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  1. Is there any need about core.20i? Or do I have to rename it to core.ini (and overwrite or delete the old core.ini)? Actual content (not updatet yet) of CBAKK.ini: [ApiConfigurations] default=0 0=DCFG1 1=WIN95 2=WIN98 3=WINME 4=NT40 5=NT2K 6=WINXP 7=WIN2K3 8=VISTA 9=WIN2K8 10=NOHEAP [DCFG1] contents=std,kexbases,kexbasen desc=Default mode [DCFG1.names.98] KERNEL32.GetVersion=std GDI32.SetWorldTransform=kexbases.0 GDI32.GetRandomRgn=std GDI32.SetGraphicsMode=std GDI32.GetTextMetricsA=std GDI32.GetWorldTransform=std GDI32.ModifyWorldTransform=std GDI32.SetMapMode
  2. Hardware specs on that machine: AMD Athlon XP, 2075 MHz 512 MB (PC2700 Virtual Channel DDR SDRAM) ... But I don't suppose that hardware is the problem for freezing javascript because of Retrozila with JS enabled doesn't freez, also KM74 (under WinXP) doesn't freeze (only causes JS error messages) on the same machine. OS: Microsoft Windows 98 SE 4.10.2222A (Win98 SE) with (if I remember correctly) some minor bugfixes (I would have to search for more details) Kernelex files: CBAKK.INI KERNELEX.DLL KEXBASES.DLL KEXBASEN.DLL sheet.dll kexCOM.dll verify.exe License.txt Release
  3. Palemoon 25.4.1 didn't work because of MSVCR110.DLL wasn't found allegedly, whether it was in the palemoon file directory. I don't think that's a router firewall problem (here) because of Kmeleon74 works under WinXP (with other minor problems) on the same machine with Javascript enabled. Retrozilla with Javascript enabled works under Win98SE, but has on the other hand more problems displaying "modern" websites than Kmeleon74.
  4. I didn't visit msfn.org for a long time, and now I re-visited here and found this thread. Just for fun I downloaded some newer Firefox-Versions (portable and non-portable) and tried to launch them. Surprise: Only with a few modifications especially FF 31.8.0 portable immediately started! By the way, wiithout XPCOM-not-found-error. The only thing I had to do was to set KernelEx compability mode for firefox.exe and xul.dll to Windows XP SP2. No need to set anything in any *.ini-file. The installed KernelEx files are mainly version 4.05.2016.16. I can publish content of core.ini and K
  5. Does the setting: <...msvcr80.dll in the KM Program Folder to Base (Kexbases,Kexbasen)...> in KM74 prevent KMeleon from freezing if Javascript is enabled? KMeleon74 can open many websites, but doesn't work if javascript is required.
  6. I tested an arbitrary youtube site and found indeed that value in its source code. But in FF9.0.1 there's no possibility to change text/values in source code view; it's just for viewing. I tried to save a youtube site ("completely") and to edit the *.html file with a hex editor, but in the so created website the youtube video still didn't work. How exactly did you proceed? For now, the only method to view youtube is that method with bookmarklets. Maybe it would be possible to write a more comfortable bookmarklet or extension, which will automatically create download links while
  7. Same result here. It seems they've changed something regarding HTML5(?). Although Firefox 9.0.1 is principially able to play HTML5-embedded videos, youtube is no longer working. A current workaround: You could create a so-called bookmarklet (i.e. a bookmark) with the following URL: javascript:(function(d){d.PwnBkmkVer=3;d.body.appendChild(d.createElement('script')).src='https://deturl.com/ld.asp?'+1*new%20Date;})(document); You have to call this link while a youtube video is "playing" (better: is not playing) and you will get some links with the video in several file formats. It'
  8. As far as I remember correctly it's a font file from WinXP.
  9. I've downgraded all KernelEx-files to version 16. Result: The security-component-errors don't occur again. Even Kmeleon does (principially) work with that version of KernelEx, but it's a little bit buggy, and e.g. youtube doesn't work properly.
  10. I got a version from here k-meleon-74-windows-9x-edition from roytam. I'll try your tip with the db-files. Maybe some files from firefox are working(?). I also found out a strange behaviour. For tests I wanted to create a new firefox 9.0.1 profile. But it didn't work; I got the same error like with Kmeleon: However, my "old" firefox 9.0.1 profile did still work. After downgrading KernelEx from 2016.17 to 4.5.2 that strange "security-component"-error was gone away! So I suppose it has something to do with 2016.17-version; maybe only one file. Also with an older versio
  11. For me, youtube is still(!) working in FF 9.0.1. A general problem seems to be that youtube (and other sites with videos) have started to "eliminate" Adobe's Flash player, which worked fine. Howewer, fullscreen mode in youtube doesn't work, but that's better than nothing. As far as I remember I had changed something in Firefox' about:config regarding media(?) to prevent videos from jerking, but I'm not sure. Regarding to the "strange characters problem": I had have exactly the same problem with Firefox 9.0.1, too. If I remember correctly (I'm not sure whether I will now forget someth
  12. I tried "Kmeleon 74 windows9x edition". With the "original" KernelEx 4.5.2 version that Kmeleon version didn't start. But with the latest KernelEx 4.5.2016.17 it started at lesat - a partial(?) success! However unfortunatelyI noticed some issues: 1.) @mindingulove At first I can confirm your observation regarding the "could not initialize..."-error. You can see a screenshot below. 2.) It seems that it's (as a consequence of issue 1 ?!) not possible to open any(!?) site with "https". You can also see an example sceenshot below. 3.) Every time I try to add a bookm
  13. Until now it was (as far as I know) impossible to use any Java Plugin in Firefox 3.6.* or higher. So the last Firefox version which is usable is 3.5.19. But now I've read some news about several KernelEx updates here. So here's now me question: Is anybody out there who managed it meanwhile to run a Java Plugin (I'm thinking especially about the Java next-gen-plugin) in FF 3.6.* or higher (including until FF 9.0.*)? The non-working Java Plugin in FF 3.6.* or higher is a reason why to stay at FF 3.5.19.
  14. Is the "paste button" (or similarly) in CorelDraw active (i.e. not greyed out) if you previously have selected "copy graphic" in SeaMonkey? Do you use an older or newer CorelDraw version? Firefox 3.5.19 is a "KernelEx browser". So if copying works (does it?) with Firefox 3.5.19 your problem should not be a general KernelEx issue. If I were you I would try/test the following: - Try to copy&paste from an old SeaMonkey version into your current CorelDraw version. - Try to copy&paste from FF 3.5.19 version into your current CorelDraw version. - Try to copy&paste from current SM 2.0.14
  15. After trying some fonts (especially for working with MathML) I stayed in conclusion at the font "Symbola". I modified the newest version a little bit; i.e. improved some integral symbols and compressed the font file symbola_hint.ttf by deleting emtpy glyphs so that it has only 3,19 MB now. Symbola has not all symbols (e.g. chinese or japanese symbols are missing), but many Unicode symbols are included. Actual screenshot from http://www.w3.org/Math/testsuite/build/main/Characters/Blocks/02190_Arrows-full.xhtml with Symbola: @ MiKl How did you install that font FontAwesome? I tested it by
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