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  1. Are you sure you really need that driver integrated into setup? Try x86 version first. These both XPs are different kernel level 5.1 vs 5.2 I think I’m using in XP2ESD only syssetup.dll patches on 5.2. (I’m out of my machine, cant check it today) https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/17689-xpw2k3-x64-on-modern-hardware/?do=findComment&comment=138860
  2. setupapi.dll patch should do that job. I mean use any unsigned driver, including modified INFs during setup. Use patched dll just for setup, replace with original one later. REM Patch SETUPAPI REM 8B FF 55 8B EC 8B 45 2C 33 C9 3B REM 33 C0 C2 30 00 8B 45 2C 33 C9 3B expand "%~dp0_output\i386\SETUPAPI.DL_" "%~dp0_output\i386\SETUPAPI.DLL" >nul del /q /s "%~dp0_output\i386\SETUPAPI.DL_" >nul "%~dp0apps\bbe\%ARCH%\bbe.exe" -b "/\x8B\xFF\x55\x8B\xEC\x8B\x45\x2C\x33\xC9\x3B/:11" -e "s/\x8B\xFF\x55\x8B\xEC\x8B\x45\x2C\x33\xC9\x3B/\x33\xC0\xC2\x30\x00\x8B\x45\x2C\x33\xC9\x3B/" "%~dp0_output\i386\SETUPAPI.DLL" -o "%~dp0_output\i386\SETUPAPI2.DLL" del "%~dp0_output\i386\SETUPAPI.DLL" ren "%~dp0_output\i386\SETUPAPI2.DLL" "SETUPAPI.DLL"
  3. @win32 I just noticed your repo return 404. Hope this issue is temporary. But I quess progwrp.dll should looks like virus container without published source (I understand why you have not published source) Btw, I have noticed various issues on my machine when upgraded to latest progwrp.dll and R6 Supermium. I need to check what caused it, But I think using 5002 on XP x64 was fine with R3 without freezing on basic search on Google. My XP machine is powerful enough and nothing else was changed.
  4. I installed it normaly and it works, have not tried anything related to portable.
  5. I have saved Partition Assistant which I know works fine under XP and installer was obtained under XP before the dropped support. https://www.mediafire.com/file/w4s3a5eynl4nsu5/PartitionAssistant-all.exe/file Can be installed silently with /silent switch P.S. Full version require just correct cfg.ini in installation directory.
  6. Fixed links in first post, I'm not sure if it's same, but I grabbed it from my other repository - it should be from my latest builds.
  7. Use UpdatePack instead. https://msfn.org/board/topic/183839-5eraph-updatepacks-x64-v2019/
  8. Great, I'm going to find my USB Floppy and SD Cards reader, then I should probably reproduce it my main machine. I will probably just suppress that error, because issue is caused by something else - Not used drives are mounted, but doesnt contains real disk physically connected IOCTL_DISK_GET_DRIVE_LAYOUT_EX, thats probably due that mechanism, because they are another part of HW where you connect another one too. Will see what can I do. I will check also mentioned SSE if it's possible.
  9. @genieautravail Please add screenshots from Disk Management
  10. @genieautravail Can you tell me more about your error 21? I need to know details about that disk which is not listed using ListDisk. Currently it means your disk is unsupported, but I don't know where should I dig, when I don't know nothing about it and can't reproduce it.
  11. I think we should investigate how is done 16TB HDD support in XBOX 360. Maybe we can do something similar. https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/2022/08/09/fatxplorer-3-0-beta-22-16-tb-xbox-360-internal-hdd-support-updated-usb-patches/ https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/2024/01/03/combined-xbox-360-xl-patches-now-available/
  12. Hi @Dietmar, Have you tried ChatGPT 4? Or just stick with free model? This whole app was designed by me with exact “prompts”. These models are really not comparable. I can tell you this. If you think its blind, I don’t really believe. I have spend amount of time to work with free version, Yes, its crap. ChatGPT 4 works much better, 90% of code is compile-able and working code. Depends just on prompt.
  13. Just apply these registry settings into default and Administrator profile.
  14. Exactly, ChatGPT is powerful for coding, but you need to know what you want. Be specific, have knowledge. I have succeed only when using ChatGPT 4, If you use free model 3.5 then its full of crap - no working code after many tries. These model are not comparable. Even I ask for solution, I have not faced mentioned issue - that mean I can reproduce and test. And this tool was not done in simple prompt. I really know what I want. Like give me working code for Visual Studio 2019 in C++ for command line application which will list all connected physical disks with partition details based on XXX structure which will use own structure to store data etc.. And each function was designed using that way.. For example I have fully rewritten POWIS from scratch to get Professional look and usability. Currently I have like 6000 lines of code in HTA, CSS, VBS and JS. Everything based on ChatGPT 4 code. But it takes time of course, but really duable
  15. No idea, as you can see Disk 1 is missing in list. If exist on your machine, it will be probably something with that. Another important thing, I’m not programmer, just enthusiast. I needed tool like this so I managed it in a week with ChatGPT 4… Of course without programing knowledge it wont be possible. If you detect issue I can try to fix it, like I did with special characters replacement to display them correctly in CMD in systems older than 8.0. Source code is released, so you can always try to investigate. Feel free to fork, improve or fix and push request into main tree. Thats why we have source in public repository
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