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  1. Thanks dencorso. I haven't tried Ranish Partition Manager yet. I would love to hear from RLoew about RFDisk.
  2. I love your explanation about the "chain of lies", with the BIOS providing fake news to the operating system. There were several interesting comments posted at your link http://blog.clemens.endorphin.org/2007/12/removing-chs-based-access-from-windows_3170.html indicating that the ThinkPad R40 and R60 have the same 240 heads issue as my Inspiron 7500 laptops have. The "actual uses" of WinXP (or Linux?) partitioning software with which you could easily set or change the disk geometry to 240 heads are probably limited to DDOing under Win98, on computers with an ancient BIOS, theref
  3. Hi dencorso, hi jaclaz - nice to see you too! Partition Table Doctor v3.5 is an excellent tool to check and repair the MBR, the partition table and the boot sector. PTD works Ok under Win98 and WinXP. I have several nearly-identical Inspiron 7500 laptops, from around 2001. The internal boot HDDs of the laptops contain some very complicated initial stuff (fat16/fat32/ntfs/ext3 partitions, a System Commander BOOT.DAT backup (1536 bytes!) restored upon a previous installation of the DDO software Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools v11.2 so that I can use also under Win98 a 2nd internal
  4. "No operating system found" sounds like a msg that the boot partition of the HDD is not active. With PartitionMagic 8 boot floppies you could set the boot partition of the target HDD in the laptop to active, maybe this works. Copying partitions seems to be the wrong approach, or at least very time-consuming. Maybe you should clone the whole disk, not individual partitions. You would need to take the source HDD out of the laptop and you could use Ghost v11 under WinXP on another PC to clone the whole HDD, with the forensic parameter -ir [=image raw]. You would need two, not just one, IDE d
  5. The retail Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 is currently still available new at amazon for USD 4.99 plus S+H, but again, it can be activated/updated probably only until mid-March 2013. The activation code on the CD sleeve in the box can be used to activate the downloaded last v6.0.2.621. The CD in the box usually contains an older build.
  6. It's now January 2013 and Kaspersky v6.0.2.621 still updates Ok. There may be some problems with the updater, maybe because I update irregularly, about once every other week. During updating I get quite often error messages like "error updating component KAS300" or "file black.lst is missing or corrupted. Please run Updater to fix this problem". After re-running the Updater, sometimes up to 3 or 4 times, everything is Ok and the message "Update completed successfully" is displayed. The message "Not all components were updated" signals that the Updater has to be run again. But here is the down
  7. Hi CharlotteTheHarlot, Strange result: the file modification date of Process Explorer.exe , when downloaded with FlashGet, is 22-Sep-2012 10:14:50 PM. The current date on my computer is 24-Sep-2012 7:11:50AM, so the file modification date cannot have been related somehow to my download date. The file modification date may have been set to the date of the last download by somebody who does not use FlashGet. No idea why this is done. MiTec EXE Explorer displays a timestamp of 8-Feb-2006 6:46:31 PM for the file and may be a more useful way of describing this particular version. When Process Exp
  8. A direct download link is http://xoomer.virgilio.it/gloriosus/software/programs/regcompact1.0.zip'>http://web.archive.org/web/20060207052459/http://xoomer.virgilio.it/gloriosus/software/programs/regcompact1.0.zip The link http://xoomer.virgilio.it/gloriosus/software/programs/regcompact1.0.zip , which I couldn't download directly via Firefox, downloads Ok with FlashGet v1.72.128. Somehow I seem to have a talent for picking out the alternatives which don't work. The benefit of downloading from http://xoomer.virgilio.it/gloriosus/software/programs/regcompact1.0.zip with Flashget is that the o
  9. Something wrong with your link, it doesn't work.
  10. I cannot confirm this with the registry files on my 11-year-old Inspiron laptop. scanreg /opt in MSDOS mode did reduce the size of a never compressed system.dat (8905KB) and user.dat (1193KB).scanreg /opt seems to be better at reducing the size of system.dat, while RegCompact v1.0 seems to be much better at reducing the size of user.dat. Here some results of a combined consecutive use of scanreg /opt and RegCompact v1.0: 1) never compressed files before starting the compression experiment: system.dat 8905KB user.dat 1193KB combined size: 10098KB 2) after running scanreg /opt with the files in
  11. I checked with Hex Workshop 4 the original uncompressed user.dat (created in step 4 above), the exported .reg file and the user.dat compressed/created by RegCompact, for a difference indicated by Beyond Compare.For this specific string which was different: - the uncompressed user.dat contained 0D 0A 0D 0A [=CR LF CR LF] - the .reg export file converted these 4 bytes to 5C 72 5C 6E 5C 72 5C 6E [=\r\n\r\n] - the compressed user.dat (created by RegComp) contained 0D 0A 0D 0A [=CR LF CR LF], i.e. no error was introduced during the compression by RegCompact. In Regedit under Win98 the value data
  12. I have made the following test of RegCompact v1.0 #5 [MD5 5749...]: 1) Under Win98SE, with a never compressed registry: I exported with Regedit the whole registry as a .reg file 2) I ran RegCompact and Win98 shut down 3) instead of re-booting into Win98SE I booted into WinXP 4) under WinXP I saved the 2 Rcxxxx.tmp files and Wininit.ini created by RegCompact under Win98, as well as the Win98 user.dat and system.dat files (as backups) 5) I rebooted into Win98SE Under Win98SE I ran Beyond Compare v3.3.4 and made a Registry Compare of the active registry under Win98SE (i.e. the compressed registr
  13. Hi CharlotteTheHarlot, I have made a preliminary test of RegCompact v1.0 #5 [MD5 5749...] on my 11-year-old laptop under Win98SE. I installed Win98SE on this laptop 9 years ago, no re-installation of Win98, and there are about 100+ apps installed under Win98. I do not use software to clean up the registry, or software to compact the registry, but I keep my system clean by creating clean restore points and then re-install new useful apps on a previous clean restore point, building in this way the next clean restore point. I never had any problem with the registry becoming bloated. Before runni
  14. I have no idea which program created the .bin file. UltraISO displays nothing in the field "Application" under Properties -> Label tab. Isobuster is quite reliable. Isobuster v2.5.0.0, when extracting the 2 bad .avi files from Track 01 -> ISO9660 [also via Joliet], generates error messages like: "Unreadable sector. Sector 127836 couldn't be read. Error: 05/64/01. Retry, Ignore this sector or Quit" -> Ignore DOS and WinXP. Also a Farsi-patched WinXP, with a lot of non-Western code pages. No idea what the Isobuster error message "Error: 05/64/01" means, maybe a non-Western date. My Li
  15. Hi jaclaz, The unrepaired .avi #1 plays Ok in VirtualDub v1.9.11, the bad .avi #2 crashes VirtualDub with the message "VirtualDub Program Failure. Oops --- VirtualDub has crashed... An out-of bounds memory access (access violation) occurred in module 'ir32_32'... while decompressing video frame 242..." BTW, DivXRepair v1.0.1, which could repair the bad .avi #1, is based on VirtualDub v1.4.2 and when DivXRepair crashes on the 2nd bad .avi file, a window "VirtualDub Program Failure. Crash Reason: Access violation" comes up. I have to correct my previous posting #42. The CD image file is not a .
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