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  1. So ? Sorry, mmh i think yes, the resolutions points are set in the inf files .. think you meen resolution like 1280x720 or higher. They will work!
  2. Using? Oh ... there were so many files and folders ... and than .. a mistake Doesn´t dedect Geforce 7800GS? What kind of card is it? PCI-E or AGP?
  3. Don´t have said that AGP cards can not be installed, but only I do not know whether these function. I´m still working at the Driver Package. mmh .. I need to unpack the installation files of NVIDIA newer Driver packages. But there are keys in the cab files .. Anyone have an idea?
  4. This Driver Package supports only the PCI-Express cards. Im still working on the next version, who contains AGP Cards too. Think it will be able in a few minutes for downloading. Also i found a failure in the frequency table, this will be fixed now!
  5. mmh .. the *.inf file ist named NVAML.INF and must be in the extracted folder of the archive. The rar archive contains the .inf-file .. have checked this!
  6. Sorry, have not added an installer yet! Unrar the Rar file. Go to System Properties and update the driver manual.
  7. I hope so the driver worked fine for me, test and mod it on my own system.
  8. Back in Action & Reupload it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxP1VJf8kaXobWZmc3ZlNkZMVWM?usp=sharing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello, have modded the Nvidia Driver Packages 81.85, 82.69 and 93.71 . These Driver supports Geforce 6/7 and 8 series AGP/PCI-Express devices for Windows98SE/ME. Hope the drivers will work fine for all. For addional information read the Readme.txt. UPDATE: 12-05-2007 Repack NVIDIA Installer! Fixed frequency table! Added
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