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  1. oooh i do love a good web scavenger hunt. I found them on a archive.org page I dont know if archive.org archives exes properly (ive never had to do it) but a quick examination they look like valid exes I zipped up everything there so there will be a copy somewhere a little more convenient cacheonw.zip
  2. No seriously. Im not crazy but when I hold the right side control key for 3-5 seconds, explorer opens to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs its been doing this for weeks but I was never able to pinpoint what i was behavior was causing it . it will open exactly 2 windows to that address (usually one right after the other) then will only swap focus back to the first one when I hold it again but itll never open more than 2. If i close both windows and hold Ctrl itll do it again. its not a big deal or anything so Im not really worried about tracking it down before i switch to 7 but im wondering if anyone knows what it might be?


    http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=18408 also not only is your topic title vague, your thread is too. please describe in detail what it is you are wanting. This isnt twitter you can use more than 140 characters.
  4. Have you tried it? There was a very large Public RC and a 90 Trial RTM version which unless I have complety misread their intentions, that was how they planned to get you to shell out the money for Windows 7. If you have tried it and didn't see anything you liked, you either weren't looking or your not their target market.here is my list of what ruined Vistas Rep: Microsoft stood behind XP for much longer than they should have and rather than help them, it hurt them because people got too comfortable with XP and rejected change when it came in the form of Vista. Vista is a stupid, stupid name for an OS. I thought XP was a dumb name too (the eXPerience ad campaign certainly was) but Vista? Seriously? Its an OS not a 4x4 SUV. (for once the codename would have actually been better) OEMs are evil and have a way of perverting whatever OS they ship on their PCs into a unrecognizable fustercluck. Consumers dont know where the OS stops and the OEMs s***ty drivers and apps begin which ruins their perception of the OS. (Im looking at your stupid fake aeroglass looking dock thing Toshiba) MS was pressured by OEMs to set the sys reqs too low for Vista. OEMs quest to ship a 200$ paper mache PC to every redneck in the world really needs to stop. It nearly killed Vista and will hurt 7 if they continue with it. Before anyone decides to lash out at me for bashing on XP or Vista, I use Vista on all but 1 PC and thats the one running 7 RC. The rest of my network is a healthy mix of XP and Vista which is slowly migrating onto Vista and I will be starting 7 Migration before the end of the year.
  5. http://www.vistaheads.com/forums/microsoft...tml#post1206546add'tl info here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-...renceprotection
  6. put it in a container of rice to draw all the moisture out of the inside and that might revive it ive kept my old SLVR in my desk drawer "just in case" my Samsung Epix decides to to belly up one day. I cant think of any other use for it besides keeping it charged in your glovebox for emergency 911 calls (all phones in the US can call 911 even if they arent on a plan)
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/25ft-Inflatable-Movie-...9QQcmdZViewItem look at the last line in the first block of yellow text: LOL
  8. I leave UAC on but these days ther are only 2 things it does that p***es me off: the first 2 are just minor annoyances but the last one is a PITA blanks both monitors to display a "continue" Prompt I goto a webpage, find an installer and 'open' it its taking a while so i begin to chat/work/play with something on the other monitor "BoomP!" Hope you werent doing anything important over there on monitor 2 because if you are you cant see it or control it until you move the mouse back to monitor 1 to click 'Continue' [*]occasionally makes my audio skip when it has to play the "BoomP!" sound [*]but the worst thing about it is because of THAT F***ING JAVA UPDATER! unless you completely disable it, the java updater chooses to notify you that there is an update without any user interaction. Vista machine with JAVA installed thats at least . of a version behind the version they released last hour (or has a different bundled toolbar than the one you installed yesterday) logged in user is power user user opens a window (any window but usually IE) -doesnt matter what it is as long as its big enough to cover the UAC prompt java decides to do a background check for updates an update is found and java downloads the installer, runs it and "BoomP!" UAC pops up under the window in the foregound (i think it has something to do with it running from the tray) now the user can continue to browse and never see the uac prompt but its down there flashing "Verifying JAVA-blahblah.exe" in the taskbar at this point the user cannot click start, use windows global shorcut keys (Win+E, Win+D, etc) until the click the "Verifying JAVA-blahblah.exe" and then click cancel (because they have no admin password) 5-10 minutes later take a wild guess what the java updater does...
  9. please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the rules: http://www.msfn.org/board/forum-rules-t18408.html
  10. look in the BIOS to see if there are any battery diagnostics. i know there is on most dells but i dunno about compaq im not saying itll fix the issue but it could give you some more data about the problem
  11. you could use a javascript includes its a dirty backwards way to include html but since its depaendant on the browser and not the webhost, it should work regardless http://webdesign.about.com/od/javascript/h...sincludehtm.htm
  12. it was a thread for people to advertise their setups, not for people to get help with setups. the thread title was not "ask random networking questions here" either way, I fixed it. you now have your very own topic with your question.
  13. 1 line of php could fix this right up (assuming charter allows it -if they dont they suck) <?php @include("leftframe.htm"); ?>
  14. Just tested it on FF 3.5.3 and IE8 on vista and it looked fine in both so I qued it up for a test at browsershots and it looks like only IE5.5 barfs on it: http://browsershots.org/http://tripredacus...tpx7x/index.php
  15. I have a few ideas for expanding on CreateWindowsUser() I would like to see an option in CreateWindowsUser() to store the password with some kind of basic encryption (nothing special -just not readable) Im currently adding a user using a .bat file fired by wpi with the password in plaintext (yeahyeah ill bring it up at the next nobody-cares-but-me-meeting) so anything would be an improvement would be kinda cool if it had an option to hide the user from the welcome screen as well by inserting this key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList] "NAMEOFACCOUNTTOHIDE"=dword:00000000 if Autologin could be set for the user created by CreateWindowsUser() until WPI runs then automatically removed after WPI runs which would then require at least 1 local login before the PC was joined to the domain (which is how i wanted to do it but I set the autologin in the registry on my last build but I typod a key and it wasnt worth rebuilding the ISO for it at the time) since you have SetFirewall() will you also have MakeSecurityCenterNotNagAboutFirewallBeingDisabled() and DisableSecurityCenterService()? the relevant keys/cmds for this plus the others I run are: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center] "FirstRunDisabled"=dword:00000001 "AntiVirusDisableNotify"=dword:00000001 "FirewallDisableNotify"=dword:00000001 "UpdatesDisableNotify"=dword:00000001 and sc stop wscsvc > nul sc config wscsvc start= disabled > nul EjectDiscWhenDone() might be nice to. maybe with a parameter to beep 2-3 times to lemme know when its done so i can grab the disc before the auto reboot I use PromptWPIUserToChangePCName() (mine is currently set randomly during setup) of course my function names are ridiculously long but its easier to explain it that way
  16. bla bla feed the troll blah! this thread is circling the drain. last warning before i close it since some obviously didnt see dencorso's warning, heres my version:
  17. we have i guide for this on this site too http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/79/
  18. they are stored in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution but use WUD or windows catalog to get the updates cause the ones in that folder arent just point and click installers that can be easily used on another machine
  19. Ive cleaned tons of these fake AVs including PAV and here is my process: Install MBAM if install fails to run show up but is showing as running in the processes tab of taskmgr, the window is being hidden from you. end task on all mbam-setup.exe in process tab of taskmgr rename the installer to calc.exe, notepad.exe, iexplore.exe, etc execute the renamed installer Start MBAM and Update its definitions (if possible -sometimes by the time our machines have been reported to me, our networks ASA has blocked their network access and Ii have to call and have them removed from the blacklist before i can update ) if MBAM fails to run show up but is showing as running in the processes tab of taskmgr, the window is being hidden from you. end task on all mbam.exe in process tab of taskmgr make a copy of mbam.exe and call it calc.exe, notepad.exe, iexplore.exe, etc (usually anything that does not start with mbam will work. On XP usually "Copy of mbam.exe" will run fine but on Vista, "mbam - Copy.exe" will not) execute the renamed mbam.exe [*]Run quick scan. Abort if it finds something right away (within 2-3 minutes), remove all that it finds and reboot if prompted. (the reason for this is mbam scans active processes first and then scans a bunch of stuff thats likely dormant) [*]Run quick scan again. if something was not found in the first half of the scan, abort and skip to step 6. if something was found in the first half of the scan, let the scan finish & use msconfig/autoruns/regedit/HJT/whatever to clean startup group before rebooting this time [*]Delete the contents of %TEMP%, c:\windows\temp, and IEs Temp Internet files. 90% of the time IE was the start of the infection but thats not why you clear it -it speeds up the MBAM Full scan [*]Run full scan with MBAM [*]Run full scan with a real AV (precationary)
  20. i could have sworn I had used drivers newer than that on my old 6800gt agp so i investigated a little after googling around a a bit, it looks like this is confirmed (or at the very least happening to a few others) further discussion here: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=94534 http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/235...mp;#entry111497 some have said that 182.46 & 185.81 work with AGP cards but no confirmations that ive seen. im sure theres a way around it hidden within the INFs but ill be damned if i know where to start looking. one thing to note though a possible workaround for this might be to use another OS*. In my little bit of searching I did notice that almost every problem was exclusive to XP x86 edition so you might be able to use the newer drivers on another OS (XP 64/Vista 32/64/Seven 32/64) *I swear im not trying to make this a XP vs ___ thread. this comment is just a FYI thing so if anyone want to burn me at the stake for suggesting something other than what they are comfortable with, please do it via PM so we dont threadjack ok?
  21. please read the rules here: (specifically rule 1) http://www.msfn.org/board/forum-rules-t18408.html modified windows distros are not legal -even if you use your own CDKey. this isnt the piratebay's support forum so dont ask us for help with their members "work"
  22. Ive resorted to using virtualbox to create the .cab for printmig in my stripped down XP and its actually quite easy. In the past, i have built NSIS installers for single printers before using this as an starting point http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Install_networ...s_on_Windows_XP that tut is for making a installer for several printers but it can be easily customized to make an installer for an individual printer. our environment changes to often for me to build an installer everytime we change make/model/IP of a printer so i dont do that anymore but it sounds like thats more what you are looking for.
  23. use printmig: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/275529 has a GUI and will also operate with command line switches unfortunately it likes to backup everything to the cab file so sometimes the file sizes are bigger than the actual driver you are trying to install easiest way to do this is take a clean machine with no printers installed, install the printer & backup the printer config to a cab then from command line execute 'printmig.exe -r nameofcab.cab' on each of the machines you want that printer on.
  24. Youll find more than enough to get you started here: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/79/

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