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  1. Ok, I just sent mritter a donation $10, not much but i know every bit helps. (It should at least buy you Dinner, LOL) Keep up the good work. Now come to think about it, it has been 3 years, I had to stop as I was moving from NV to CA. LOL Now i am moving from CA, back to NV. (Work transferring me again, but this time for good.) Looking forward to coming back to try out WPI in a month or so after the move. Until then take care.
  2. Man O man It been a long time since i was here last. Been to busy with life the last few years to mess with my computers. Last I was on here was in 2006? I think. I have to say you guys have come a long way. I remember 2.* days and when we moved to 3.* I just downloaded 7.5 And I have to say i am really really impressed. You guys have made great improvements. One of these day I will have to sit down and learn this all over again LOL keep up the great work guys, I am glad to see this has not died out. - Albert P.S. If I donate does it go to both of you or do I need to donate to both?
  3. Love the look of the new site. Gives it that "Real" software feel. People should feel WPI is profesional now, rather than just some software some people help make. Everything is starting to look more profesional. Keep it up. If anyone is good at "Flash" I think it would be kinda cool to have a interactive walkthough on the website to help show the different areas of WPI and how to configure it via Videos (Flash)
  4. I am in need of your assistance. I am working on trying to get the last little bit of the Theme and Layout selector working. Just need it to do some error checking prior to loading. I need to do a check on about 50+ files (The graphics and such) I need the system to check an make sure the file is there and if not a message pops up and lets the user know what files are missing and then notify them that Theme is switching to "Classic Theme". What is the easiest way to do this as I am not sure? I need something like this if (!FileExists(wpipath + " Themes\\" + Theme + "\\ allbutton.gif")) {
  5. Need everyone’s opinion. Ok, I have got a section of the Theme Wizard made, just need to add it into the newest version (as it was made for pre Ver 5.0) The section I have completed is the one most everyone will appreciate. I have been working on making options in the “Options Screen” that will allow you to select which “Theme” you would like to use but in a much easier way. What you will be able to do is select the “Theme Graphics” and then the “Theme Layout” to use. This means, that layout that someone made that you love but hate there graphics they used in there “Theme” you can now use th
  6. Well I must say it is good to be back. It has been some months now that I have been gone. Afte moving to CA. Alot has happend in my life and just have not had the time to even thing about continuing where I left off. Well if anyone remembers I was working on a Theme Wizard, I got a good section of it done, but that was about 4 months ago when I last worked on it. Alot has changed in WPI since I have been gone. I must say good work to all who has done work on it. And now that I am back I will start up again where I left off so so long ago. Just wanted to say hello and that I am back and workin
  7. I have been working on this very idea for some time. Have it complete but not the way I want. I have many more things to add, It will still be some time before completed, as I dont have much free time after work. But glad to see someone else would like to see the same thing. Thanks
  8. Use 1024X768 on all 4 computer, home and work, but use an odd sized on mylaptop. Dumpy Dooby: as far as having 3 monitors, you can use just about any video card, they have special adapters out there you can put inline and use with to add more monitor outpus. Another option is they also make a USB to Monitor output device, about $100 for each one, come with software and work perfict. I have personaly seen 8 monitors all hooked up at one on one computer. (Seen at an electronics show) They were playing some kinda filght sim that you could have up to 16 used at the same time to see all around you
  9. Sorry sadicq I have the need for your help with one more that I completely missed. document.write("<font class=\"side\" onClick=\"StopAudio(); stopInterval(); CreateFile('install');\" onMouseDown=\"InstallButtonDownPic;\" onMouseOver=\"InstallButtonOverPic; stm(getText(ttInstall),Style[0]);\" onMouseOut=\"InstallButtonPic;\ htm();\" />" + "<i>" + "<b>" + getText(lblInstall) + "</b>" + "</i>" + "</font>"); So if you could make this one also work, tha would be great. If all goes well I might have this section of my project done (Finally a month and a half lat
  10. Works, Thanks man. I just can't seem to figure out the codes of why use ' and other times use " and also the use of \ Can you point me in the right direction on this? Or elaborat on it some. Thank you so much.
  11. Although that code might work I prefer to have the var defiended with in a function with in a seperate .js I have other things using the vars. I found out why my var were not working and how have them reciving the info, but if you could help me get my code working now. document.write("<img src=\"InstallButtonPic;\" align=\"absbottom\" class=\"mainbtn\" border=\"0\" name=\"continuebutton\" id=\"continuebutton\" onClick=\"StopAudio(); stopInterval(); CreateFile('install');\" onMouseDown=\"InstallButtonDownPic;\" onMouseOver=\"InstallButtonOverPic; stm(getText(ttInstall),Style[0]);\" onMouse
  12. thats kinda what I had at one point but what i need is the ability to have a var there that I can change when needed. each pic in the line (all 4) need them to become a var so I can change it as needed. if that means having it run to a function that is ok, but need to be able to make the var any pic I want. I am currently using if statments to have it select 1 out of 3 possible pics for each and every pic with in the wpi.htm file, but with so many if statments it is causing weird things. When moving the mouse over one button and the over another button back and forth rapidly the pic will dissa
  13. hopeing you guys can help me out again Here is the current code (working) document.write("<img src=\"./themes/" + Theme + "/installbutton.gif\" align=\"absbottom\" class=\"mainbtn\" border=\"0\" name=\"continuebutton\" id=\"continuebutton\" onClick=\"StopAudio(); stopInterval(); CreateFile('install');\" onMouseDown=\"document.continuebutton.src='./themes/" + Theme + "/installdown.gif';\" onMouseOver=\"document.continuebutton.src='./themes/" + Theme + "/installover.gif'; stm(getText(ttInstall),Style[0]);\" onMouseOut=\"document.continuebutton.src='./themes/" + Theme + "/installbutton.gif';\
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