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  1. Hi JFX... @JFX @jaclaz @wimb @alacran FOR VHD INSTALL- "%wpath%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" VHD-CREATE -file:"%FREEDRIVE%\WIMBOOT\Win10x64-WB.vhd" -size:15GB -type:expandable -label:"Win10x64-WB" set e=%errorlevel% set "ALPHABET=_ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWZYZ" call set VHD_DRIVE=%%ALPHABET:~%e%,1%% if "%VHD_DRIVE%"=="" echo ERROR! if "%VHD_DRIVE%"=="_" echo ERROR! echo Win10x64-WB.vhd is mounted as %VHD_DRIVE% "%wpath%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" NT6 -source:"%isopath%" -wimindex:"2" -syspart:%SYSPART% -tempdrive:%VHD_DRIVE% -unattend:"%XML%" -drivers:"%E2BDRIVE%\SVBus" -Sysletter:C -RunAfter:"CO
  2. Thanks a lots for this very useful feature....AFAIU we will use this feature in command line as follows - "%wpath%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" VHD-CREATE -file:"%FREEDRIVE%\WIMBOOT\Win10x64-WB.vhd" -size:15GB -type:expandable -label:"Win10x64-WB" set e=%errorlevel% set "ALPHABET=_ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWZYZ" call set VHD_DRIVE=%%ALPHABET:~%e%,1%% if "%VHD_DRIVE%"=="" echo ERROR! if "%VHD_DRIVE%"=="_" echo ERROR! echo Win10x64-WB.vhd is mounted as %VHD_DRIVE% "%wpath%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" NT6 -source:"%isopath%" -wimindex:"2" -syspart:%SYSPART% -tempdrive:%VHD_DRIVE% -unattend:"%XML%" -drivers:"%E2BD
  3. I use following command to Capture Win10x64-WB.vhd to Win10x64-WB.wim in WIMBOOT mode. wimlib-imagex.exe capture %VHD_DRIVE% C:\WIMBOOT\W10x64-WB.wim --config=%E2BDRIVE%\VHD_WIMBOOT\WimBootCompress-2019-03-31.ini --include-integrity --wimboot --compress=LZX --threads=4 What exactly WinNTSetup command I should use that will be equivalent to following wimlib-images apply command in WIMBOOT mode ? wimlib-imagex.exe apply C:\WIMBOOT\W10x64-WB.wim %VHD_DRIVE% --wimboot
  4. You are right Sir...I am running command within from a batch in 'boot.wim' environment but I want to inject VHD_WIMBOOT.cmd file within "%VHD_DRIVE%\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp" folder which will be created after the Copying Phase of WinNTSetup Installation. It's why I need to use /Runafter so that I can inject .cmd files within VHD just before reboot ? Is there any better way which I should use here ? Are you talking about using following approach ? -RunAfter:"COPY_VHD_WIMBOOT_FILES.cmd %E2BDRIVE% %VHD_DRIVE% %OSPART%" COPY_VHD_WIMBOOT_FILES.cmd
  5. -RunAfter:"copy "%E2BDRIVE%\VHD_WIMBOOT\SWITCH_DEFAULT_OS.cmd" "%VHD_DRIVE%\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp" & copy "%E2BDRIVE%\VHD_WIMBOOT\VHD_WIMBOOT.cmd" "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp" " Can I use two commands within -RunAfter switch as above ? Is it valid ?
  6. Sorry to disturb you Sir...I could not understood the meaning of exitcode actually...Thanks for your kind help and support....BTW, I just loved the new Dark Theme mode in WinNTSetup.
  7. When we create VHD using WinNTSetup Tool then it automatically attach VHD and use a random free Drive Letter to mount VHD and automatically set that drive letter of VHD as installation drive. Is there any specific protocol that decide what Drive Letter will be used for mounting VHD ? "%path%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" VHD-CREATE -file:"%FREEDRIVE%\WIMBOOT\Win10x64-WB.vhd" -size:1536MB -type:expandable -label:"Win10x64-WB" It will be nice if VHD-CREATE provide an option to use desired Drive Letter for attaching created VHD. OR you can set a variable VHD_,DRIVE containing the drive letter of
  8. Hi JFX.... "%path%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" VHD-CREATE -file:"%FREEDRIVE%\WIMBOOT\Win10x64-WB.vhd" -size:1536MB -type:expandable -label:"Win10x64-WB" "%path%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" VHD-ATTACH -file:"%FREEDRIVE%\WIMBOOT\Win10x64-WB.vhd" How I can get Drive Letter of just mounted VHD so that use as %VHD_DRIVE% in following command to install Windows in VHD using WinNTSetup command line. "%path%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" NT6 -source:"%FREEDRIVE%\WIMBOOT\Win10x64-WB.wim" -wimindex:"1" -syspart:%SYSPART% -tempdrive:%VHD_DRIVE% -Sysletter:C -WIMBoot -compact:lzx -wimlib -wbc:wimbootcompressed.
  9. Thanks JFX for providing your precious time... t's looking WinPE already assign drive letter to Boot Partition (System Reserved). So how I can automatically detect and get Drive Letter of 'Boot Partition' (System Reserved) using cmd in exactly the same way WinNTSetup do ? Please help me to automatically get Drive Letter of 'Boot Partition' (System Reserved) using cmd with WinNTSetup approach if possible... Thanks & Regards...
  10. Should I use following code in order to make automatic Dual boot of Win 7 and Win 10 ? :DualBoot_Win_7_10 set XML=%PTN2%\_ISO\WINDOWS\INSTALLS\CONFIGS\SMART_CHOCO.xml if exist %SYSPART% format %SYSPART% /Q /Y /V:"Windows 7" %WinNTSetup% NT6 -source:%PTN2%\sources\install.esd -WimIndex:2 -syspart:%SYSPART% -tempdrive:%SYSPART% -unattend:"%XML%"-ForceUnsigned -drivers:"%PTN2%\driver_Win7x86" -Sysletter:C -RunAfter:"set_7_usb_boot.cmd C:\windows" -OEM:%PTN2%\sources -setup -reboot if exist %SYSPART1% format %SYSPART1% /Q /Y /V:"Windows 10" %WinNTSetup% NT6 -source:%PTN2%\sources\install.esd
  11. Hi...JFX I want to run a 'WinNTSetup' script within from WinPE10 which will install 'Win 7' to %SYSPART% partition and 'Win 10' to %SYSPART1% one after another without booting to WinPE again. I mean I want to autorun 'AutoDualBoot.cmd' so that it will make complete Dual Boot of 'Windows 7' and 'Windows 10' without any furthe user action !!! Is it possible using WinNTSetup command line ? Does 'WinNTSetup' support installing two OSes in two different partitions of a Disk one after another without booting to WinPE again ? Can I make automatic Dual Boot of 'Win 7' and 'Win 10'
  12. Hi JFX.. Out of five compression modes which one is best in term of Space Saving and Performance ? Can anybody please differentiate among all five modes ? Thanks & Regards...
  13. I will prefer 29 to have giveaway of rocking SIB++..............:lol Can I expect.........Plz Thanks in Advance
  14. OMG, It was Univeral Watermark Disabler which causes crashing.........Thanks for Tip...Now It's works perfectly.... Can you please allow us to enable Bottom Left Corner to open 'Start Screen'. I think there should be an alternatively of 'Ctrl+Win Key' for Mouse/TouchPad users similar to SIB+. Thanks & Regards...
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