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  1. Hi, I'm looking for HP OfficeJet 5510v All-In-One drivers. I was succesfull with installing Windows 2000 printer drivers, but not scanner. I need some kind of drivers for scanner. If any body knows where to get them please help, and yes I tryed the manufacturers web site. Thank You!
  2. Yeah, this is good one too! I my self prefer the DVD Decrypter! :
  3. I my self, use all this os: - Windows XP Professional - Windows Server 2003 - Mandrake Linux 10.x
  4. Hi, everybody GravityFX is on MSFN Nice fourm My Web Sites: www.gravityfx.org and www.gravityfx.net They under construction now, but should be up soon!
  5. Thanks, every body this is usefull info!
  6. Take the hard drive out from this system, and install it on the one that has cd or dvd!
  7. Yes, by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL twice, lets you login as a different user, I found this fuature by guessing it once. Really usefull one
  8. Does Windows XP 64-bit supports 32-bit applications?
  9. Is it faster for windows xp to have a virtual memmory on sepparate hard drive, then windows installaion?
  10. #1 DVD Audio Ripper 1.0.30 @ http://www.all4label.com/dvd_audio_ripper.exe Adaptec ASPI Driver - http://www.dvdtox.com/aspi471.zip #1 DVD Audio Ripper is a powerful and easy to use tool for ripping your DVD audios.with #1 DVD Audio Ripper you are able to convert DVD audios to MP3,WAV,OGG,and WMA formats.Stunning features including:extreme fast conversion speed cost only 30-50% of play time,create standard mp3 files with ID3 tag playable on your portable mp3 player,batch file conversion,convert audio of each chapter to an individual file,rip from specified start time to end time,automatically shutdown computer.But that's not all. #1 DVD Audio Ripper uses the advanced interface technologies offer you a neat and handy user interface. I hope this helps

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