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  1. (FontAwesome ICON font for symbols in head block, 3dots, post editor etc.) Thanks for confirmation, great! Have meanwhile tested those prefs in KM1.5.4 (Firefox 2) and it actually works there too, which means it should also work in Retrozilla, same engine. And after some more research am getting the impression my assumption above about new, separate prefs in younger browsers was wrong, they still need the same method too. By the way have discovered the forum does NOT download the font from Google, unlike most other sites Instead it's loaded from the own domain directly. That's defined as "@font-face" in style xxxxxx_framework.css, it contains download-links for various types, as modern woff, eot, svg - and for old systems as truetype: /board/applications/core/interface/font/fontawesome-webfont.ttf?v=4.7.0 .
  2. Regarding the "messy icons / weird rectangles" prob: found a great workaround-solution, even for Firefox 3.5 era browsers Just add FontAwesome to the family list of your normal browser fonts! This method works FAST and respects PRIVACY. It does NOT need to allow websites to download fonts, and does NOT even need to allow websites to "chose" other fonts. (except a few extra creative website who create their very own individual icon fonts) More details: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176837-disable-web-fonts-in-google-chromemozilla-firefox/?do=findComment&comment=1193872 .
  3. Just discovered something, and to quote you from yesterday: YAY!!! After some searching and googling have actually managed to get those "weird rectangles" aka Symbol fonts or Icons fonts, which are used e.g. in the headers on MSFN, to show up correctly even in ancient K-Meleon1.6 (Firefox3.5)! And without allowing any font downloading or even font-chosing for websites, ha! That trick probably works even in stone-age FF2, but will try later. First, you need of course to have a LOCAL icon font installed, which contains those symbols. Actually I had downloaded that omnipresent infamous "Awesomefont" from google awhile back already and wasn't aware of it anymore. And in old systems only truetype fonts work, not yet woff etc. If just having that font installed isn't already enough to get those icons showing up, then proceed with step-2: customize your default fonts in the browser. HOWTO: in OLD browser have created those NEW prefs on about:config: pref("font.name-list.sans-serif.x-western", "Arial, Symbola, FontAwesome, Segoe UI Emoji, OpenSansEmoji, Microsoft Sans Serif"); pref("font.name-list.sans-serif.x-unicode", "Arial, Symbola, FontAwesome, Segoe UI Emoji, OpenSansEmoji, Microsoft Sans Serif"); pref("font.name-list.serif.x-western", "Times New Roman, Symbola, FontAwesome, Segoe UI Emoji, OpenSansEmoji, Arial"); pref("font.name-list.serif.x-unicode", "Times New Roman, Symbola, FontAwesome, Segoe UI Emoji, OpenSansEmoji, Arial"); Important: Those 4 prefs are only EXAMPLES, only affect WESTERN and UNICODE language groups. There are TONS more such prefs which you may have to adjust too if needed, e.g. language groups for x-cyrillic, x-central-euro, etc. There seem to exist a hundred language groups on about:config... So, for VERY OLD BROWSERS the trick is: Just ADD awesomefont to your NORMAL font list for the browser! (The other fonts in the pref are individual, whichever normal fonts you may have or like) Acc Web the symbol font may have to be at the BEGIN of the list. But have now tested and they work just as well if placed BEHIND the normal main font, like Arial. Perhaps other browsers/versions may need it at begin instead, but should be no prob either, since AF contains ONLY those "weird symbols" and nothing else it seems. For YOUNGER BROWSERS: probably works too, but would NOT create those prefs, since there are almost surely (?) better ways now. New NATIVE prefs for that kind of symbol or icon fonts, so they can be set separately. No clue which name, would look around on about:config, which font families sound promising... or search web. .
  4. LOL! That's what forums are here for after all ("Mysterious" messed rectangles / icon fonts) But guess what? Just realized I can see those Rectangle-Icons as graphics too, at least those in top header line etc, in my ancient machine! Although I had suspected this all along, since investigating that stuff some 2 years ago, but meanwhile partly forgotten again. Now found to my surprise, I had actually at some point downloaded and installed this infamous "Awesomefont" locally! So now just tried to add it to my browser default fonts, but didn't work at first. Then toggled browser setting "Allow websites to use other fonts" - and bingo! (browser.display.use_document_fonts = 1) Installing Awesomefont locally means the font download can be forbidden again in prefs. That was fun for a moment, but now it also dimly dawns again, guess it had worked in the past too, at some point. Not all letters on this old machine, only those on the "lower unicode planes", but then had trouble with allowing "other fonts". Many websites started looking worse, using another font as Arial, so I toggled it off again. And will do that again now, just try to remember for the future how it works when wanting to check for a moment which letters some website shows... .
  5. For fellow sufferers on really OLD Browsers, e.g. K-Meleon1.6/Firefox3.5 or KM74/Firefox24 or similar, have yesterday fiddled with 2 little workarounds. Not pretty but at least avoids needing to disable ALL page styles completely. 1) Unhide the REPORT / EDIT-Links: https://msfn.org/board/topic/180462-my-browser-builds-part-2/?do=findComment&comment=1193762 2) Flip up the MENU on Profile name (on top, if logged in) https://msfn.org/board/topic/180462-my-browser-builds-part-2/?do=findComment&comment=1193769 This may stop working anytime, as the forum software update isn't quite finished yet. Those codes go into file userContent.css in profile folder/chrome/, or whatever other method anyone may use. .
  6. @XPerceniol user_pref("gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled", false); user_pref("gfx.downloadable_fonts.woff2.enabled", false); That means you had forbidden to download icon FONTS at every page visit. Usually linked directly from googlefonts (probably great for tracking), as all major websites do nowadays. Your other settings are probably innocent...
  7. Forum style probs, more SELFHELP stuff: No clue what this does (messes?) in younger browsers, but in KM1.6/FF3.5 this shows the Hover menu on Profile name: html body.ipsApp li#cUserLink:hover ul#elUserLink_menu{display: inline-block !important;} html body.ipsApp ul#elUserLink_menu{background-color: yellowgreen !important;} html body.ipsApp ul#elUserLink_menu li {line-height: 1 !important;} Personally I get to see hardly ANY css at the moment, so this lets me at least recognize Quotes again: html body.ipsApp div.cPost_contentWrap blockquote { background-color: rgba(240,240,80,0.8) !important; outline: 2px solid peru; padding: 0px 8px; } Those codes can be restricted to specific websites, but hope that the "body.ipsApp" part is enough restriction to only apply on IPS-Forums - and that means all other IPS-forums too. Otherwise add this: @-moz-document url-prefix(https://msfn.org/board/) { ...code above... }
  8. Forum CSS Downgrade: Fully agree, but am shocked to read that even in semi-modern browsers (seen from my far down end) it's such a disaster! But I have the impression there's only 1 person who's deciding this, and have never seen him anywhere around those topics here. Anyone split and move the reactions to here? https://msfn.org/board/forum/23-site-amp-forum-issues/ for selfhelpers: to get at least the Report/Share/EDIT links visible: in KM74/PM26, this helps perhaps a bit (not pretty, just visible) on hover: ul.ipsComment_tools ul.ipsHide:hover, a.ipsComment_ellipsis:hover + ul.ipsHide{ display: inline-block !important; position: static !important; } (but not sure, KM74 only tested logged out) Alternative for KM1.6 (FF3.5) and perhapsKM74/PM26 too: Links permanently visible, not just on hover: ul.ipsComment_tools a.ipsComment_ellipsis{ position: static !important; margin-left: 500px !important; (this line NOT for KM74-etc) } ul.ipsComment_tools ul.ipsHide { display: inline-block !important; overflow: visible !important; position: static !important; } ul.ipsComment_tools ul.ipsHide li {display: table-cell !important;} ul.ipsComment_tools ul.ipsHide li a{padding: 0px 12px !important;} And of course, the worst and last workaround if nothing else helps: Disable all page styles (in KM with macro stylekiller, in others somewhere in View... Page Styles...) Looks absolutely horrible, but more stuff visible... .
  9. RainyShadow said: > Last time i tried with 7-zip, but it didn't work. Also, i get errors when extracting. If the EXTRACT-error says something like "there was more stuff after payload data" (or some such), that's probably harmless. If I understood the forums correctly, that's only speed related: younger zip versions can include instructions to extract the zipped content files in a specific order, most important ones first, to speed up unzipping. Or some such... But in older versions no real prob, no files are lost, just maybe unzips a bit slower. But if possible, update old 7-zip to a newer version. HOWTO edit files inside a zipped file without unzipping: Just for testing, please try if your 7zip works this **exact** way? It does on my truly ancient system, and using old 7z v15.11 - make sure your Notepad/Editor is CLOSED completely - Open omni.ja in 7z own FileManager (doubleclick / or right-click omni.ja and "open" with 7zip, or start 7zFM.exe and find it) - find the internal file to edit, right-click on it to "Edit" (F4) (or if filetype registered, just open normally by doubleclick) - IMPORTANT: only this 1 TAB open in Notepad editor! - IMPORTANT: after editing, do **NOT SAVE** manually! - CLOSE the whole editor WINDOW (not just the tab) with the X in upper right WINDOW corner - 7zip should NOW automatically ask to SAVE that file or not? => YES - After confirm, it should also automatically ask to SAVE that zipped file or not? => YES If 7zip shows an error that it couldn't save, that the file were "already opened in another program": ignore it, CLOSE 7z and Notepad completely again, read above instruction closely again, and start AGAIN. .
  10. > Literally the first search result... Boah, just took a look, but no thanks. Afterdawn is bundling Adware with it, what a crappy site. Yes as you point out there's also a "normal" link, but without your hint that's too easily overlooked. But google spits out more working links, just a bit further this clean one, with original download links from comodo server - still working: https://malwaretips.com/threads/comodo-internet-security-2019-v12-0-0-6870-%E2%80%93-released.93658/
  11. FLASH timebomb: have read here the last clean version is 371 already: https://msfn.org/board/topic/181941-adobe-flash-player-removal-updates/?do=findComment&comment=1192177 And that once updated, it's near impossible to downgrade again to an older Flash version... Monroe / useragent addon: those UA resets to default string are usually done actively by the addon-script themselves. Try get another one, or alternatively modify its script? In K-Meleon the OLD macro uses this pref to decide whether or not to reset: kmeleon.plugins.macros.useragent.reset_on_exit Well possible other browers use a pref too, just no clue which. Another alternative, reset the global override-pref at every session start automatically to a string of your choice, defined in ...profile/user.js (can be changed during session, only gets reset at session starts) .
  12. Sorry wrong part, that's just the json data meant for search engines etc. Scroll further down to see the real html part which is shown to human readers.
  13. A really weird example, not looking like caused by copy-paste. Here formatting starts in middle of "I'm" https://msfn.org/board/topic/181612-wip-windows-vista-extended-kernel/?do=findComment&comment=1192922 Yes , I«span style="background-color:rgb(247,247,247);font-size:1.3rem;"»'m trying to help win32«/span»«span style="background-color:rgb(247,247,247);font-size:1.3rem;"» too , why would you think otherwise ? It may be debatable whether formatting of copied text should be embedded or not, but if such tags are already embedded, browsers should SHOW them. That means there's rather some prob with your modern browsers, ignoring existing tags? (independant from embedding them in the first place) Unfortunately that means you can't even notice when posting unintentionally garbled font formatting. And little mystery #6, but unrelated: "3 hours ago, siria said:" Inserted by forum when quoting a post from just 13min earlier - crazy...
  14. Or perhaps the bug is in modern browsers only...? The riddle is, how or why are you or your browsers inserting special formatting for some normal parts of text, and why "should" the existence of those special parts remain invisible for human readers (or perhaps not, and "invisiblity" in your modern browsers is the bug?), and why are those mysterious tags not contained in other members' posts? Riddles over riddles... ;-) Weirder and weirder... and now noticed on jaclaz 2nd screenshot that some text parts are only colored, and others colored+BIG. In source code: span style="background-color:rgb(247,247,247);font-size:1.3rem;" But at least mystery #5 (why different tags from server for different readers?) is now cleared up for me. All readers do get the same source. I only do not see the SIZE because my own browser is too old for rem sizes, and had previously only checked the computed source. But that means all medium and modern browsers should show it bigger. So perhaps copy/pasting embeds all the original formatting too, in your modern browser? Might very well be. But this would mean the colors+sizes are meant to show up visibly for yourself too, especially in modern browsers.
  15. jaclaz said: > On my browser, for *some reason* posts by both you and Dixel are partially "huge". I've been wondering too what weird formatting they're using for big chunks of the posting text, and what sense this should make! But thought everyone else (=people with younger browersers) sees it in a meaningful manner ;-) Noticed it only five days ago, but in my case (old K-M) the size is the same, here I only see the different background color. Like in your screenshot too, an ever so slightly darker white, hardly noticeable at all, only when looking very closely. First wondered if it's perhaps textmarker tag, although usually yellow? But source code reveals it's a span, with inline color. Then added this to my user-css to see it easier: span[style="background-color: rgb(247, 247, 247);"] {border: 1px dashed gray;} (Little test if forum accepts if I manually input a span with a background color too) .
  16. In KM-Forum someone posted 3 direct links to current version for ActiveX, NPAPI, PPAPI. Not sure if useful, just in case: wayback-version of those 3 links from date between v371 and next (v387) (each ca 21MB) ActiveX: https://web.archive.org/web/20200516155502/https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/latest/help/install_flash_player_ax.exe NPAPI: https://web.archive.org/web/2020052117103/https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/latest/help/install_flash_player.exe PPAPI: https://web.archive.org/web/20200516003347/https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/latest/help/install_flash_player_ppapi.exe
  17. Here - MSFN? Luckily I can, without JS, and grateful it's still possible. Or would probably have to leave. Uploading attachments does need scripts, but posting still works. Although only with the simplified box at page bottom. I'm not bothering with complicated stuff like NoScript either, and there's also an ongoing war by tricky page authors to circumvent it. Sneaky stuff like scripts inside noscript tags etc... My personal preference has always been to just block JS globally, and toggle shortly On/Off when needed. Just one button click away in K-Meleon. Also crucial for security: iframes can be blocked with a simple pref (permissions.default.subdocument=1/2/3) Have seen there are similar basic addons for FF too, guess "Content Block", PrefBar, QuickJava or similar.
  18. athlonxpuser said: > I can browse the web with IE6 (very limited amount of sites still works) > and Retrozilla (the updated version with TLS 1.2 etc) Makes no sense to me, RZ runs on 98 without any KernelEx at all! But you've installed the latest greatest. And you did set the compat. There's a little trap though, when renaming e.g. folders those settings are forgotten again, since they store the full exe path. Maybe doublecheck that this compat is still set. In any case, at very least roytams Fx3.6 should fully work, which needs only basic old Kx452: HTTP or https://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/fx36vc71-20171108_newnss.7z For portable use it can be started with the contained bat file. IMO Fx3.6 is already lightyears ahead of Firefox2. KM-Goanna74 is rather buggy in itself, e.g. mine takes a cumulative 0.2sec nap for every single link on a webpage, and often crashes. RT's Palemoon26 for Win2000 has the same engine inside but is said to run more stable. My own Kx-version is too old for it, but probably your younger one can run it. (I find it very curious that acc Schwups' tests *younger* browsers seem to run *better* on his ME system, must be the engines themselves?) Another thought, old Kx bug, check if your profile contains those 3 files for httpS: key3.db, cert8.db, secmod.db athlonxpuser said: > I also can't open the web console since Firefox freezes instantly > when trying to load a website and won't respond to any input. Since other users have posted they can't reproduce, am afraid it's not really lack of resources, rather cpu related... But anyway, testing can't harm, so for lack of other ideas: my weak old computer often nearly freezes too, and it seems to "sometimes" help when minimizing the browser window and/or activating another tool, then back again. Also not sure if much use for this mystery, but javascript can be enabled in different levels. Perhaps less resources allow at least to open console again? E.g. to allow only a minimum JS: javascript.enabled = true (all js directly contained or created in page source) permissions.default.script = 2 (load external js-files: 1=all, 2=none, 3=same domain) permissions.default.xmlhttprequest = 2 permissions.default.subdocument = 2 (block all iframes / less resources) And starting scripts in order (slow), not all at once (fast but buggy and risky): javascript.options.... .jit.... = false javascript.options.... .ion.... = false And my machine often semi-freezes by bloated CSS alone, so just to test with yet less resources: permissions.default.style = 2 (no external css-files) Oh, and Firefox session-restore function is infamous, have read it writes completely insane amounts of data to disk all the time, over a GB even when just idle a few hours. Also was blamed as culprit for some dead SSD disks, but Mozilla claims those insane amounts were completely normal and necessary for session-restore and people today believe everything. Can't remember which FF versions are affected, but personally would disable. May also cause when freezing probs. Goodmaneuver said: > It froze for me too when testing 31.8 and anything above FF9 actually. Brings up memories.... years ago, when first trying (old) KernelEx, I read that FF10 should work, and tried to use it as fallback. But it was a pure disaster. Extremely slow and crashy, almost not usable at all, gave it up completely. Can't remember now if that only was with JS or also without. Usually I keep JS blocked permanently, but due to fallback purpose I may have tried it for urgent js-stuff, like recaptcha etc. Was extremely short on free time in that era and discovered only many years later that FF9 would have worked FAR better - could have kicked myself! But at that point had already gotten a tip to try Opera12.02 (yet another AAARGH, also years too late ;-)
  19. > Bummer, that's what I was afraid of - I was hoping there was some sort of "conditional child" CSS selector :} Yeah, often run into that prob too, mighty annoying :( But no chance in Mozilla browsers by CSS alone, not even in FF60, as I've read awhile back. While younger Chrome browsers can select parents now by css. But some day I needed it enough to finally help myself with a bit javascript in a KM-macro. IIRC it just adds classNames to certain tr table rows (probably to parent-parent of matching links, collected by document.querySelectorAll(..css..), then css can finally style them. But would rather avoid onload-JS if possible. > Opted for just keeping all rows then elevating z-index to "hide" last-modified and size cell text for ia32, sse, and win64 rows instead. How?
  20. Yeah, mighty impressed too and slightly envious, but without any clue how to repair manually if anything goes wrong, cannot risk such experiments before making a full backup again. Sigh. Some day... tyukok said: > I edited prefs.js to have them enabled by default Just as general hint for everyone since most people are not aware: Changing or adding user prefs on about:config has exactly the same effect as editing file prefs.js manually, but it's much easier, a little bit safer (less syntax-typos), and in most cases a lot faster. Because pref changes on about:config require no restart, except for some prefs which are only read at startup. And changing prefs on aboutconfig will just as well store those in prefs.js When adding a value to file prefs.js manually, with notepad, it will work too, but if it's the same as the default value, don't be surprised if that line has vanished again after closing the browser => same result as directly editing on aboutconfig. No advantage, only more complicated. On the other hand, editing prefs.js manually can be handy for mass-import, to just quickly toss a bunch of own prefs into it, at the end, before starting the browser. As always, the file will be cleaned up automatically (sorted alphabetically, duplicates removed, lines with default values deleted) And if those copied lines are written manually, still containing default-values too, that's even useful before upgrading to a new engine version. Which may contain different default values in omni.ja, which are otherwise silently inherited if previously the user value was the same as "default" (=not stored anywhere) Alternatives are file user.js (prefs can be changed during session, but are restored at next startup, keeps lines with default-values, can contain handy comment lines) Or creating own "browser defaults". Howto: by adding them in a personal file in "(browser)/defaults/preferences/***.js", which overrules default values in omni.ja. Note, those alternative methods use a slightly different syntax in the files, just compare what's already there.
  21. j7n said: > Is there a way, via extension or filter, to stop loading any videos at all? > I want to browse and see comments, but watch > exclusively with SMPlayer Try if that old global blocking pref works for you, for html5 audio+video? permissions.default.media = 1/2/3 (1=allow, 2=block, 3=only same domain) Must be created manually on aboutconfig. And may not work in all browsers, perhaps abolished in youngest engines, but not sure. Site-exceptions are possible, same handling as for images, internally stored in permissions.sqlite (except if changed meanwhile, no idea) There exist a bunch more global blocking prefs "permissions.default.xxxx prefs" since old times (incl. very handy "subdocument" for iframes), but Mozilla kept hiding those, and it's hard to find anything on the web about it. In the past the "object" pref was also handy to block globally all Flash-videos, but not just this, it also blocks (or blocked?) plugin-stuff of all other sorts too, incl pdf etc: permissions.default.object= 1/2/3 But overall media/video/plugin prefs have grown into a vast jungle, and all influencing each other too, it's rather a lottery now. .
  22. Goodmaneuver said: > If you use WinME straight out of the box there is a 32GB limit on USB without updating the USB drivers. > The internal native drivers had this limit that is why I said the SYS files need to be updated in earlier post > but I wanted to change wording a bit on the particular post you have shown as it is not that good. > I tried the early pure ME build and I know that 32GB was the limit but it is not an important issue. I'm on 98SE, and installed a few updates over the years, but not sure anymore which exactly, and no clue what those mean especially for such potentially deadly HDD-size or partition-size limits. Fixed or not? No clue, an abolute killer prob for backups :( My old internal HDDs were partitioned ages ago to 80GB, and those work fine. But I keep reading USB is independent, that special drivers matter. Either drivers on system, or independant drivers in current usb-device firmware... As additional killer prob have read about some deadly BUG when the HDD was partitioned on XP (?) and later used on Vista/Win7 (? not sure anymore about details, would need to look it up again), and guess depending on used tools... I could live with max130GB per partition on one of those giant brandnew USB-HDDs (500mb-2TB), partitioned on a newer system and then used for backups on 98SE, but 32gb is almost nothing. Main riddles: => What happens when writing "too much" to a huge USB-disk?? Which was partitioned with some tool on a NOT updated XP-SP3 or early Vista or Win7? Perhaps data on this complete partition lost? Or possibly even complete HDD with all partitions lost?? => Would I even notice data are lost after writing "too much"? Any error message? Before or only after too late? Or just silently messed, and some data still work, but all 'overflow' will be lost? => Mainly: is there any chance to check *beforehand* if USB-HDD partitions are "too big"?? .
  23. roytam's previous free domains have all expired after a year, now all links are moved to this 5y domain: o.rthost.win @Mods: wonder if perhaps there's a chance for an automatic replacement in forum software, as in KM-forum?
  24. Crashing sites with NM 2020-10-31: In the K-Meleon-Forum a user reported simply changing the useragent fixes the crashes on youtube and facebook: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?19,153118,153677#msg-153677 (KG76 = engine = NM27) Which makes me wonder if perhaps they boycott certain old systems again...? Unrelated, just in general, wonder if toggling this pref may change anything, perhaps at least no crashes? There were reports in the past it sometimes fixes empty pages (who didn't seem to notice their script didn't fully work since console produced no error, or something like that) javascript.options.strict = true
  25. ATTENTION, next Mozilla Apokalypse already this December - in 4 weeks! Example, such important pages: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/Add-ons/Code_snippets https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/Mozilla/XUL/ and thousands more. Everything about HOWTO code for pre-FF57 gets now DELETED :-((( I tried to check if Wayback has backups, using a few example pages, but for most found nothing at all. Then tried to guess original version URLs by removing "/Archive/" in URL, but that didn't work either: When Mozilla moved pages to that /Archive/ link, they also changed the rest of the path structure completely :( For example this current page: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/Add-ons/Code_snippets contains still an original old link to https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Code_snippets/StringView BUT it gets now redirected to: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/Add-ons/Code_snippets/StringView_library old URL: docs/Code_snippets/StringView curr URL: docs/Archive/Add-ons/Code_snippets/StringView redirected: docs/Archive/Add-ons/Code_snippets/StringView_library example-2: old URL: docs/Mozilla/Tech/XUL/Attribute/ curr URL: docs/Archive/Mozilla/XUL/Attribute/ Then did a mass check and was first glad to see thousands of archived pages, with or without /Archive/, but at second look most are stoneage, 2009, 2014... And if not knowing the exact URL, that's an almost lost case too. Best would be if anyone gets the wayback team to store https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/**** as a complete project again... (Disclaimer: researched this a few weeks ago, after the quoted post above, no idea if perhaps meanwhile things have improved or not) .

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