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  1. > Nobody's ever managed to get a 9x command window to scroll Except people with small screens, large fonts (10x18), and DOS window set to 50 lines - but only as "demo". Only allows to scroll through the last 50 lines, if the screen is smaller, that doesn't really count. So the key to available scroll height is the window height, defined by the fix number of lines in the properties. Which is far too small. As lousy workaround an output to a text file could be considered (xxx.exe > output.txt) The menu option for scrolling only allows keyboard-scroll with arrow keys, provided the window does already have a scrollbar. What I wonder: acc web it's possible to set MORE lines in that DOS window properties, but probably only in newer systems? > mode con: lines=9999 When I try that it gives only errors, except if setting the already available 25/43/50 lines as in properties :-( Any hack to allow more lines in Win98 too...?
  2. K-Meleon Toolbars stuff Wunderbar, I see you're having fun :-) Yes, makes sense to put the Style-button into the PrivBar too, if it shall be readable. Actually mine is there too (text as icon) Your screen seems giant (compared to mine), no wonder you don't mind space-eating text buttons. Otherwise, for smaller screens, the longest button names could be shortened a bit, or the toolbar could be divided into two parts, one for the shorter names and one for the extra long Clear+Kill names. The Clear-buttons are a bit dangerous: people naturally expect them to show some confirmation first before deleting, but won't happen. The moment such a button is clicked already POUF - everything deleted, and no restore! Ooops... A dialog box only pops up for menu Tools > Privacy > Clear Data > Clear Automatically... Was glad that in one of Dorian's last official versions he finally decided to hide by default especially the Clear-All button. All buttons are still there now, just some commented out in toolbars.cfg. Now guess only 1 Clear button is visible out-of-box, and the other Clear-functions are on its right-click menu. If anyone prefers that too, it's very easy to add that menu to buttons in old versions as well. HowTo: X Cache{ privacy(ClearCache)|&Clear Data Clear Cache. Right-click for more options. Also see F2 > Cache, and Tools > Privacy > View/Clear Data privhot.bmp[8] privcold.bmp[8] } The Klassic skin, yeah my own was based on it too, ages ago. Just liked the familiar look. But in hindsight am not sure if it makes such a great template, since it's really extremely old. Haven't compared, but suspect it contains less functions as the toolbars.cfg in younger skins (visible or hidden). Much worse yet are some of the equally old skins in the wiki or some in KM-Pro, many are only partial skins with just a few functions, and don't even contain the Privacy toggles in toolbars.cfg. Not just hidden, but not there. Of course, can all be copied over from any other skin (some of the youngest just have other command names), but it's not intuitive: everyone assumes of course that "skin" only changes looks, not functions. Most of the wiki wasn't updated since many years, younger stuff is often only found in the KM-Forum (skins in Graphics part) I'm still using the tiny Klassic icons myself, but its PrivBar text is definitely FAR too tiny. Some day I finally painted their TEXT bigger and their button width smaller, with Paint, ugh: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?10,130588 There are also a few image-icons posted for Cookies etc. Extra tip for color fans: the (top) toolbar backgrounds can be filled by a background image, named "back.bmp", in current skin folder. Can be anything you like, from a plain color shade to a nice photo. A very tiny collection in KM-Forum: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?10,96991 PS: Removing the "v" in the topic title might be better for finding TLS 1.2 searches....
  3. "New shiny" - KM154 from Firefox2 era, LOL! :D Thanks for the giggle, and glad you like :) Yeah of course I agree, toggling STYLES is a matter of survival now, at least in ancient browsers. But you're the first to care for style toggling at all, in K-Meleon, aside from myself! Since years I often wonder why no one seems to have any needs for stuff which is absolutely essential in my eyes. And not all of it only matters for old browsers. For example my priv3buttons macro, or Blockeria macro, find such stuff highly useful for all versions. Yeah, as you quickly noticed too, the learning curve is one of several probs with K-Meleon :( It's very configurable, but a browser for TWEAKERS, many things not intuitive at all. And there's no easy manual either, and worse, some documentation is twenty years old and long since obsolete, now just confusing users. Usually it's simplest to take at least a look at the FAQ, which gets at least occasionally a few updates, though far from complete either, and if nothing found, ask in the KM forum. No account required. For example in KM1.x toolbar button images are not zoomable. To get bigger ones, one must choose a skin (folder) which simply contains bigger BMP images (later also PNG possible - since KM74?) The upside is: those images can be freely exchanged or modified as a user wishes. As long as all buttons inside the same toolbar have the exact same size. Since KM75 a new toolbar system was introduced, which probably (?) automatically can change icon size if images exist in *.ico format, guess rodocop had figured out howto. But personally I don't have experience with that "modern" system, being stuck on old KM anyway. Just glad that old skins still work too, in modern KM :-) Also in old K-Meleon before KM75, buttons can only be EITHER images OR text. Since you prefer "only text" anyway, that's fine :-) MY TIP FOR YOU: first switch to default skin "Phoenity(Large)", to get BIGGER icons: F2 > GUI > Skin > Phoenity(Large) Restart the browser to see if you like it. Now here's a trick: make your OWN skin variation, by simply copying the folder ../skins/Phoenity(Large) to ../skins/Phoenity(yourname) This ensures that your modifications will NOT accidentally get overwritten when unzipping a new KM-version some day. (If anyone tries that in modern KM-versions: make sure to manually copy toolbars.cfg to that folder too, along with skins.cfg) Now start the browser again, chose YOUR skin in F2 > GUI, and restart again. Looks OK? By the way Skin variations with () in the name work this way: the browser looks for skin stuff in the folder defined in F2>GUI, and whatever is not found there (e.g. certain images), KM looks it up in the "family" folder, without () in the name. If not found there either, it looks into folder skins/default/ (create this manually if doesn't exist yet) If not found there either, KM75+ looks into folder skins/shared/ (or before "default"? not sure) Actually, the highest priority folders for skins are in the current PROFILE, just hardly anyone puts them there. Those variations folders name() can contain as little as just a back.bmp, or just a toolbars.cfg, if all else is already defined in those related folders! Now lets make a StyleKiller-button (if macro exists), as a simple TEXT button: Edit > Configuration > Toolbars (or just open toolbars.cfg manually) Near the bottom, create your own toolbar, which currently has only 1 button, but you can always add more later: &My Text Toolbar{ StyleKILL{ macros(stylekiller)|&Privacy Kill CSS style, or re-enable. Right-click for Privacy menu } } The name "StyleKILL" ist just an example, you can rename it. Also, the Privacy menu on right-click is just an example. You can put almost any other menu there too, just by name. Or none. Another menu example: .... |Tool&bars Now restart browser again, find the new toolbar and StyleKILL button (hopefully ;-) and move it around. Okay, next trick: now lets get the Privacy Toolbar with big, readable TEXT instead of icons. A bit pity that it looses the red/green marking this way, in pre KM75-versions, but that's the price. In toolbars.cfg, find the definition block for Privacy Bar. It contains about a dozen buttons. Now add a comment sign # before all the image lines (privhot.bmp.... privcold.bmp...) Make sure to do this for ALL buttons in THIS toolbar. Save and restart.... Looks okay? Just WAY too long buttons now?? That's sadly another catch in KM, all buttons inside the same TOOLBAR can only have the same length. For plain text buttons that means, the LONGEST button name sets the length for all others too. Next trick: shorten the long Privacy names in toolbars.cfg :-) The visible text is the first line of each button. Change "Javascript{" to "JS{" or "JavScri{" or whatever. Change "Clear Cookies" to something like "Cl.Cook" or whatever. Etc.... Restart and check again... Oh, and a keyboard shortcut for StyleKiller? It's prepared in the macro, just open the kmm in a text editor and read it. The one thing I never know, WHICH shortcuts would be best?? So I happily leave that choice to users *whistle* In general, if not prepared in a macro already, users can always create shortcuts in file accel.cfg themselves. For StyleKiller that would be such a line: (your shortcut) = macros(stylekiller) Attention there are 2 files "accel.cfg", a long one for the defaults list, and a short one in profile for user additions. DEFAULT shortcuts (but not all) are found in KM/defaults/settings/accel.cfg This file is not meant to be modified by users, better use the accel.cfg in the profile to override the defaults. (Edit > Configuration > Accelerators) But catch again: profile-accels may not always work due to old bugs either, in that case make a backup of the default file and modify the original... Best add own lines at the bottom, to easier recognize own stuff. KM also contains an old overview page with most DEFAULT command names and SHORTCUTS: Edit > Configuration > Commands List Little bug (again!) for countless years: the macro-menu looked for it in the wrong path, sigh. Just not sure in which KM-versions. At any rate in ancient KM154 the file is "commands.txt", in the skins (!) folder. But would prefer to get the html version "commands.html" from a younger KM-version and copy it over. In KM1.6 it's in KM/defaults/commands.html In KM76 it's in KM/browser/defaults/commands.html Oh, and most important, in case of accidentally creating a mess and errors: The Error Console, in Tools menu! Or as toolbar button, named Javascript Console (how misleading) If menu already broken, one can open that direct link: chrome://console2/content/console2.xul Enable ALL errors. If no line numbers, create in about:config: kmeleon.plugins.macros.debug = true (_HOWTO_ How to modify toolbar buttons and shortcuts)
  4. Fantastic, great job! Thanks :-) But must say I'm shocked -again- how near impossible such "easy" installations have meanwhile become for vanilla systems. And especially weird: KM154+TLS cannot run out-of-box?? Not even if the dll's are added manually? UH OH... yet another killer prob for people with only IE5, additional to the 7z killer-prob, and the blocked KM-Forum with IE5 (due to UA), and the blocked MSFN-forum (due to TLS), sigh... Makes me wonder, what else is missing in 7z, but contained in the exe? For example, would a fresh RT-KM154 work too when the old exe was not "installed", only unzipped?? Here's a working direct download link for K-Meleon154.exe (exe is just zipped, contains the missing dll's): http://iweb.dl.sourceforge.net/project/kmeleon/k-meleon/1.5.4/K-Meleon1.5.4en-US.exe (iweb or netcologne or netix or .... more on mirror list:) https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/documentation/Mirrors/ A few starter tips: 1) To use profiles inside, as portable mode, one can simply add an empty file in its root folder: profile.ini 2) have you found the Privacy Toolbar already? Killer feature hidden by default, handy buttons for quick-toggle javascript, cookies etc 3) To open middle-clicked links in background, switch Tools > Mouse Accelerators > Firefox 4) Hit F2 to quickly find most configuration 5) When some day visiting the KM-forum and it's broken with some WEIRD error: that's just SF blocking visitors with "Win98" in their useragent string! Can be switched in Tools > UserAgent > Custom... 6) CATCH: javascript alerts/prompts by MACROS secretly switch on global javascript permanently, and the toolbar button state makes this visible only after next page load! 7) CATCH: KM has no View > Page Style! Get macro StyleKiller from KM-Forum (but posted version can't toggle inline styles yet, only my private unfinished update) 8) For fans of buttons and content blocks recommend my priv3buttons macro (KM-forum) 9) For manually injecting single scripts and css tests from clipboard content, get macro testinjectcode 10) Oh, and some buttons come with a handy menu on right-click, NOT marked with a tiny down arrow. Just right-click all buttons to check which ones. Goodie: the buttons defined in toolbars.cfg can easily get custom menus added, either native or a macro menus. Just use the visible menu name (if it's a popup menu), and place "&" before underlined characters. More details in FAQ: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/faq.php But better don't get too excited about KG74 on Win98 yet - this is MUCH advanced compared to KM154 (above), extremely buggy yet and crashing all the time, at least on KernelEx2016 A much more stable KM version, for stable basic KernelEx (installed with default OFF) is KM1.6beta2.6 (must be puzzled together from pieces) plus roytam1 TLS-package for Netscape9, and KernelEx compat to XP - but that's not vanilla of course.
  5. Thanks, and sorry. I feel a little bit misunderstanding here, probably based on our different viewpoints about the importance of solving the chicken-egg-prob. There may be a lot, and well possible even most Win98 (fun) users today with access to a younger system too, but in my opinion not 100% by far. That's why I find it absolutely crucial to also provide start-help for the rest. Those who are really stuck, and really do need such browsers most. And don't have the slightest clue how to even get started, since downloads don't work anymore, and are just lost. And then are reading right at the start of first post here too, that they can't get RZ either, without access to another system :-( This is what I mean with wrong info. This topic is of course specifically for RZ, that's very fine. But first of all, they must manage to get it downloaded somehow, that's why I wrote here about roytams forks for win98. Because his builds can still be downloaded easily, and can then be used to get download access to ori-Retrozilla too. If there are other possibilities, no idea, not aware of any?? I keep finding it a bit funny that all over the web retro-fans are playing with old systems again and sometimes even create builds, while at the same time real users who depend on those systems are now locked out (thanks Google+MS+SF!) And I keep reading such users are just supposed to not exist anymore, and if they do they are crazy, so either way, who cares. Big thanks to RT for still providing http-downloads. And sure, it's well possible that fresh Win98 installs without any updates are doomed today, but those are typically for fun-users. Real life users certainly installed some updates over the years/decades, especially if still online, so their main prob are now all the cipher-blocked sites since just 1-2 years. About 7-zip, good reminder! Had almost forgotten again about that prob, but luckily for Sourceforge there's a trick: direct download links from their official mirrors still work :-) Just not the SF site itself, and not their "usual" download links, so the catch is to figure out such a direct url: http or https://netcologne.dl.sourceforge.net/project/sevenzip/7-Zip/9.20/7z920.exe Posted here some months ago (+KernelEx links, and more mirrors): https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2020/page/23/?tab=comments#comment-1178102 Weird prob you have with KM, but no own topic for it. Shall we take this one...? https://msfn.org/board/topic/178283-how-you-really-browse-the-web-on-98me-in-2019/page/30/#comments
  6. Slightly unrelated side note: TEXT screenshots and graphics with sharp borders are usually better saved in lossless png format. In most cases that makes them sharper, and filesize much smaller. Contrary to fuzzy photo type stuff, which gets a lot smaller and smoother in JPG format. Of course, png must be made from the original, a sharp conversion from already fuzzy jpg isn't possible.
  7. Just took a quick hurried look at first post again, and noticed this intro sounds completely misleading, scaring off most people who are not able to use a different OS for even just downloading RZ - so not many hurried folks would even read much further: It may not be quite as obvious to folks having alternative younger fallback systems, most using Win98 just for fun and retro-nostalgia, but the (currently wrong) assumption to need a different SYSTEM just to download a better Windows98-browser, equipped with modern CIPHERS and TLS1.2, is a complete killer requirement. The snake is biting its tail! No access to web without a younger system => no access to even download any TLS1.2-browser for native Win98 => blocked from most internet today, and especially blocked from nearly all download sites for anything, especially from any browser downloads. Same killer prob by the way for KernelEx, hosted on Sourceforge, and just about everything else today too. Even read access to public Wikipedia was completely blocked awhile ago, without any need. Only the end of the (very long) first post contains a little hint to roytam1's RZ-suite, but not pointed out clearly neither there nor further down that -currently- all his browser builds can still be downloaded from plain http too, not only from encrypted https. That means NO need for a different system just for downloading. And once finally having such a browser with restored access to github, sourceforge etc. again, all the doors are wide open again to continue in whatever direction. To try other RZ-builds, or his K-Meleon and PaleMoon forks, or to download and install KernelEx and fly from there. And also access to lots of info again, before installing and doing anything. All this would be impossible if not able to download even just 1 better browser without needing a younger system. By the way, since reading here that not even VISTA has native system access to TLS1.2, I'm still in shock. Although Firefox and other gecko browsers are independant and contain their own ciphers, what hardly anyone knows (TLS1.2 since FF27??), and which allows to restore Web access for even most ancient gecko browsers on Win9X. But am not sure what happens if Mozilla some day decides to join the rest and super-encrypt all their downloads too, and many XP-to-Vista users sure haven't downloaded yet a young enough Firefox before. But back to topic, just meaning those crucial intro sentences should be updated :) For now at least, while roytam's server still works freely, what sadly may change any day considering his country gov (HK) :-( The first post could simply point down to loblolly's post, he's already linking to RT's rz-suite (Retrozilla Seamonkey build), and to RT-K-Meleon1.5.4. Both downloads still accessible by simpler https and un-encrypted http, and those browsers can then be used to further download the other Retrozilla from Microsoft servers (github). Perhaps also worth a hint, what I discovered surprised, RT's second Retrozilla flavor for native Win98, "rz-browser" (based on Firefox2), is important too, since a lot more addons are still available for Firefox2 on wayback machine (e.g. "Read Easily" to switch off Page Styles permanently) Am aware this topic is specifically about RZ-Seamonkey, but not so sure how many people know there exist meanwhile 3 (!!) different Retrozilla forks, easily confusable, as usual with roytam1's same-name forks. I for one didn't realize for a long time there exist several independant "Retrozillas". But whatever, the first requirement for this topic is to get RZ downloaded somehow... roytam's blog and sources on github: http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/ https://github.com/roytam1/kmeleon/commits/master Download page of his latest RT-Retrozilla without needing ciphers ("rz-suite" is SM, "rzbrowser" is Fx2): http or https://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/index.php?sitemap (and other test builds there, like KM1.5.4+TLS1.2, NewMoon26-win2000, KM-Goanna74, etc) Note: roytam's files are hosted on a clean server, but the current DOMAIN address is by a free DNS-provider, and may change occasionally. Happened before that his (free but slightly shady) DNS-service noticed his domains were running well and then suddenly blocked access, redirecting instead to ad-infested girls+video stuff, pffff. Luckily the files itself are NOT hosted by them, only the IP-address.
  8. Just a little addon-tip, since users of old browsers must nowadays toggle page style all the time: This tiny little addon "Read Easily" toggles View > Page Style On/Off It creates a toolbar button and a right-click menu and a keyboard shortcut. And it keeps the current state when opening new pages. And it installs from Firefox 1.5 up to (??) 56 https://web.archive.org/web/20170902081132/https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/read-easily/ Have just tried it in roytams rzbrowser (Retrozilla-Firefox2) and it first complained about signatures, but after simply deleting the META-INF folder inside the zipped xpi, it installed without any probs :-) Sorry for Retrozilla-Seamonkey, as usual it refuses such "modern" addon types :-( Have just struggled for a few hours trying to get other FF2 addons (from my rzbrowser) somehow installed manually, but don't know the necessary tricks. Since my old K-Meleon1.6 was based on Seamonkey too, this is probably the reason why it's near impossible to install any Firefox addons in it either, even manually somehow! In the far past there must have been experts around who converted a few addons, but long before my time. Now am just glad that I rather accidentally got as first Retrozilla version the Firefox type "rzbrowser", before realizing there are also "suites". Addons seem to be a real nightmare in Seamonkey, installation and managing and uninstalling too. Never realized there'd be such a world of difference to even RZ-Firefox2!
  9. bernd said: > Indeed, it's the combo of NM28 + UBO v.23 only that make > that damn site work. Why the hell is that now?? This is funny, do I get this right? If you do NOT block anything, the button is hidden, only if blocking stuff it becomes visible? LOL! Thinking about, perhaps it's covered by something, and adblock removes that blanket... Normally I'd think, test by removing all filters in NM28, and if (?) that makes the button vanish, then restore half the filters and try again, and so on, to find the magic one. But have no clue of that complicated adblock stuff, and the screenshots alone look way over my head. Just for curiosity, if you like, you could perhaps try how it looks with KM-Goanna76.2, since it shares the same engine with NewMoon27. KM76 is portable out-of-box, and to my knowledge has absolutely nothing blocked in fresh installations. Although it contains 2 methods, but both do nothing (adblock.css with a tiny list still from 2006, but OFF by default, and much younger adblock.dll, which has no list included, so completely useless either way)
  10. @nicolaasjan said: > Unfortunately the Redirector addon does not work on Pale Moon (it's a web extension) For most addons there are also older xul-versions, although the archives are sadly dwindling: https://web.archive.org/web/20181002162221/https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/redirector/versions/ PaleMoon forum for Redirector addon in PM28: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?t=20509 It seems to work in K-Meleon too, was tested a year ago, but guess needed some fiddling inside.
  11. No idea who discovered those great youtube tricks as first person in the world, but never mind in this case. For such well-known old tricks which were only forgotten for awhile until someone, or many, remembered to try them again, all attempts to identify Who-dunnit-first will go in circles anyway. Like UA-googlebot in general, or anti-polymer key in youtube-URL. In that mentioned long REDDIT topic the earliest UA discoverer seems to be one of the addon-authors, Mirza, a few weeks ago. But whatever, such great tricks should be spread, and the tinkerers among us will surely remember sooner next time to try pesky sites with UA googlebot :-) What a disaster that such useragent tricks will probably fail soon on many main sites, since all big browser makers last year happily announced to transfer those same data -plus more- in future builds only in stealth and unfakeable ways. Much deeper under the hood, requiring modern browsers and new server request methods, so finally all older engines can be identified 100% and get blocked much easier, grrr. But origin or not, since you like to spread such user tricks, here's a tiny, crucial yt-fix which could use more spreading too (while it still works...) Figured it out myself last year after long struggling due to old browser probs, where that pesky "Show more" button for video description is broken since years. It's so basic that probably a bunch of other people found it on their own too, no big feat. Nevertheless haven't seen it posted elsewhere yet, and it's not mentioned in that long reddit-topic either although the prob was discussed there. Looks like semi-modern browsers now suddenly have the same prob, video description cropped and button broken, description remains hidden. But installing a whole addon or a javascript file user.js just to fix this button seems overkill to me. So this fix could please be spread a bit more too... This is just a tiny userCSS for youtube CLASSIC view, which makes the complete youtube description text visible at page load. No need to click that "Show more" button anymore. Minor catch: this useless button still remains visible too, looks confusing, but can live with it ;-P Can be added to slightly older Mozilla browers e.g. in current profile, in file /chrome/userContent.css @-moz-document domain(youtube.com) { #watch-description-text {height: auto !important; max-height: none !important;} } While at it, a reminder of yet another crucial UA trick: to get .3gp movies with TINY file size. Posted by a kind soul (thanks!) awhile back. Only useful for people desperate for extremely tiny filesize, due to bandwith probs or limited disk size, no matter how horrible the quality. Even if those videos have almost stamp size: UA Mobile IPAD still gets those offered, and the page source still contains direct download links too (itag ":36,") example Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10A403 Safari/8536.25
  12. VistaLover found that another old trick still works too, at least partly! Not on homepage anymore, only on single video pages: https://msfn.org/board/topic/181184-yt-may-not-work-on-old-browsers-anymore-starting-march-2020/?do=findComment&comment=1183860 VistaLover said: > classic style is not restored, but still works for independent video URIs: > www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-z7hoEWaH4&disable_polymer=1 > A Google-bot SSUAO however does, as of this writing, work in both cases... > [I'm using just "Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html)"]
  13. youtube: someone figured out that useragent googlebot still gets classic layout https://msfn.org/board/topic/180462-my-browser-builds-part-2/page/91/?tab=comments#comment-1183430
  14. Great! Thanks to you too. Let's hope it keeps working for a while, but sadly not very optimistic. Too bad google and all major browsers makers announced last year in a surprise coup to replace this simple UA-fake method with a stealth one deep under the hood, unfakeable and with even more data secretely transferred, by a new server pull method, known only to newest browers of course. And everyone shouted Hurray, sigh. Then they'll know 100% for sure which browser is used and no such blocking-workarounds possible anymore.
  15. struggling along too... they are breaking layouts faster than one can look, and workarounds too, GRR Someone explained that a classic youtube addon simple sets the UA to googlebot. Funnily it vanished from Chrome's addon repo. Now tried that googlebot UA too - and YES! At the moment that seems my only chance to see the homepage (without search access), or search results - but only if URL is known, called e.g. from bookmarks. And isn't it funny: They CAN still show a NICE, simple layout, no prob at all, but only allow it to search bots! Access to Youtube Search: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cats&search_sort=video_date_uploaded Youtube last working USERAGENTS: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html) Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot 2.0; +http://www.bing.com/bingbot.htm
  16. Download Manager (S3) There's also a forum for it, 39 pages on mozillazine: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2793995
  17. (Symbola font) nicolaasjan said: > I converted the newest .otf to .ttf: > https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/z9taofmjo76q6r9/Symbola.zip > > Virustotal scan: > https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/76185e9f80015c7079d4f68ef49cf467075ff7a6d0f737769a206a8a6c1f670d/detection Cool, thanks! How is that done? :-)
  18. bernd said: > Hi Roy, for a couple of your releases, "about:downloads" (Ctrl+J) seems to be partly broken. > I use the add-on "Download Manager (S3) 4.13" (based on the well-known "Download Status Bar") > as my dowload manager of choice. It's my most important add-on and really indispensable to me. > So when I call up the Ctrl+J command, the browser immediately crashes everytime. Last working build > without problems was: https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.7.win32-git-20200404-842aa7563-xpmod.7z > Regarding a "clean profile", I made countless adjustments/modifications in "about:config" > and won't lose them. So this would be a problem... What to do now?? Just some thoughts, am no expert.... Are you using the english version? If not, does it crash in english too? Does about:downloads still crash if that addon is removed? CCleaner and similar tools are often found culprits of weird bugs Or possibly a buggy file in profile folder? Modifications in "about:config": All changes done manually in about:config are stored in your profile folder in file prefs.js, if they are different from default settings. On about:config those are displayed in bold font and marked as "user-set". You can look inside prefs.js with a text editor. Editing is only possible while the browser is closed, but easier on about:config. You can make a backup of that file and restore it later. But better make a BACKUP copy of the whole profile folder, there's a lot other important stuff in it too. If deleting prefs.js helps, you can start experimenting by deleting half its contents to figure out which half contains the culprit. Start the closed browser again for testing. Then delete another quarter of the file and test again, etc. Another trick: Multiple Profiles You can create another, independant new profile, and choose at session startup which one to use. The old and new (or more) profiles are stored in separate subfolders, very handy. Howto: Open "about:support" and click on button "Open Folder" to open the current profile folder. Step one level higher and find file "profiles.ini". If not there, look yet another level higher... Open it with a text editor (did you make a backup already??) Does it look similar to this? [Profile0] Name=default Path=abcdefg.default IsRelative=1 Default=1 [General] StartWithLastProfile=1 Change it to Default=0 and StartWithLastProfile=0 If StartWithLastProfile is missing, create it manually. At next browser start the Profile Manager should appear. Click the button to create a NEW profile, and check the box to ASK at startups.
  19. Not sure if this serves your defrag-info purpose, but do you know windirstat? It seems an ancient, very popular little tool for disk inspection. Small size and runs since Win95. When I finally found it a few years back I downloaded this file from 2007: https://sourceforge.net/projects/windirstat/files/windirstat/ https://sourceforge.net/projects/windirstat/files/windirstat/1.1.2%20installer%20re-release%20%28more%20languages%21%29/windirstat1_1_2_setup.exe/download It's a setup, but was possible to just unzip it. Then started it, copied the folder and deleted contained install-files and some dll files which are only for translation. Perhaps at minimum only the inner exe is needed. PS: Incredible how near impossible SOURCEFORGE makes access for readers since awhile. Pages plastered all over with fullscreen ADS, while the whole main content and FILES tree, PLAIN HTML, seems to be hidden away inside a "SVG" tag and inside "script" tags! And then additionally set to "display: none"! Created this for my user css: svg[style*="display: none"] {display: block !important; border: 8px dashed red !important; } svg[style*="display: none"]:before {content: " (####HIDDEN SVG####) _ _ _ _ " ;} #btn-problems-downloading {border: 2px solid red !important; outline: 2px solid yellow !important; line-height: 1.5em !important; } Huge ad blocks are section#project-nel and div[id*="newsletter-modal"]
  20. mshultz said: > Is this a browser issue or an XPx64 issue? Obviously, I can't fill out this survey, > as I can't decode the symbols into English. I do not have International font support enabled. > Do I need to do that? I have seen this occur from time to time in other places If you hesitate to enable international fonts, I suppose it's for a reason. For this issue it's still not necessary, and easy to fix, even on ancient and very weak computers. For those 2 special characters, unreadable rectangles with a number inside, you just need a font that includes the Unicode-group "Miscellaneous Symbols". On my system I couldn't see those either (nor emojis and... and...) for far too many years, until some day getting two tips. Howto: 1) Get a font with more unicode signs, like the "Symbola" font (free for non-commercial use). Then set it in the browser for cursive/ornate/fantasy, and repeat this for all language groups (not for normal text, Symbola's Latin characters look awful, at least on my system) Aside from "Misc Symbols", that font also includes lots of other unicode stuff, like the emoji-group etc. So it can show the most frequent "mysterious" unicode signs, but not all. On my old system this works since K-Meleon1.6 (era Firefox 3.5), but not in KM 1.5 (era Firefox 2) 2) Get BabelMap for the rest of unreadable characters. It's a separate tool, a font viewer, and can't display symbols from missing fonts either. BUT, at least for urgent cases, it can tell the "name" of those characters. After pasting them into the search field and hitting F2, or typing their visible number into the "Go to Code Point" field. Your screenshot shows Unicode "2605", that's named "Black Star", and "2606" is named "White Star". SYMBOLA-FONT: http://users.teilar.gr/~g1951d/ OH NO - obviously Symbola.ttf is now DELETED too for very old systems/browsers, no truetype anymore :-( I don't know why everything great has to be destroyed without any need :( The homepage has moved to https://dn-works.com/ufas/ and the current version Symbola-13 is now only available as modern ODT/ODF font, not as "truetype" ttf for older systems anymore. If that works in your system/browser, fine. If not, luckily waybackmachine rescued the last truetype version, from 2019! :-) At the moment available yet, here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190502155955/http://users.teilar.gr/~g1951d/
  21. Don't want to sidetrack roytams topic too long with such general discussions, it's a far too long monster thread anyway. UserCSS and userscripts can be discussed endlessly, and are absolutely crucial for self-help in older browser engines. Any chance that a mod can please SPLIT the last image related posts to a new topic? No idea about a new title... perhaps... "image display probs and old browsers, howto workaround or tweak?"
  22. @RainyShadow testpage works now: www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games For writing thumb older KM needs img.setAttribute('thumb', x) not just img.thumb // img.thumb = img.getAttribute("data-src") || img.getAttribute("data-image"); // add here var x= img.getAttribute("data-src") || img.getAttribute("data-image") || img.getAttribute('data-srcset') || img.getAttribute('lazyload-src') || img.getAttribute('data-original') || img.getAttribute('src-load') || img.getAttribute('srcabsolute') || img.getAttribute('data-img-src') || img.getAttribute('data-ezsrc') || img.getAttribute('data-lazzy') || img.getAttribute('data-zoom-src') || img.getAttribute('data-pagespeed-lazy-src') || img.getAttribute('nitro-lazy-srcset') || img.getAttribute('nitro-lazy-src') ; if (x) img.setAttribute('thumb', x.split(' ')[0]); ------- ATTENTION users of browsers OLDER as Firefox38 / PM27 / KM-Goanna76: add this too: img.getAttribute('srcset') || (modern browsers handle this one automatically by pure CSS, no JS needed)
  23. @RainyShadow the data-image path on epicgames contains "/offer" which is adblocked since ages
  24. RainyShadow said: > Can anyone see the images at this page in NM27? > Here is a Greasemonkey script to "fix" the images on that page, on myanimelist, > and many other sites that use "data-src" to hold the true image address: > I tried to add an additional replace to account for the epicgames site, but failed miserably... Uh oh... I'm used to having such probs with my ancient system+browser, but now slightly shocked to hear that even NM27 can't handle all those images anymore! KMG76 (same engine) is my best hope for the future, sigh. Was forced to help myself and created a little KM1.x macro-script years ago, for exactly the same purpose. Then over time, like you, noticed that data-src is not the only attribute, there are more. Actually have meanwhile collected 12. And yet another catch for my older browser, but luckily not for your NM27 anymore, are multiple targets in one "srcset" etc. It works now, mostly, though not perfect, and I prefer to run it only by command instead of automatically. Have occasionally thought about posting this macro, it's really tiny and almost pure javascript, but am too used to be the only one with such pesky old-browser probs and a like for macros, so never bothered. And surely there are always much better scripts out there, from experts etc. Oh well, guess will post it anyway now, when ready. For other browsers the little script can easily be modified as bookmarklet.
  25. Speaking of youtube, just came across this: https://ruclip.com/video/xxxxx/ (xx=youtube-ID) Have not tried yet if videos run or whether their download links work, preferred to keep my JS disabled, but all the rest looks great in ancient browsers too: video preview pic, title and data, full descriptions - and Comments.

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