2.81 SP1 7. VisualC++ red 2005 (SP) and 2008 8. MS Win ME Update User / GDI 9. GDIPLUS (WinXP)
  11. The next thing would be to try the older definitions with Kstub730.dll. You can do this by removing Kstub730.ini--Kstub730 will use Kexstubs.ini if it doesn't find Kstub30.ini. (Kstub626.dll also has this feature. Do you mean Kexstubs.ini = stubs.ini of version 626 and I have to paste it in the KernelEx folder? If so, then I always get questions of Kexstub730 before opening a new Explorer window: Shlwapi.dll:SHRegisterValidateTemplate=t2? SetLastError (1/0) [Yes/No] more options [Cancel] and Shlwapi.dll:SHRegisterValidateTemplate=t2? return -1/0 [Yes/no] more options [Cancel]
  12. Kstub730.log file: = Shlwapi.dll:SHRegisterValidateTemplate=t2 ? = = Kernel32.dll:GetUserGeoID=t1 =
  13. After updating to 730 an IE script error occured in windows\web\controlp.htt, if I tried open the control panel. This happened on two of three machines. Run => regsvr32 webvw.dll doesn't work. Downgrading to 626 fixed the error.
  14. Kstub730.ini: [ComDlg32.dll] PrintDlgExA=>ComDlgKs.dll:PrintDlgExA PrintDlgExW=>ComDlgKs:PrintDlgExW I think it should be PrintDlgExW=>ComDlgKs.dll:PrintDlgExW !?
  15. The pluginwrapper often causes a high cpu and ram usage link on supported and recent systems. Considering these facts maybe it doesn't make any sense to start the wrapper on ten years old and older systems, assuming that we manage to fix the problem possibly with Kexstubs. I am convinced, that this tool has high potential and offers many possibilities. I had begun to search the missing api's, but it seem to be a lot. Comparative easy was to find the four missing API's to start Opera 12.5 alpha. The new Tool Ktree is very helpful. How jumper said we need a DependencyWalker-like tool that is Kex-aware. To find and drop the already supported functions would be no longer required.
  16. Maybe three years ago I had read the topic and so I'm not familiar with the ServicePack. I had to read the whole topic once more. Usually I don't install it. What I immediately install is: 1. IE6 SP1 (I use OutlookExpress) 2. DirectX9c (directx8.1) 3. NetFramework 1.1 and 2.0 4. unicows.dll (1.1.3790.0) 5. Adaptec Aspi 4.71.2 ( version 4.6 included in the Pack) 6. VisualBasic 6.0 SP6 (vbrun60sp6.exe) 7. USB 2.0 ME driver 8. MDAC 2.81 SP1 9. VisualC++ red 2005 (SP) and 2008 10. 48bit LBA driver (included in the Pack) 11. KernelEX 4.5.2 12. RevolutionsPack 9.7.2 13. SafeModePatch 14. in the future MSXML4 SP2 15. NTFS for Win98 if needed 16. Tihiy's Network activity indicator 17. MS ProcessExplorer, chipset driver, graphics driver, ..... The numbering isn't the chronology.
  17. Ok, just so I'm clear on this - does "Universal Extractor" run on win98/Kex? I'm finding that it seems to hang while giving the message "Testing 7-Zip installer" when I try to process the flash-player-install exe file. It also doesn't seem to process the msi file without throwing up some sort of error that I can't figure out. If the Universal Extractor method is not the method that you were indicating in post 76, then the (only?) alternative is to watch for someone to post a file-locker link to the flash DLL file. I've no experience with the Universal Extractor. I also just tried to extract the exe with that tool on ME and XP without success. But why should indicate the link on post 76 to the Universal Extractor? Quote: "Download NPSWF32.zip (size 4.22 MB, version 11.3.300.268), unzip NPSWF32.dll and place it inside program\plugins inside Opera installation directory." => unzip NPSWF32.dll with 7Zip or another unpacker. Extracting the dll file from the exe doesn't solve your problem. You already have the file.
  18. It works fine. This new .268 DLL is exactly the same file-size as the previous .265 file, but file-compare shows more than 10 byte-differences. Is there any way to get the 10mb MSI file (flashplayer11_3r300_268_win.msi) other than by downloading the "archived" 100mb developer file (fp_11.3.300.268_archive.zip) ? Does Adobe give a direct link to the MSI file? I run the MSI file, get two errors which I dismiss, then go to the \SYSTEM\MACROMED\FLASH directory and rename the new DLL file (remove the version info from the file name) and that's all. Is running the MSI file necessary at all? Can you just obtain the new DLL file and copy it over the old one? I've unpacked the MSI file with 7-zip, and then unpacked the single .cab file inside it, and then used 7-zip to unpack the single .exe file inside the cab file, but after all that I still can't end up with the DLL file. Where is it? We've different possibilities to run it. Downloads: 1. msi => post 63 2. dll file => post 76
  19. My default mode: KernelEx is enabled. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KernelEx "DisableExtensions"=dword:0x00000000 (0). Thanks for corrections and explanations.
  20. How to install Opera 12.5 alpha for testing. I added these API's to [secur32.dll]: Please jumper correct them, I'm not sure. LsaEnumerateLogonSessions=z2e LsaFreeReturnBuffer=z1e LsaGetLogonSessionData=z2e InitSecurityInterfaceW= It doesn't work stable and of course the plugins don't run and I can't add buttons to the toolbars. The comp. mode must be Win2000SP4 for installation and running (the default mode isn't possible anymore). [NTDLL.DLL] vsprintf=z3e for latest Sumatra PDF
  21. Only for Flash Player versions 10.0.xx you had to fake the OS. ... why was it necessary in this case? Think it's a difference of the installer version check. It isn't nessessary for all other versions (comp. mode default)! AFAIK it's always recommended to change back the Version and VersionNumber (98SE: 4.10.2222 or 4.10.2222A). HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion: Default (value not set). And nothing else.
  22. Why do you have these registry entries? Generally there is no need. In individual cases it can be necessary to fake the OS version for a setup. It's recommended to delete the string "CurrentVersion 5.1" afterwards. CurrentVersion=5.1 is to fake windows XP.
  23. Yes I can confirm FindActCtxSectionStringW is a culprit. OO starts successfully and runs fine. But I have a problem with the Foxit Reader 5.x. It refused to start, if I try to start it from the desktop shortcut. Error starting program The IPHLPAPI.dll file canot start. Check the file to determine the problem. It starts from the start menu shortcut or from foxit.exe in the program folder.

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